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Pho Hung Vuong
89/100 (1013 ratings)
"A new review but this time on their takeaway I love how the pho is still so consistent even for takeaway. The rare beef is frozen but is very tender..."
"An enjoyable, pho experience, fast service and tasty, simple food. We will..."
"FOOD 5/5: I had a medium bowl of pho with rare beef and brisket. Firstly, noodles were great, plentiful, soft, slimy, “slurpable”, really nothing..."
Brian Kim
"Favourite place for pho in Melbourne. Can always trust this place to serve a delicious bowl of pho. The broth is lovely but maybe just a little salty..."
Hazel FerrarO
"They have been here since day 1.Specializing in the different types of pho. The difference here is their rice noodles that is silky smooth and..."
"This may be the best pho in Australia.The soup is delicious and clear.The noodles have a nice bite to then.The rare beef is..."
Yun Huang Yong
"Favourite pho restaurant on the Eastside. The pho here is very flavoursome and fresh- fresh in that it doesn't have that 'MSG' taste to it. Very..."
"Been coming here since 2011, and i gotta say its one of the best if not the best Pho restaurant in Melbourne. its a bit cramped inside and the queues..."
"THE pho joint. (4.5⭐)The place is pretty well kept, just tad bit crampy. We had to queue in a line before being served. The staffs were..."
"Came here for lunch and the place were extremely busy. We need to wait for a bit before we got a table.The pho, grilled chicken and pork on..."
Emerensiana Vitalis Handoko
"😱Lizzie’s first impression: been here many a times and it never disappoints🍩Lizzie enjoyed: my favourite is the classic sliced rare..."
Lizzie Eats Melbourne
"Been here for late lunch, the pho broth is tasty and pleasant. One of the most delicious pho I've eaten. Their pho noodles are different too, more..."
Ely Pham
"Best pho in Melbourne. Broth is light but tasty enough to keep you wanting more. Springroll is a must have too, I personally love the prawn oenS..."
"Best pho in town hands down. The lot is a great choice as it has all the meats and organs in there (if you're into it other than just beef..."
"Need me to say more? There is always a queue outside this famous and delicious Pho joint. Never to disappointed. Go for the classic beef pho for a..."
"My favorite pho! The branches in richmond and footscray are incomparable to this one! It only serves pho and drinks but the service is very speedy..."
"This place has nice pho and the food always comes really fast. There is usually a really long line in the morning of weekends because of the high..."
Lily Tang
"Hands down the best pho restaurant in the east of Melbourne, including Richmond. Service is prompt and efficient. I wouldn't say overall..."
John B
"Very very delicious pho. Always busy and might have to wait if you come in big group. Had it with ice coffee and spring rolls and you will leave with..."
"I love this place. Been coming here for years and years now. Very efficient staff. Long queues but the wait is not long at all due to efficiency..."
"This pho restaurant only sells pho, nothing else. This is because pho is its speciality! The soup is so sweet and addictive. Juicy, tender, thinly..."
YK Tay
"On a cold rainy day, what better to do than to get some nice warm pho. I had heard this place is the best in Melbourne.We waited in line..."
Joshua Osborne
"too good.never disappoints, the best pho restaurant in Springvale. The long lines are proof of how good the food is at this restaurant.If..."
Gretel Jayne Alejano
"The best pho place in all of Melbourne! We came at around 2:30pm on a Wednesday and the restaurant was full! However it’s definitely worth the wait..."
"I was walking down the street of Springvale on a Wednesday mid morning assuming many people would be at work, and came across The pho shop with a..."
Sophie Mekdara
"Best pho around by far the broth is incredible, definitely a place worth going to. It’s very crowded inside and there’s usually a line to get in..."
"Locate spring vale , pho pho pho ... finally found a best pho . Vietnam cuisine, the shop Crown of people , omg need line up , after 10 minute got a..."
Pierre Pie
"The classic!! One of Melbourne’s gems - pho is amazing, beef sliced beautifully thin, chili just hits the spot! Always bustling with long..."
"Go to Pho restaurant! I usually order the beef ball and rare beef one and it’s Always so good and yummy 😋😋😋 also has three different bowl..."
"Best pho in Melbourne.Delicious broth, perfectly cooked noodles, very good portions.I only ever come here for pho - and everyone I bring..."
Esther Lee
"It’s properly the best Pho restaurant in Melbourne, but let down by the atmosphere, it’s always busy, noisy and you just don’t feel comfortable..."
"Decided to try this place after reading some great reviews. We weren’t disappointed. The beef pho here was fantastic. Will come back for beef and..."
"Restaurants have only one pho option, all the soup noodle and drink menus are on the wall, decoration is very simple, very busy, basically every time..."
"The best pho in Melbourne. The service is fast and efficient, the flavour is rich and wonderful, the meat is beautifully cut.The venue is a..."
Mr NomNom
"My favorite pho in Melbourne! Fast service, excellent flavors! They only sell pho. Watch out on lunch times bc you'll find yourself queueing for a..."
"Food is no frills, good quality pho. Service is fast and efficient albeit a little hard pressed to get attention. Always a line but usually a short..."
Phuong Tran
"This is the best pho restaurant in town. I usually go there for breakfast. My favorite pho there is beef and beef-ball with no spring onions. But I..."
"This place has really amazing Pho 🍲 the broth is delicious and not overly salted, really great flavour. I will definitely come again, just be..."
The Judgey Barista
"Always great food that is wholesome, delicious and filling. Best pho place I’ve been to, and to top it all off, super cheap too! Couldn’t..."
Jorja Henry
"One of our favourite pho place in Springvale!Nice broth ( this is a very important aspect for us to judge a bowl of pho)Good amount of meat..."
Wine & Dine
"My favorite pho in town, forever a line of people queuing up at the door, it always take me around 10-15mins wait which is fine, not too bad. Im not..."
"As Pho goes , this ranks as of the better ones among all the pho restaurants in this area. What differentiates them is that you could actually taste..."
The Merlion
"It’s a very small shop offers loads of flavour. One of the best beef soup I’ve had. If you have been to Pho An in Sydney Bankstown or..."
The Violet
"Been going here for at least fifteen years. Call me stubborn but I will not order pho anywhere else. Broth is always piping hot and tasty...."
Buy All The Fries!
"My very first time trying Vietnamese cuisine and it never disappointed me. The broth is very nice to drink. Plus the noodle portion was big enough..."
"My favourite pho place in springvale! There is almost always a wait to get in but it's worth it. The only negative I have is the atmosphere. Its..."
Harry The Foodie
"Arrived about 15 minutes before closing time and still managed to sneak in dinner, as service was fast. Pho was exceptional and great value - broth..."
Rohit Daniel Chandra
"Winner for pho in Springvale. PHV is so popular that you’d often see the queue outside the restaurant especially on weekends. The space is quite..."
"4.5 to be preciseThis is a no-frills eatery with a straight forward and concise food menu - phở and nothing but phở.Not sure..."
Jojo Armani
"For the locals, this is the go to place for pho in Springvale and as a result, is almost always packed. We find Pho Hung Vuong may sometimes be a..."
"Fondly, and accurately, referred to by locals as “the best pho restaurant in Springvale”. Highly recommend the beef pho, with tendon and sliced..."
Samir Makssi
"My husband has never eaten pho before. He’s over 30 and when he told me that this was the best pho he’s had, I was very skeptical. So I went..."
Hungry Little Dinosaur
"This place always have a queue. The broth here is amazing. Wonderful and quick service too. Best in Springvale so far. There is no need to find..."
Bak Kwa
"Definitely the best pho I have had in Melbourne! Been here several times and the pho is consistently good.The broth is packed with flavour,..."
"Everytime I drive past, walk past or decide to eat here there is always a line! The venue is very small and only serves pho so it has to be good..."
"Came here for the first with some friends for a quick cheap eats! The pho is soooooo good here! I got the small rare beef and I must say the serving..."
"Taste wise, this is the top pho restaurant on my list! Location wise.. it’s too far from home. But it’s kind of worth it!I had the..."
"This place is definitely great for a good, but very reasonably priced meal. The food comes super fast, and is definitely very good quality with good..."
"This is always my favourite pho place. Whenever I have visitors, this is the first place I take them to. Both the chicken broth and beef broth are..."
"Best Pho I’ve had in Melbourne Pho real (Sorry I had to!). While you may have to wait in a line on the street - it’s honestly worth the wait!..."
McFoodie Jones
"Dishes to try: pho bo (beef)The best pho place in town among many others. Be ready to queue during peak time. You can ask for more onion..."
"pho for dinner tonight 😋😋 my family and I have been coming to this Pho place for years! I always get the sliced beef and tendons #melbournefood..."
"Hands down the best pho place in Springvale. The pho is brought out steaming hot, the broth is so flavourful and they are generous with toppings. The..."
"My favourite place to go for a good bowl of pho in Melbourne. Get ready to queue up, there’s always a steady stream of customers coming in any time..."
"This place has the best pho in town!Such a small restaurant but we keep coming back for more!During peak hours and weekends, there is..."
"No matter what day, rain or shine it is the busiest restaurant in Springvale and worth the waiting in line PHO some good noodle soup 😝. Broth is..."
Camy Bamy
"Best pho I’ve had in Melbourne thus far. There’s a reason why there’s always a line on the weekends. It’s a no frills, good value, super..."
Jason Lay
"What else can I say about this place other than it's the BEST pho in Melbourne! It's no wonder there's a queue every time I go there. The soup is..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"My local favourite for pho! Honestly, one of my favourites of all time, and here's why!Not many places serve you a bowl of hot boiling pho..."
Brandan Chong
"My go to place for pho, soup was tasty and not oily. I usually add hoi Sin sauce but none was required in the soup. Restaurant had a traditional feel..."
Kelvin Vo
"Still the best pho I’ve had in Melbourne so far. Staff were efficient (as expected from a Asian restaurant 😅) I got the beef brisket pho and it..."
The Food Vogue By Le Seynt
"Get “The Lot” which is equivalent to “special beef and chicken” with innards at other places. Don’t get the iced coffee... as others have..."
The World’s My Oyster
"Hands down, the best Pho in Melbourne 🙌 If you happen to be in the area, make sure to not miss this place. The broth is simply out of the world...."
Sissy Lan
"Despite the queue in the early morning, service amazed me given they were quick to let my group of 10 to get a seat. I ordered the pho bo dac biet,..."
Munching With Mel
"Came here for late lunch and this place was still extremely busy. Even though the queue was long but the turnover was pretty quick. There have very..."
Foodie In Paradise
"My go-to-place for pho at all times. However, it’s pretty much a sit in and eat and out kinda place. Nice broth, chilli is good and beef is sliced..."
"“Pho Hung Vuong 2” a poemIf you’re after good broth and perfect rice noodles, pho hung vuong is the place to visit,With tender beef..."
Ailand Daly
"next level Pho/ Pha/ Pher (never sure)If you need some good for the 'soul' food, then this is the place.Classic school cafeteria..."
Damian Tolson
"Hands down the best pho place in Springvale I go here often and they never disappoint. Well delivered pho with a good broth and generious protein...."
Nay Nay
"Food: 🌟🌟🌟🌟Pho Hung Vuong 2 is definitely one of the more popular pho restaurants for the locals in Springvale and it is..."
The Hunger Trail
"Good pho, tastier than most places at reasonable price. Bit more MSG/sugary than traditional. Massive queues most of the time but they do move..."
Sam Woddson
Thạnh Phat
91/100 (70 ratings)
"The broken rice here is excellent! Only let down is the service but nothing compares to the flavour and value you get for the broken rice dish...."
Ruth Li
"Thanh Phat serves the type of food I grew up loving with an improvement upon presentation and a slight western twist without compromising on flavour...."
Kendrick Banks
"Great food! And good music, Very clean and modern restaurant and friendly staff. I ordered diced beef, it was tender and juicy, great ratio with the..."
Kelvin Vo
"Hands down the best Hainanese chicken on rice. Never in my years of living that I'd thought I'd cross paths with steamed chicken so succulent. The..."
Phillip Quach
"Great restaurant, consistently serves fresh and quality tasting food with good service. Also provides a good variety of dishes to choose from. Highly..."
"Had dinner here a couple of times, this place gains point for being more neat and tidy giving a better dining environment compared to many of the..."
Bun's Food Diaries
"My new go-to Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale now that the Thanh Dat has sadly closed. The food here is very good and very well priced. The..."
"Quick dinner down in Springvale and decided to try this place out. You can't go wrong with broken rice, (com tam) tasted nice and was surprised by..."
"Good place for trying out or revisiting some Vietnamese street food. Portions are alright but quite filling considering that I ate a variety of..."
Nhi Nguyen
"The food here is always fresh and tasty. The prices are really good and a decent serving size. My favourite is the banh khot for entree however..."
"This place is one of my regular restaurants as I am a local resident so have tried a few of their dishes. Their combination pork rice dish is my go..."
"Oh wow!! When was this place opened?!I was so surprised that this place has Bo Ne! I thought my friend was trolling me when he asks if I want to..."
"Very Modern and Family Friendly Restaurant, targeting mostly young couples - teens or young adults. Food is very cheap and very tasty. Good for On..."
"Clean well lit placw to eat Asian food in Springvale. Must have just opened. Cleanliness is above average. Food is cheap and tasty. I had the soy..."
Charlie Kang
"Well lit modern interior with relaxing music. Friendly service and food comes out quite quick. Broken rice is favoursome and well presented. Rice..."
"I just recently discovered this little restaurant at Springvale and I'm glad I did! My favourite dish is the Double Pork Chops Broken Rice with the..."
Jessica Lam
"We love the broken rice here! You get pork chop, egg on rice, veggies pork meat loaf and soup all for $10 it's a winner! Def worth a..."
FatMan Package
"Springvale has an enviable problem that I wish existed in my backyard of Glen Waverley - Deciding where to eat because you are spoilt for choice when..."
"A modern looking place in Springvale with a bright green sign, making it stand out from the other restaurants. I don't think it's been open for long..."
One Piece Left
"Bun Rieu Cua Crab Omelette Noodles. Love it with the mam tom shrimp..."
Alpha Lau
"Amazing service! Definitely a stand out thing. Booked my dad's birthday here for 11 people and they were very accommodating and were always there to..."
"Great Vietnamese food especially Khot pancake and Bánh canh. Flower Crab Rice Starch Noodle Soup and Khot pancake are the two must try when you come..."
New Taste Tea
87/100 (123 ratings)
"Best fruit tea I have ever tasted outside China. Lots of fruit pulps, not overly..."
Mu Gao
"I ordered a grapefruit green tea with no sugar. The drink had lots of grapefruit pulp and some fruit slices. The flavour of green tea was aromatic..."
"There is a milk tea shop every 10 metres you walk in Springvale but this place is the best. The serving is big, you can share a cup with someone or..."
Gianni Versace
"Friendly service and clean shop. The watermelon cheese tea tasted so fresh and very reasonably priced..."
"It sometimes feels like every other store in Springvale is a bubble tea shop! New tea has been around for awhile but I only made it here recently...."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"This place stands out from the other tea places at Springvale. The interior is very minimalistic a lot like the tea shops in CBD. I got the crème..."
Lily Tang
"The creme brulee milk tea is the best. The milk tea tastes like tea and they actually blowtorch the sugar to get the crunchy sugar top. The pearls..."
"4.5 New Tea is definitely one of the prettiest bubble tea store making beautiful drinks. The staff was really nice and friendly. I tried a..."
"I got their creme brulee milk tea/ was super good and the pearls were nice and chewy. The cup however is quite small compared to other joints and..."
S Zinger
"This place caught our eye for its minimalist and very clean look! The menu wasnt overwhelming and there were a good variety of hot/cold,..."
"New Tea is one of my new favourite bubble tea joints! I decided to try one of there cheese foam varieties and let me tell you, I’ve been craving it..."
Angela Eats
"Best matcha cheese I have had. Matcha was thick and creamy. The only down side was the portion was very small (a lot of ice cubes).For more..."
"The inside of this place is so nice and simple. As for the tea, I got the creme brûlée brown sugar milk tea (with pearls). It was a lot..."
"Creme Brûlée milk tea is awesome. The warm black sugar pearl at the bottom is so soft and chewy. The overall balance is great! I wish there is a..."
"Love the original milk tea with amber pearls. Pearls are very chewy and you can definitely taste the tea in the milk tea but not just the milk. It..."
Melissa C
"Tried 3 drinks here - Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea, Cheese Lychee and Cheese Peach. My favourite was Cheese Lychee! I've seen it with my own eyes,..."
"New tea is a fairly new addition to Springvale bringing the finest bubble tea to the south east, such a popular and thriving place can see why. The..."
Savvy And Lifestyle
"Came here Saturday night and it was rather quiet, no queue at all. The girl who served me was smiley and service was good. I got the cheese black tea..."
Bun's Food Diaries
"I am always up for trying bubble cups. Came across this place in Springvale. Not as busy as others. Great service and Great Bubble cup. The tea was..."
Nay Nay
"4.5 Holy moly! Came here to try the new creme brûlée tea and it was amazing !!! Love the brown sugar with the milk tea and pearls , the creme..."
"Was in Springvale for dinner and decided to get some bubble tea for dessert. As we were queuing at Sharetime (hubby wanted Bubble tea from..."
"Creme Brulee milk tea is so good! Definitely something different and its not too sweet. Feels like a drink and dessert in one. Service is good,..."
"The creme brulee milk tea is so delicious! The fact that they actually brulee the sugar in top is awesome. It's creamy, the pearls are soft and chewy..."
"A milk tea shop newly opened in Springvale. Loved their decoration as I walk in. Simple yet elegant. I’ve ordered a classic Matcha pearl milk tea..."
Julie Yu
"Ordered:- Creme Brulee Brown Sugar Milk Tea with pearls (Sweetness can't be adjusted)- Grapefruit Green Tea (Less sweet)Enjoyed..."
"Gorgeous store ❤️ love the simple design, the tea is on a different level, at first glance it’s just another generic bubble cup shop. The menu..."
Albion Pucciarelli
"I thoroughly enjoyed my cup of brown sugar brulee pearl! It had the right level of sweetness, & the pearls were soft & chewy (definitely what I look..."
"Went to Springvale and found this newly opened milk tea shop. Staff very friendly and ordered onlong milk tea, nice flavour and healthy drink as..."
"On an occasion, I made my travel to Springvale, stopped by New Tea, its eye catching clean, neat sleek interior and logo design had my attention...."
Em Zho
"Newest milk tea place in Springvale bringing a simple and modern design into the area. Their tea is so rich in flavour tried the brown sugar milk tea..."
Hayden Kwok
"Sooner or later one of these bubble tea places is going to have their bubbles burst (hopefully the housing market), Springvale is just oversaturated..."
Vegie Bowl Springvale
84/100 (553 ratings)
"Been coming here once or twice a week for months. Food is delicious and service is great. It’s so nice to have a great Veg restaurant in this area...."
Tess Madgen
"Delicious food, great service, very reasonable prices. It's so great to have a vegetarian restaurant in this area, there needs to be..."
Kirsty Bruckshaw
"Delicious food. Going back for moth watering wontons..."
Yupi Khalifa
"It is not far from my house to go and have a..."
Lykheng Tang
"Delicious food and the people there are lovely!..."
Stephanie Charlotte
Miguel Martinez
Rachael King
"This is easily my favourite place to eat out. The food is almost always amazing, I recommend the sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, honey chicken or..."
Jac Inta
"Very tasty, been here 3 times. I would say though sometimes the dishes are a little bit too salty but no big deal. The veggie dishes almost look and..."
"This place is so good! Definitely 100% recommend the honey ‘chicken’ (my fav out of everything), ma po tofu (I found it to be a smidge spicy for..."
"This place is underrated. The food is consistently amazing, I never have any complaints. Everyone I have dined here with has always left..."
"Always a good experience when I am here with friends. I love the Nasi Lemak and tofu dishes; would highly recommend! As a vegetarian who also does..."
Amanda Er
"Overwhelming choice of dishes for a vegetarian, so great to be able to choose absolutely anything from the menu. We had the honey chicken with fried..."
"Absolutely outstanding. I haven't eaten meat in 2 years but after my Veggie Bowl experience today, I feel like I'm starting as a Vegan from day one!..."
Ricky Alder
"Delicious vegetarian food they serve! They have a big range of dishes and it wasn’t expensive, it was affordable. Service was pretty friendly,..."
"Thanks to recommendations on zomato I ordered the sweet sour chicken, Peking duck, roast duck with fried egg noodles, special fried rice and stir..."
Vegetarian Food Lover
"Absolutely love vegie bowl each and every time I go there! Food is always amazing (especially the lemon chicken) and comes out considerably fast even..."
"This place is amazing! Great food and service. I had the sweet and sour abalone mushrooms, which were amazing, and so much better than any real meat..."
Vegan Food Seeker
"The food is nice and veggie friendly. The coconut rice is yummy. The pepper fish is nice but a bit too salty last time. Staff are friendly. I went..."
Yuri Song
"Started with satay skewers- dry but very tasty with its sauce.Fried chilli noodles- very tasty, large serving with lots of fresh veggies...."
Hayden Heitman
"Tried Vegie Bowl for the first time. We had:1 . Chicken satay skewersA little burnt and dry in texture but still tasted and looked..."
Flabnbone Food
"Lovely restaurant. Great for vegan/vegetarians which is why I went there. Food servings have a good portion size to them and there is a wide variety..."
Maria Valentic
"Have never been disappointed with the food each time I’ve been! As a vegan I may be a bit biased in saying the mock meats are very realistic..."
Cassie Rech
"If you don’t like places that do faux ‘meat’ dishes with gluten-based products and soy derivatives you won’t like this. However if you are..."
"This has to be one of my favourite restaurants ever!!! And it’s all vegan/vego!!! The quality of the food is consistently incredible every time I..."
"This place is exceptional especially for vegans. They do mock meat well and their flavours are ridiculously good. You have to try their satay..."
"My partner took me here for my birthday and it was genuinely, without a doubt, the best meal I have ever eaten. We ordered crispy chicken, Singapore..."
"So quick and delicious - they do not add MSG, onion, garlic or meat to their foods and its amazing how 'normal' and even extra delicious the food is...."
Elle Lamar
"I love love this place!!! Perfect for vegetarians :) The assam fish is to die for - spicy and tangy. The wontons and satay chicken taste like actual..."
Vidhishri Kesarwani
"So this is a must go to place. Don’t worry about the really badly decorated interior and decor. (And don’t pay attention to the layout of the..."
Captain Tofu 💪🌱☘️🍀
"great food, large selection of different dishes. large portion sizes and good value for money. friendly and happy staff serving. almost every dish is..."
Baden Holder
"If you are vegetarian or vegan and up for something different, vegie bowl offers plenty of dishes with mock meat in their menu. There are spicy and..."
Kiri Aljita
"Came here for cny and the food was ace! Everything that was meat mocked was actually so delicious, this is probably the best vegetarian food I've..."
"Came here last week to try out this branch - i regularly eat at their forest hill location and i quite like the menu! The menu here is the exact..."
Linda Nguyen
"I ordered take away few times in here. I ordered honey chicken, lemon chicken,sweet sour pork. I am really happy with the taste and the portion. Will..."
Januar Stefanus
"- Mapo Tofu - Four Heaven King- Honey chicken- abalone mushroom oatmeal butter sauce - salt and pepper pomfret fish (a bit..."
Dynn Nguyen
"My favourite place to eat!! They cater for my onion allergy and being vegan, which is quite a lot to ask for when eating out. I would recommend it to..."
Teresa Conroy
"Came here for a SAT lunch with the family. Family friendly place, waitress was pretty good and provided some good suggestions as we didn't know what..."
Must Be Hungry
"Place is brilliant for a veggie binge, i do however not appreciate the fact that vegetarian items are still referred to animals. In saying that that..."
Thalia Marree Chio
"I'm a vegetarian on Saturdays and always searching for quality vegetarian restaurants to fulfill my religious goal.....and I found Vegie Bowl. As a..."
"A vegetarian joint with mock meats! As A Huge fan of Tofu this place was ideal. Great flavours in foods given no onion and garlic. Good hit of chilli..."
Nay Nay
"Wow i love the dishes in Vegie Bowl. As a non-vegetarian person, i was fool alot with this dish.  One of the dishes "Pork belly" was actually..."
Brendan Ho
"Delicious food! Omni friend and I really liked our vegan meals. Good price for the big servings, we had plenty of leftovers which I love. Will..."
"Decent vegan and vegetarian options. Had the sweet and sour pork with fried rice and was very happy with it. Shared the salt and pepper tofu and was..."
"I've been to Vegie Bowl Forest Hill many, many times and thought I'd try the new Springvale location. The food is amazing, the mock meats..."
Simone Lay
"My first trip here and won't be my last ! Staff were friendly and service was very attentive. Our food was bought out pretty quickly and was..."
Freya Blackwood
"Had dinner with a mate a couple of days ago and the food was surprisingly good. The sweet and sour pork and abalone mushrooms are a must have. The..."
Lee Tang
"Came here with my friend as he suggested that it is a fantastic place. I have never been a big fan of vegetarian, however i was very surprised with..."
Luke Chen
"Finally a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Springvale!! Bought sweet and sour "pork" and hot and sour soup both were delicious!! Only negative was that..."
Pawpaw Huynh
My Cambodia
88/100 (320 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"The meat is always tender and serving generous. Great for kids my 8 year old says she can eat all day every day...."
Doug Ans Stella Mcphee
"MY CAMBODIAN is a 4 1/2 star shop front casual restaurant which serves up a mixture of food from Cambodia, Thai and Vietnam.The service is..."
Donna Braden
"loved the Phnom Penh noodles. Will be back to try other dishes. Service was acceptable during off peak hours.Should not be mopping the floor..."
"Amazing food and service! We had the Cambodian noodle and Vietnamese pancake, portions were very fulfilling and tastes authentic too. Can’t wait to..."
"Points For: authenticity, valueThe Phnom Penh Noodle soup is pork and shrimp based, and you can have it with soup or dry. I haven't..."
Flying Forward
"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and pricing of the food here. It was a busy Sunday morning when I visited My Cambodia. Service was warm and..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"We came here to eat as we have always walked past but never gone insideThe place was packed and I was excited ! I was really sad that I was..."
"My Cambodia’s menu has a little bit of Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai influence. This ticks all the boxes of “let’s have something..."
"It was risky choosing to go here as a vegetarian. But I haven't eaten much Cambodian food and felt I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try some in..."
Quince And Cheese
"My Cambodia looked busy from the outside so we thought why not check it out. Heaps of options of food! A really good menu. The food delivered was..."
Nay Nay
"Excellent restaurant with a great variety of foods.Very busy compared to those around it so it would be hard to miss.Found the dice beef on..."
"My Cambodia is definitely my favourite place to eat. The Tom yum seafood noodles is my comfort food at all time. Love the taste and everything..."
Yinhan Lin
"You can get a mixture of Cambodian, Vietnamese and Thai dishes here but is the only real Cambodian presence in Springvale. We visited here when the..."
"Authentic food, service is average but who seriously cares when food is cheap, fresh and amazing. Best Asian restaurant in springvale. I would highly..."
"5 stars. Say no more. Drove from the western suburbs to go get some authentic Cambo fix!! Huge servings, great price. Even took away 4 meals...."
"Had the broken rice dish here and was very pleasantly surprised! Flavours were very nice and at $10, could not complain one bit! Will definately come..."
Marcus Cheung
"Super cheap average ($10) each plate. Full sized, hearty meals, four types of cuisines (Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian) but I only tried the..."
"Entered this quaint little joint for lunch. We ordered broken rice, special fried rice and a coconut shake. The pork in the broken rice was crispy..."
Mad Dawg
"AMAZING FOOD!! Excellent service, was so accommodating !! Reminds me of my mums cooking which is EXTREMELY hard to beat!! I will definitely come..."
Hawi Legamo
"This place is awesome! The serving sizes are huge and delicious. Following the waiters recommendation I Ordered number 1 with dry noodles rather than..."
"LIT!: the customer service was prompt! I had the tender beef on rice and the phen noodles dry. Both dishes had big portion sizes and were very tasty...."
"Not the best Phnom Penh Noodle Soup we tried but probably the best in Melbourne.We were recommended to try this popular Cambodian dish here..."
Luke And Hannah
"Craving for Khmer Authentic food ? This place will be the best choice for u. I come here at least twice a month. The meat portion of every dishes is..."
Zeline Sou
"Great service, fast + delicious food!! Have gone here multiple times and loved it every time. Portion sizes were good and flavours on point. Would..."
"This place offer cambodia, thai, and viet dishes. Interesting. Tried the dry noodle. It was good however the noodle is abit soft for me. I prefer a..."
"Only come everyweek for the same thing. The dry noodle (no. 1 in the menu). Its the best noodle in Melbourne. Bought the noodle few time"
Susanna Tjoa
"Returned here after a long absence. The cuisine served up here has similarities to both Thai and Vietnamese food, but still seems to have it's own..."
Jimmy Chew Food
"Really like the chicken spare ribs, beef cubes (very tender) and papaya salad. I like that cut oranges are sometimes provided to you at the end of..."
"Sooo many different flavours!! Menu is huge. There is Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian food. We had pippies with tamarind sauce - was nice but..."
Jennifer Lay
"I have always loved this place for their cambodian beef noodle soup, it's definitely my go to dish whenever Im here. A tasty alternative to normal..."
Anh Nguyen
"Food great, fresh and portion good size. Staff friendly when asked for multiple things... Very authentic flavours... Keep me coming back......"
"Tried this chinese cambodian food, it's basically like chinese food. The spicy chicken ribs, beef and tofu are my faves. Better to book first before..."
"Best place in Springy! Multiple visits down and the food is still consistently great, standard order of fish noodle soup never disappoints and the..."
"I've been to My Cambodia several times and it is consistent every time. They serve one of the best fish noodles around. My go-to place whenever I'm..."
Thaddeus Ong
"You would usually come to Springvale for Vietnamese food.... But i now just go to Springvale for this dish- TOM YUM NOODLE SOUP WITH BEEF A 5 STAR!..."
Suburb Review
"I was surprised that the restaurant takes booking, and thoroughly recommend making a reservation. We arrived a little early and it was already packed..."
Tay Tee
"My first try at Cambodian food and we weren't disappointed. Tender beefs were tasty and cooked perfectly. Staff is also lovely. Price reasonable...."
Jen Cross
"Tried the banh xeo and brokenrice. The ban xeo is delicious and the has just the right amount crispiness and filling. Brokenrice was lacking the..."
"The World Loves Melbourne was honoured to be invited on a media tour of Springvale with celebrity chef and media identity Elizabeth Chong. It was if..."
The World Loves Melbourne
"I like going to My Cambodia. When me and one of my friends go to eat in Spingvale we always talk about going somewhere else but we end up at My..."
Sarah Loves Food
"Food was good but not special, look like home cooked meal which was good.I cant really tell the difference between cambodian and vietnamese food..."
"I know it's a little thing but the complimentary tea is a really nice effort. It's not so much the cost but the extra care. Food is also good and the..."
"Had Red rice with fried pork . & soup was very nice Yellow pork pancake very crispy n yummyRed rice is always freshly made !..."
Meng Ngo
"I really can't rate this place high enough. I've been coming here with my wife for a few years now and I usually have the Tom Yum Noodle soup and..."
"My friend and I decided to dine locally as neither of us were really in the mood to travel far. Compared to its surrounding competitors, My Cambodia..."
Minh Thuy Le
"I felt like during my last visit to My Cambodia in Springvale we didn’t have much of an opportunity to try out many of their dishes so we went back..."
Typical Food Blog
"Great food great prices. I love this restraunt such great customer service and they are quick and is best to dine in as you get a..."
Yasmin-garcelle Nikoro
"Great food and fast service, had 6 of us there for lunch with 6 dishes to share and drinks - the bill came to $80 totalWe'll be back! No eftpos-..."
Deakins Mama
"Wong tong soup was yummy.. Service good, and good..."
"Great food great prices. Authentic food great service and friendly staff, with prices that don't break the bank.The tom yum soup is a must..."
"My favourite restaurant of all time.. I cannot describe how happy and grateful I am that this restaurant exists. Now that I no longer live with my..."
"I can't speak for what good Cambodian food should be, but the five spice soup sure is..."
"Good food however the customer service is below average, but for a great meal with a low price this place is great. Been here many times and food is..."
"Penh Friend. In spite of the name, My Cambodia features a menu encompassing not only Khmer but also Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. I’m often..."
Nathaniel Stockley
"Small little eatery..... but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in flavours. Baramundi in ginger was divine. .... papaya salad was..."
"Amazing food, frequent almost on a weekly basis... Even went 5 times one in the one weekend. So much variety and they are all good! Highlights..."
Allan Lim
"What can I say. Delicious food. Great service. Reasonable prices. The fried chicken is to die for. Don't even start me on the calamari. A must...."
"Amazing restaurant, large variety, always fresh and delicious, here at least once a..."
"Awesome, just very good food for reasonable price. Also people working there very nice and..."
"I take my friends here every chance I get. Highly recommend the beef salad, the paw paw salad, lemon grass & pork soup & barramundi with green mango...."
"My Asian. Having just spent time in Phnom Penh, I wanted to try the Amok Fish Curry which is probably Cambodia's best known national dish. However,..."
"Great lunch. Generous serves and very reasonable prices. My Cambodia has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and tasty food. We had three dishes BBQ Pork;..."
"Great Authentic Asian Food. The restaurant is clean, staff are very friendly, and the food is authentic and excellent. Owner Karl is a great guy who..."
Gwen Finnigan
"Nothing but the hits.. We've sampled a lot of My Cambodia's menu since it's been our weekly local since the old days trading down the road. Every..."
"Top quality food. We had relished the food we ate when we visited Cambodia earlier this year. This was a great opportunity to remind us of some of..."
David Schulberg
"My favourite place in Springvale/Melbourne. Great food, friendly service and very affordable. What more can you ask for?Have been there 3 times..."
Jay Kay
"Nice food, friendly..."
"Service can be abit slow and food can take abit long to come out but the food are worth it. Fresh, delicious and generous. I absolutely love the beef..."
"Amazing food, outstanding decor and facilities, great customer service, rapid delivery or food... Authentic taste of..."
Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant
73/100 (1120 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Had a great date with my partner with a discount fajitas and the best mango flavoured magarita containing alot of alcohol which made our night fun...."
Soph Vasilev
"A great fun family restaurant the food served really hot which we love ,the table service was excellent even though the restaurant was full ( we..."
Kathy Kempson
"Best ever mexican restaurant with friendly staff. had margarita sampler it was..."
Yasas Navodya
"Excellent food..... customer service...... great prices and friendly..."
Jade Curtis
"Service is friendly and quick, food is deliciously satisfying, the margaritas are awesome. The Cuervo is..."
Gareth Tudor
"We luv our Taco's, that's me & my besty Aaz! Nachos were lush too, it's our 2nd time there... Yuuum..."
Jane Butcher
"I’m not gonna lie I enjoy Taco Bill for a fuss free westernised American meal. Further perks include its presence in the entertainment book for..."
Good Food Good Mood
"One of my fav taco bills around!Not my first time there and not my last! 👌🏽 Really delicious food and great service! Absolutely love..."
Juhi- Culture And Cuisine
"Welcomed as soon as we walked in the door.All staff friendly and helpful.Order taken promptly.Food arrived hot and at a good pace;..."
Kelly Whitaker
"I been here quite a number of times. The quality of the food is not like fantastic but it is reasonable. If you want a reasonable taste and price..."
James Chiu
"A really good place to have some tacos. The food tastes amazing and the staff are friendly. The restaurant was clean and the food price was very..."
Daniel Duong
"Came here with family and a couple of my kids' friends.  We had a reservation and we were promptly shown to our tables. There was enough time given..."
Hungry Growl
"Another Great Taco Bill. I've been to many TBs over the years, it's one of my favourites, and this one was just as good as them all. We had the combo..."
Salmon Avocado
"Love this taco bill..."
"Om Nom Nom. I came here for my brother's 21st birthday with the family and got the Chicken and Beef Fajitas. They were really tasty, except for the..."
"Great dinner spot. This Taco Bill is definitely a step up from Chadstone's horrid excuse of a restaurant.The food is great, the service friendly..."
"1/2 price pancho villa margaritas on a Friday night. Can't..."
"Cheap and cheerful. This is the sort of place you come for the cheap food, and not the speedy service.We have been here twice now, and both..."
Jessica Halliday
"Great food and really nice service. The food was fresh and..."
Candice Turner
"Good food for the price. Casual atmosphere, very friendly & helpful staff... the menu prices were average but the taste is worth it..."
Johnny K
"I love this place!! Food is good, drinks great, service..."
Steven Kearney
"Awesome Mexican..."
Thanh Dat Restaurant
71/100 (63 ratings)
"Great place if you want cheap Vietnamese food that actually tastes great. The restaurant itself is not the prettiest and lacks character,..."
"Best Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale! Massive bowl of pho is about $10. Special diced beef is a must. Bustling busy restaurant, don't go for a..."
Peta Young
"A fairly popular Vietnamese restaurant during dinner hours, can be fairly hard at times to find a seat. Restaurant has the typical Asian tavern feel..."
Loc Lien
"A fairly large restaurant for the area, and popular amongst the westerners, but far from amazing overall. The staff are generally nice and the food..."
"I'm generally happy with their service, especially the food. When I lived close, I used to go there a few times. The pho is obviously not their..."
"A great place to get a feed. Quick and friendly service. Great price and has Eftpos. (unlike many of the other vendors nearby)Great value..."
Mic Russo
"A standard cheap Vietnamese restaurant that we have been to 3-4 times now. There's no "wow" factor but, it's still a good meal and worth..."
Gavin Southern
"Another Asian stalwart in Springvale. This restaurant is located on a corner and is always busy! The menu is huge, the variety is plentiful and the..."
Moni | Thoughts Of A Moni
"Cheap Pho. This is our go-to Pho place, when we're tired of studying at Uni, or just feel like eating Pho in Springvale. The reason we end up coming..."
"I don't understand why the reviews are so bad? This is one of the best places i know of i come here almost ever friday. Quick service and the food is..."
Mike Pureau
"Legit Review. I don't think Thanh Dat deserves its terrible rating; sure the food isn't amazing, but it's decent, the service is fast (but not..."
Colin Ngoc Yu
"Best place for a quick feed, best order ive had is the crispy chicken. very yummy, and very cheap..."
"Amazing! Love this place, spring rolls & noodle soup brilliant. will be back over & over..."
Nic Nak
Sabb Der Thai And Esan Food
77/100 (217 ratings)
"4.0 Very GoodLocated in the Thai square of Springvale, I heard from a friend that Sabb Der does some of the best boat noodles in Melbourne...."
"Whenever I crave boat noodles this is the place to go. My usual order is the pork noodle soup which comes with sliced pork, springy pork balls and..."
Hungry Pen
"Another lovely Thai Restaurant found in springvale. The lady here was so lovely. She was super friendly and bubbly so it made our experience..."
Nay Nay
"We ordered the fish cakes and chicken pad see ew for dinner. The fish cakes came out very quickly and was steaming hot, delicious and the sweet..."
"When you're in Springvale but you don't feel like Vietnamese food, Sabb Der Thai is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings for Thai food. Every..."
Stephanie Yeoh
"This is a nice little Thai restaurant tucked away of to the edge of the Springvale shopping/restaurant zone - in a block that focuses has other Thai,..."
"Second time I've eaten there and it was as good or better than the first. While it's not exactly in the middle of the Springvale market place it's..."
"This is a great Thai place.  I'm both relieved and devastated that it's so far from where I live.  If we're talking about boat noodles (noodle..."
"This corner shoplot seems to be constantly changing hands/names every few years. If I recall correctly, the last two places have been Thai as well...."
"Excited to find some authentic Thai food. This is the best chicken laab that i have had outside of Laos. So far superior to the crap most thai..."
David Minett
"Ordered the beef egg noodles with curry puffs. Service was friendly and prompt. The food was absolutely delicious! Would recommend and come back for..."
"On paper at least, the menu hasn’t altered greatly although there has been a shift towards E-San or North-eastern style cooking. After a few..."
Nathaniel Stockley
"Popped in to the new Sabb Der restaurant while I was over in the South eastern suburbs for work. They replaced my favourite thai eatery so I went..."
Captain Mako's Fish & Chips
79/100 (234 ratings)
"100% best fish and chips shop I know! Especially gluten free! Tastes so normal it worried me at first! But I feel fine after so it must be! Would..."
Cassidy Donaldson
"Best fish and chip shop in Melbourne by far.the staff are so friendly and the shop is sparkling clean.thank you for never dissapointing and for the..."
Stacia Asmina
"Been coming to ur fish and chip shop since u opened.we have never been disappointed.great friendly service always with a smile and the best quality..."
Angela Grigoropoulos
"This family run fish and chip shop is the best!! You can definitely tell it’s all home made and lots of love goes into all the food, it’s all..."
Kerry-anne Fyffe
"Best fish and chip shop I've been to, let alone gluten free! The gluten free options are huge, and on par (if not better than) the standard menu...."
Victoria Yordonopulo
"We drove half an hour to try this place. It was worth the drive and we will definitely be back again! My son was so happy to be able to eat something..."
Angelique Ramsay
"The souvlakis are amazing!! The meat is so juicy and full of flavour. The chips are cooked to perfection with a beautiful crunch. Such an amazing..."
Chuck Les
"Tonight was the first time we tried your fish and chips and they were fantastic . No fatty greasy food . Would definitely recommend and will be going..."
Vanessa Lindner
"Makos is the best fish and chip shop in south eastern suburbs...."
Xavier Fiske
"Amazing gluten free menu � Makes eating take away much easier as a Coeliac! Would recommend 100%..."
Sarah Thomson
"We live a bit further up the hill and there are 3 fish and chip shops between Mako and our home - but we love the service and the food and happy to..."
Bron Roos
"Had Mako's last night and as always it was absolutely delicious! Seriously addicted to the calamari and onion rings - they are the best I've ever..."
Victoria Lorenz
"quality chips of biblical proportions! 40 days and 40 nights Noah spent on his arc. and it would of been hell not being able to get his friday fish..."
Anthony Moose Cooke
"Yes yes yes the original owners are back and the quality is 100% This shop has had a few different owners but nothing beats the original and best the..."
"Last 5 years the food has always been great here. I'm not a big fan of chips or a lot of friend things but everything else here is fantastic..."
"Delicious fish & chips. These probably have to be thebest fish & chips I’ve had in Melbourne. Everything is super crunchy andcrispy. Good..."
Cassidy & Sneakers
Huong Giang
82/100 (240 ratings)
"The only place I would get my BBH fix from! Great attentive service and friendly..."
Syndie Taing
"Delicious, authentic Vietnamese food with the best BBH in..."
Amy Ho-Win
"Favourite restaurant in Springvale! Best Vietnamese food in town..."
Jenny Nguyen-Pham
"When mum isn't home to cook me Bun Bo Hue, this is where I go!!! Amazing food, great staff, and snooped into the kitchen once, and it's so..."
Mindy Ho
"Good service. Delicious food. Lowest price..."
Hai Nguyen
"Velli Good, Velli Beau, I laike it. Will cum..."
Phillip Dong
"There are hundreds of cheap restaurants in Springvale competing so there needs to be a point of difference. There are a number of $6 meals and they..."
"It’s a nice place with cheap price and good food.we ordered Hainanese chicken rice and a chicken pho,they both taste good.the chicken dipping sauce..."
"Was in Springvale and decided to try new Vietnamese dish other than pho, dry vermicelli noodles or pork chop xD. Tried the Bun Bo Hue and was..."
Choc Pudding
"Recommended by a Vietnamese colleague and I totally loved the bun bo hue as it is not too spicy but full of flavours. Fresh mixed salad to accompany..."
Ling Yuan
"Fantastic little restaurant with authentic home cooked flavours. I had the bun Bo hue and my friend had the pho which she absolutely loved. Best of..."
Daniel Huynh
"Food always amazing! Good luck finding better value for money elsewhere. Will be the only restaurant I go to from now on when I need my authentic..."
Davison Nguyen
"What a little gem in Springvale. Delicious food, amazing service with happy smiles. The crispy chicken is soo good! This is one of our fave local..."
"Amazing food and quality service. Would definitely recommend to everyone. Make sure to try their crispy chicken on rice dish and finish off with..."
Jenny Nguyen
"Bloody awesome portions for a bloody great price... you won’t believe the quality!! 5/5 all the way :POnly downer is these guys take a day off..."
Joanna Huynh
"Fantastic food and awesome portion sizes. The people leaving bad reviews probably need to get their eyes checked and new taste buds.This is the..."
Kilam Chung
"So far the best bun bo hue i've had in springvale. Really friendly and warming services from the staffs that i received there. Atmosphere is also..."
Jenny Nguyen
"Came here tonight to this lovely traditional Vietnamese restaurant and I have to say we left very satisfied. The meal portions were very generous, ..."
"Very cheap, friendly and quick service. Really liked the prawn spring rolls that came with the vermicelli. They were so flavourful and full of big..."
Stephanie Papazois
"I had my last lunch in this lovely family restaurant . Tony and his family , daughter Melly are leaving / sold the business , and move on ....,,,,,,..."
"First time I try this restaurant and it was a big hit!The pho was really delicious and very generous portion, too! Yum yum yum..."
"Went here for casual dinner. It's a small restaurant, very simple, nothing fancy but nice n clean. We had a few meals to share. Everything was tasty,..."
"Best place for a quick, cheap Viet eat in Springvale. Went for the first time, the restaurant isn't anything fancy, it's very cosy and just like a..."
Cravings Thru Syd
"Very quick and cheap. Have been a few times and will definitely continue going. I recommend the Crispy Chicken on rice for a crazy..."
Drew Quinton
"Friendly service and great tasty..."
"Great Bun Bo Hue. Had a meal here Thursday night, tried their Bun Bo Hue. From what i can remember of the Bun Bo Hue that i can in Hue a few months..."
"$5.00 MEAL IN SPRINGVALE. This restaurant has been selling the $5.00 meals for the past 5 years and they still survive. What does it mean..."
"Awesome bun Bo..."
Melissa Mel
"Cheap Eat. I love the Crispy Chicken with tomato rice!!! My friend love the beef noodle soup but it's not my favourite. I prefer another restaurant..."
Chris Chin
"$5 meals are a steal. Love the $5 chicken rice and beef stew! great value for money. Had tasty crab noodles here for 50 odd dollars..."
Rebecca Lim
Kao Gaeng Thai
81/100 (133 ratings)
"Its been a while since I picked up dinner in Springvale. Of course I wasn't going to go past my favourite Thai place which is made to order and..."
Nay Nay
"Thanks for the meal!Ordered pad see eww, panang curry and sticky rice.Be warned medium level of spice may be too spicy for some...."
Vicnifer's Food Reviews
"Awesome food. Loved it. Will definitely be back 😊We had chicken pad Thai & green curry chicken. The green curry was as good as what we had in..."
Donna S
"We had amazing authentic thai food, on a saturday. We loved the service, the chef asked how the food was, after we finished our meal. The restaurant..."
Mehnaz Ahmed
"Have recently been introduced to Kao Gaeng by a Thai friend after coming back from Thailand and love it!  The set meals are my absolute..."
Melinda Le
"Whenever I feel like  a break from Vietnamese I come to Kao Gaeng in Springvale. And every single visit I will always have their Nak Tok beef..."
"Much more authentic Bangkok Thai food than your average local Thai restaurant.We eat there regularly and are never disappointed, our bill for my..."
John Reid
"Delicious Thai food located in Springvale. Have been here several times and it just keeps getting better and better. Favourites of mine include the..."
Steven Shipley
"A solid Thai restaurant located in one of the carparks. We were in a bit of a hurry and both went for the noodle dishes - a pad see ew and pad thai..."
"Hits the spot. Best tom yum soup with noodles in Melbourne. Food is never disappointing and always hits the spot. Larger menu than also commendable..."
"Simply a GEM with brilliant Thai taste. Every time I visit Kao Gaeng, I am SHOCKED how good this place is! I love the taste of Thai so much, for me..."
Horace Lim
"Try their green mango salad, grilled pork and sticky rice with thai iced tea! The..."
Chevy So
"This is real Thai!. This place really is a hidden gem! Love the Thai sausage with sticky rice and usually go for the deep fried fishWith either..."