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Best Chocolate mousse in Canberra

There are 3 restaurants
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Koko Black
84/100 (731 ratings)
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Chocolate mousse
"Delicious chocolates and perfect coffee. My favorate spot for a dessert after having dinner in one of the many restaurants in the area. Nice heated..."
"Always wanted to come here for a desert place as previously we always visited Max Brenner. Ordered its truffles which were really good and also a few..."
Food Venture
"A familiar treat and my regular go to. I think I’ve tried most things here. Their hot chocolates are great! Their little assortment of chocolates..."
"If you are craving for chocolate,look no further.They do an amazing variety of chocolates.Have tried various desserts,which ofcourse had..."
"We came here for dessert after drinking. It was busy and had a small line, but the staff was very lovely and tried to accommodate..."
"•• KOKOBlack nom ••I LOVED it & this is a good experience !LOVED the 3seconds greeting! Well Done & Thank You. Highly Recommended!..."
"FOOD 4.0SERVICE 3.0AMBIENCE 3.5A great cafe in the heart of the city. Lovely coffee and hot chocolate ia really nice. Great..."
"While I'm generally not much for desserts, this place is amazing. The mousse is rich and dark, without being sickly - and presentation just amazing...."
"Best chocolateria hands down. Love their hot and iced chocolates. Tried their new dessert - Dark chaos and I reckon its their best one yet - great..."
Aisha Handa
"I always get the coffee affogato when I go here, when I was younger I would get the hot chocolates but now I find them too sweet and I'm unable..."
"As like their other chain stores, Koko Black offers a wide range of chocolates, chocolate desserts and beverages. Service was friendly and..."
"#icecreamthurs is best in winter! Koko Black isn’t my favourite chocolate shop (Bracegirdles in Adelaide wins that accolade), but I was keen to try..."
Adventures In Winterland
"The whole experience was wonderful. The cinnamon hot chocolate is incredible and I have told all of my family about it in particular. The pistachio..."
Chelsea Flinn
"Delicious chocolate, and rich desserts done well. Not too big, and extremely tasty. Recommend ordering less than you think as it's a little..."
Lauren Green
"The chocolate here is ridiculously amazing. Definitely give this a go! The mango dark chocolate was like magic on the tongue. The caramel, coconut..."
Poorani Bala
"Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, too hate this place you have to have issuesService was fast and polite. Chocolate selection is..."
Baz Juan Pablo Sanchez
"Seriously who could walk past a Coco Black chocolate shop without at least having a peak!. This however is the first step to actually seeing..."
"Devine. Hot chocolate was just perfect. So creamy so rich and just when you thought it cant get any better.. try the hot chocolate affogato. Really..."
Anne Nguyen
"This is the first KoKo Black we ever tried so it is very memorable. We tried almost all interesting one racking up huge credit card bill in the..."
Passionate Foodies
"Food was good. Service excellent. Would I come here again? Definitely. For the portion size and the price you pay, it was worth it. The baby octopus..."
James Cheng
"Well presented desserts and a cheap to reasonable price. Koko Black's chocolates are amazing especially with a cup of coffee or tea to cut through..."
Michael Nguyen
"This is a perfect place to end your evening dining experience; I ordered an AMAZING vanilla bean ice cream with a crushed cashew nut brittle and warm..."
"Calling in at Koko Black for coffee is the perfect way to finish dinner. The coffee is great and a cappuccino ($3.90) comes with just the little bit..."
Michele Walton
"Took a risk and ordered a coffee instead of a hot chocolate and it was pretty great! Service was lovely and the pastries were fresh and yummy. It's a..."
Kate Adamsson
"Chocolate... you can't go wrong. I was so happy to visit this place as we didn't have anything like this in Perth at the time (now we do, whooooop!)..."
"Highly reccommended. Gorgeously presented, delicious desserts and coffees. Great..."
"Great coffee. I really like the long black coffee at Koko Black. It isn't burnt tasting as so many long blacks are and comes in a beautiful delicate..."
"Great Place, recently disappointed. Because they aren't doing the Opera Cake anymore. Big mistake.-----11 Jul, 2014-----New..."
Maggie H
"Never a bad time. Always reliable. perfect spot to go before a movie..."
"Best Chocolate. A great place to buy chocolate for the..."
"Yum. There have been rare occasions I haven't liked some of my Koko Black food and drink choices, but overall I do enjoy the place and I've..."
"Half and half experience. Love the atmosphere at Koko Black, & the desserts are simply amazing. Saying that -- a few times I've found that I've felt..."
"Exquisite yet decadent deserts. Chocolate so rich it is almost sinful! I had their Belgian Chocolate Mousse, and it was elegant in its simplicity,..."
Donald Keith
"We came here after lunch and there was plenty of seating. We opted for some chocolate pieces and ice chocolates. I had their Belgium chocolate..."
"Amazing. Hazelnut-hot chocolate affogato was pure bliss. Outside heating was also lovely on a cold winter's night. Highly..."
"Loved it!. Went here for coffee and cakes they were great good service and such rich delicious..."
"Absolute chocolaty goodness!. I have come to this repeatedly over the years, every time I am in Canberra. I devour over the tasty hot..."
"Absolutely Devine hot..."
"I love the chocolate mousse. I definitely prefer koko black to max..."
Mel Rose
"Dreams do come true. Went here after dinner with friends. At first we were told there was a 20 minute wait for a table, but within 2 minutes helpful..."
"KB is always a safe bet for choco-holics, their Hot chocolate is one of the best I'm come across, and a great range of chocolates to..."
"World's best..."
G McFeat
"Delicious. The iced chocolate and hot chocolates there are divine! I have been to quite a few chocolate bars but I have not found better iced..."
"A luxurious treat. This is the place to go for a chat with your girlfriends. Cosy tables and chairs, an "old Europe" decor, and more chocolate than..."
"Nice after dinner. A little pricey. Can be busy on saturday nights. However the service is great. You need to wait a little while sometimes..."
"The Autumn selection. The Autumn tasting selection is very nice, especially the mousse and ice..."
"KB is another one on the Canberra 100 list; while again this is a little sad, this place is actually pretty good....The service was very pleasant and..."
Snow Crab Nebula
"Koko Black is a chocolate boutique, and has a good reputation amongst locals here in Canberra. Along with this reputation, Singi had previously tried..."
"One thing that caught my eye from the summer menu was the Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular (usually $9.50) so this was a must try for me. A..."
"So, was the Iced Chocolate really the best in Australia? Yes and No. If it was summer, we would probably recommend the Iced Chocolate. But with the..."