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Fast Food
"Absolutely super.. Suberb healthy eating for all the family ..come on grab a meal today you won't be..."
Lorraine Dickson
"Went on Friday night the weather was cold The food was delicious and well presented But if I may suggest you put some heating inside the shop..."
Peter Bevan
"We both loved our meals, the staff are great and the style of service is Mexico meets subway.we will be back and highly recommend this great..."
Phil Edwards
"Awesome food every time I go in and the staff is..."
Jason Kittlety
"I really got into a groove & kept going back for more of those juicy quesadillas then fell into a food coma on my sofa. I was late for work & have..."
Kane Citizen
"Had a fabulous night at Zambrero. Loved the food, the staff were great as the lines were never ending and they managed under pressure with a smile...."
Jeanette De Silva
"Awesome opening! Place looks amazing and the food looks really good. Can't wait to get my plate! Such a win for..."
Sarah Cameron
"I found the food fabulous and great value for money. What i probably lived the most wad the Customer could see the Team worked well..."
Renee Wills
"Absolutely amazing food and awesome atmosphere. Best place in..."
Michelle Soukup
"Gorgeous food, colours are inviting as soon as you walk in. The staff are great and..."
Michelle Anne Bevan Soward
"Brilliant restaurant, first time eating there today and I regret not doing it earlier. Great staff, and in specific one guy who laughed at my joke..."
Jarrod Keep