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Tabac Bakery
92/100 (522 ratings)
Cheap Eats
"Absolutely - without a shadow of a doubt - the BEST EVER traditional pork rolls in Melbourne.!! I happily travel 20 mins to get them for so cheap!..."
Bridie Norton
"Their Crispy Pork Bahn Mi is mind blowing!!! And that bread, ohhhhhhhhh..."
Stacy Shepherd
"The BEST Vietnamese rolls in Springvale!!! Have tried all the other places and they do not come close to the tasty rolls at Tabac! Fresh ingediants,..."
Brigitte Bernadette
"Definitely one of my favorite banh mi places in springvale - the tiger bread is so good and gives a satisfying crunch! Highly recommend if you're..."
Joyce Lin
"4.0 Very GoodPossibly my second favourite banh mi shop in Springvale, Tabac is popular for their crispy roast pork rolls in tiger..."
"Love the banh mi (way better than bun buns) and pastries, also the girls are always lovely! The place is also really..."
Amy P
"Been coming here for a while and thought it's so good that the r st of zomato should know about them! I either get the roast pork or grilled chicken..."
Better Sooner Than Latté
"Easily the best Bahn mi in Springvale! And the girls making it are lovely as..."
"Ordered a crispy pork banh mi. Not your traditional banh mi roll but a crispy exterior like a tiger roll, soft and fresh. The roll was filled with..."
"Got the grilled chicken and crispy pork rolls. The texture of the bread is super crispy and yummy. I got myself the crispy pork roll, it had extra..."
S Zinger
"I had a half and half grilled chicken and pork roll today and it was delicious! Definitely one of the best rolls I’ve ever had. The flavours were..."
Ann Onymous
"My favourite Banh Mi place in Springvale! The bread is crispy and fillings are delicious. Go for the roast pork and get extra crackling! Always hits..."
"The best Banh Mi in Springvale!!   The pork belly is super tasty, the staff very friendly and as a bonus, they also accept credit card. Highly..."
Gary Hayes
"Tried the grilled chicken Banh Mi with chilli. Was quite good actually, pretty hidden store as its quite small but prices are reasonable and food is..."
Melbourne Food Spotter
"I bought a grilled pork and beef banh mi ($5) while my partner purchased the roast pork ($5.5). There were barely red onions left when we ordered so..."
"My all time favourite place for a good banh mi in Melbourne. Their tiger rolls and the gravy that they put in their rolls has changed my banh mi game..."
Melbourne, Let’s Eat
"Tried a new Banh Mi place today. The crispy pork looked so good and it tasted the part being nice and crispy. A good Banh Mi and well priced..."
Nay Nay
"Really great Bahn mi! They do the tiger rolls really well, pork is crispy and delicious too + they are quite generous with the amount of ingredients..."
"Best banh mi in springvale hands down. From the bread to the crackling. The crunchiness cannot be beat. Veg are fresh and flavours are good. Go for a..."
Phuong Tran
"Love this little bakery for the crispy pork banh mi. My mum who would only go to a particular bakery has even got on board with coming to this place...."
Flying Riceball
"After having my first Tiger Roll at Tabac Bakery, safe to say I was converted! As mentioned in other reviews, Tiger Rolls are unique compared to..."
"Just sensational bbq pork rolls. Great service and a popular place to grab lunch. Recommended by the locals - you won’t be disappointed Park..."
The Biker Foodie
"My absolute favourite place for Vietnamese Banh Mi. The roast pork with the crackling is so damn addictive! Always my go to place for a cheap..."
Eliza James
"Next level tiger rolls - they're crispy, fresh and have great texture. They also have some sort of other seasoning, maybe brushed with salted butter,..."
Flying Forward
"Without a doubt the best Banh Mi in Melbourne!!! I love this place and it's always busy, I have a had many Banh Mi from many different places at..."
The Judgey Barista
"With the price entailed to the traditional vietnamese bread rolls (Banh mi), the quality is definitely way above! The value you get from a well..."
Kevin Rolimpandoei
"Absolutely the best service and best Vietnamese pork/ chicken/ beef rolls. Always super friendly and probably the best bakery in..."
Richard Ov
"One of the best banh mi joints in Springvale, if you love crispy you will enjoy this with their crackling pork and tiger bread. This is what makes it..."
Kelvin Vo
"Another local favourite of mine and they do banh mi differently! Here we have the Roast Pork Banh Mi for $5.50 and trust me they are worth every..."
Brandan Chong
"My partner delivered this to me one day and told me to try it. AND I WAS BACK AGAIN NOT LONG AFTER. It's different from your average Vietnamese..."
"My wife and I eat Banh Mi every week when we travel through Springvale area.We used to be loyal Bun Bun customers, but have found them to be..."
Rhys McCarthy
"Was a long time customer at ‘Bun Bun Bakery’ do yourself a favour and head a few shops further (back towards Woolworths) and have a crispy pork..."
The King Of The North
"Cripsy pork on tiger roll is one of, if the best Banh Mi that you can get anywhere in Melbourne.The pork is cripsy, they add extra pork..."
"One of my favourite banh mi, other than bun buns. I love the crispy pork roll, it’s like a modern twist on the Vietnamese banh mi. A crispy and..."
"Crispy pork roll is the best that I've had for a long time! What can be better than putting crispy pork into a roll, and then adding extra pork..."
Marcus Cheung
"First timer this arvo and they have the most superior crispy pork rolls in the south east. The meat to salad ratio cannot be faulted. I couldn't..."
"This place deserves way more hype it's legit one of the best Bahn joints around. Too bad I live quite far from it. If I was closer I'd eat it on the..."
"Soooooo in love with this place. Such a unique combination of ingredients, very different from all the other bread stores, very delicious. Lovely..."
Beverly Clark
"We love it here. I always make sure to get some crackling on top which makes the roll more special. My only wish is for it to be a little bigger as I..."
B Man Samazan
"Got a mixed hot Vietnamese roll with pork and grilled chicken. It was a new tasting roll that I hadn't experienced before. I went here specifically..."
"Had a craving for banh mi so decided to drive 40 minutes to Springvale to get the authentic stuff. So glad we did! Had the roast pork banh mi with..."
"One of the best places in Springvale for crispy tiger bread banh mi. Though the bread is a bit thinner than other places, the pork crackling roll is..."
"If you want your Roast Pork rolls come here!! The crackling is ace and you can really enjoy it here. The cold Pork roll isn't as good in comparison..."
"Crispy pork banh mi is sooooo good. The tiger roll adds an extra crispy texture which is delicious. Can not recommend enough. Please eat here!!!..."
"I consider myself a banh mi connoisseur and tabac is the only place that has me driving 20 minutes for the best banh mi around. Cannot rate it..."
"Sheeyt man being a banh mi expert, these ones are up there with the best this side of the city! Banh mi's here are super crunchy with a chewy texture..."
FatMan Package
"I've had many banh mi in my lifetime and most of them are generally good. This place offered something a little more different from the norm with..."
"Really fresh, roast pork is my favourite! Good meat portion and they add in extra pork crackle, the tiger bread and the salad makes it special and..."
"BATTLE OF THE Bánh mìToday's challengers: Tabac Bakery & Cafe  Vs Bun Bun Bakery These two bakeries are only a stone's throw..."
The Whippeteers
"my brother and i come all the way from Frankston for the terrific bánh mì [vietnamese meat of choice & salad rolls] - so i reckon that says plenty...."
Davey Jai Dickens
"I love this place, the rolls and coffee are to die for! Such a clean store with great service, it's always nice purchasing every week. Never get..."
Billy Le
"My absolute FAVOURITE place for bánh mì! They're always so generous with the meat. I can never go past the crispy pork roll - delicious chunks of..."
"OMG yaaaasssss! BEST PLACE TO GET FOB ROLLS! The service there is great, always welcoming and the food is to die for! Get the crispy pork..."
"10/10. The crispy pork roll with the tiger bread is delicious and the service is..."
"Bahn mi rolls are delicious especially with their tiger bread!. There are some great places in Springvale that make bahn mi, but this place has the..."
"This is one of the most visitted bakery in Springvale. We had double serve crispy pork roll. I think it was generously served and the taste was spot..."
Fabubuz Bubuz
"Cash only. Tiger bread rolls the only option. Wheelchair accessible. Photo = veg + cheese. 1 roll, 2 sports drinks $15 Had to walk to ATM in the..."
Deb Sheppard
"Tabac Bakery has excellent customer service by Cindy, Chelsea, family members, the staff and their crispy pork rolls in tiger bread tastes..."
Linda Hong
"I first saw this place on YouTube for having some of the best Banh Mi in Melbourne. It didn’t disappoint - the bread was just the right amount of..."
Danielle Laskovsky
"Your grilled chicken Bahn Mi is 10/10! The crispy pork is alright. The rolls are slightly thinner than Bun Bun but that's the only thing I could..."
Victoria Giceva
"Tabac serves the best thick cut cold meat banh mi and their tiger bread is so..."
Pauline Heng
"The banh mi here is great, they have the Chinese roast pork with crackling (their competitor down the street doesn’t). Really fresh bread and..."
Joyce K
"Hands down, my fave crispy pork roll of all time. Well balanced, pate has good flavour, pork is succulent, sauce evenly spread and the tiger skin..."
Alice Shane Harlow
Phnom Penh Thmei
92/100 (259 ratings)
"Best Cambodian hotpot. It tastes just like in Cambodia. They also make a great Pak Lov ( Pork intestine). The service is very friendly. The..."
"Most authentic Cambodian restaurant in Springvale ! The Phnom Penh noodles are really good, the chicken and rice is good and authentic , great..."
"Very Authentic Cambodian food. Staff were very accomodating. They were even super nice to the loud annoying custoners that fuss over evety little..."
"Had the Thick Noodles Broth with Chicken. Really yum!! Service was very good, staff were attentive. Been at this restaurant a few..."
"I keep on coming back to this place as it is the most authentic Cambodian restaurant in Springvale. I've tried all of them! It's hard to go past the..."
Afro Juniper
"The best place in springvale for authentic cambodian food. The food is consistently good and the manager is very charming and friendly. Will..."
Dylan Yuen
"This is a real hidden gem! We ate there last night after some searching around. Three adults and a child who eats like an adult ate for less than..."
"I love the Phnom Penh style noodle soup the taste was very..."
"Trying out this really busy Cambodian restaurant. It’s no wonder why they’re popular. Love all the food especially the phnom penh special noodle,..."
Juventia Wu
"a hidden find for authentication Cambodian cuisines in Springvale. We ordered the noodle soup with their popular rice noodles. The soup is light yet..."
Vanessa Wong-Lee
"Cambodian restaurants serving various dishes that are sort of similar to Thai dishes. We tried the specialty cambodian Noodle and it was pretty good,..."
Edwar Kartio
"Had the Phnom Noodle Soup. First time round it was fantastic, piping hot, enough soup and flavoursome. Had it again after a few months, probably..."
"Food was great, service was helpful and really friendly. I would definitely drive from the CBD to Springvale for their..."
Preston Parks
"Ordered Stir Fry Pin Noodle with Fish Sauce (Beef and Beef Balls) and Phnom Penh Noodle Soup for lunch on Sunday. Total 28 AUD. Had to queue for..."
Summer N.
"Thought we got into a Vietnamese restaurant at first. First time ever to step into a Cambodian one. But glad that we came: delicious noodle soups,..."
ggoz ggoz
Thạnh Phat
91/100 (69 ratings)
Cheap Eats
"The broken rice here is excellent! Only let down is the service but nothing compares to the flavour and value you get for the broken rice dish...."
Ruth Li
"Thanh Phat serves the type of food I grew up loving with an improvement upon presentation and a slight western twist without compromising on flavour...."
Kendrick Banks
"Great food! And good music, Very clean and modern restaurant and friendly staff. I ordered diced beef, it was tender and juicy, great ratio with the..."
Kelvin Vo
"Hands down the best Hainanese chicken on rice. Never in my years of living that I'd thought I'd cross paths with steamed chicken so succulent. The..."
Phillip Quach
"Great restaurant, consistently serves fresh and quality tasting food with good service. Also provides a good variety of dishes to choose from. Highly..."
"Had dinner here a couple of times, this place gains point for being more neat and tidy giving a better dining environment compared to many of the..."
Bun's Food Diaries
"My new go-to Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale now that the Thanh Dat has sadly closed. The food here is very good and very well priced. The..."
"Quick dinner down in Springvale and decided to try this place out. You can't go wrong with broken rice, (com tam) tasted nice and was surprised by..."
"Good place for trying out or revisiting some Vietnamese street food. Portions are alright but quite filling considering that I ate a variety of..."
Nhi Nguyen
"The food here is always fresh and tasty. The prices are really good and a decent serving size. My favourite is the banh khot for entree however..."
"This place is one of my regular restaurants as I am a local resident so have tried a few of their dishes. Their combination pork rice dish is my go..."
"Oh wow!! When was this place opened?!I was so surprised that this place has Bo Ne! I thought my friend was trolling me when he asks if I want to..."
"Very Modern and Family Friendly Restaurant, targeting mostly young couples - teens or young adults. Food is very cheap and very tasty. Good for On..."
"Clean well lit placw to eat Asian food in Springvale. Must have just opened. Cleanliness is above average. Food is cheap and tasty. I had the soy..."
Charlie Kang
"Well lit modern interior with relaxing music. Friendly service and food comes out quite quick. Broken rice is favoursome and well presented. Rice..."
"I just recently discovered this little restaurant at Springvale and I'm glad I did! My favourite dish is the Double Pork Chops Broken Rice with the..."
Jessica Lam
"We love the broken rice here! You get pork chop, egg on rice, veggies pork meat loaf and soup all for $10 it's a winner! Def worth a..."
FatMan Package
"Springvale has an enviable problem that I wish existed in my backyard of Glen Waverley - Deciding where to eat because you are spoilt for choice when..."
"A modern looking place in Springvale with a bright green sign, making it stand out from the other restaurants. I don't think it's been open for long..."
One Piece Left
"Bun Rieu Cua Crab Omelette Noodles. Love it with the mam tom shrimp..."
Alpha Lau
"Amazing service! Definitely a stand out thing. Booked my dad's birthday here for 11 people and they were very accommodating and were always there to..."
"Great Vietnamese food especially Khot pancake and Bánh canh. Flower Crab Rice Starch Noodle Soup and Khot pancake are the two must try when you come..."
"Very hygienic, fantastic foods, quick and efficient service. Deserves 10/10. If haven't tried this restaurant before give it a go and I bet you will..."
Thomas Tran
"Always a great experience. We've been eating here since its inception and the crew always deliver great food. We also order large orders for work and..."
Jonty Bolom
"Family owned restaurant. My latest fav. springvale restaurant. They do the meanest chicken ribs with rice or in a noodle soup. Be sure to try the..."
Khang Nguyen
"Very friendly and helpful staff, large portions, great flavours. There are lots of good Vietnamese restaurants in Springvale but this one is..."
David Papp
"Food was really good, and restaurant very clean. Service was pleasant, plenty of high chairs for toddlers. Family enjoyed..."
Ivan Desira
Pho Hung Vuong
90/100 (1109 ratings)
Sit down
Table Service
Cheap Eats
"A new review but this time on their takeaway I love how the pho is still so consistent even for takeaway. The rare beef is frozen but is very tender..."
"An enjoyable, pho experience, fast service and tasty, simple food. We will..."
"FOOD 5/5: I had a medium bowl of pho with rare beef and brisket. Firstly, noodles were great, plentiful, soft, slimy, “slurpable”, really nothing..."
Brian Kim
"Favourite place for pho in Melbourne. Can always trust this place to serve a delicious bowl of pho. The broth is lovely but maybe just a little salty..."
Hazel FerrarO
"They have been here since day 1.Specializing in the different types of pho. The difference here is their rice noodles that is silky smooth and..."
"This may be the best pho in Australia.The soup is delicious and clear.The noodles have a nice bite to then.The rare beef is..."
Yun Huang Yong
"Favourite pho restaurant on the Eastside. The pho here is very flavoursome and fresh- fresh in that it doesn't have that 'MSG' taste to it. Very..."
"Been coming here since 2011, and i gotta say its one of the best if not the best Pho restaurant in Melbourne. its a bit cramped inside and the queues..."
"THE pho joint. (4.5⭐)The place is pretty well kept, just tad bit crampy. We had to queue in a line before being served. The staffs were..."
"Came here for lunch and the place were extremely busy. We need to wait for a bit before we got a table.The pho, grilled chicken and pork on..."
Emerensiana Vitalis Handoko
"😱Lizzie’s first impression: been here many a times and it never disappoints🍩Lizzie enjoyed: my favourite is the classic sliced rare..."
Lizzie Eats Melbourne
"Been here for late lunch, the pho broth is tasty and pleasant. One of the most delicious pho I've eaten. Their pho noodles are different too, more..."
Ely Pham
"Best pho in Melbourne. Broth is light but tasty enough to keep you wanting more. Springroll is a must have too, I personally love the prawn oenS..."
"Best pho in town hands down. The lot is a great choice as it has all the meats and organs in there (if you're into it other than just beef..."
"Need me to say more? There is always a queue outside this famous and delicious Pho joint. Never to disappointed. Go for the classic beef pho for a..."
"My favorite pho! The branches in richmond and footscray are incomparable to this one! It only serves pho and drinks but the service is very speedy..."
"This place has nice pho and the food always comes really fast. There is usually a really long line in the morning of weekends because of the high..."
Lily Tang
"Hands down the best pho restaurant in the east of Melbourne, including Richmond. Service is prompt and efficient. I wouldn't say overall..."
John B
"Very very delicious pho. Always busy and might have to wait if you come in big group. Had it with ice coffee and spring rolls and you will leave with..."
"I love this place. Been coming here for years and years now. Very efficient staff. Long queues but the wait is not long at all due to efficiency..."
"This pho restaurant only sells pho, nothing else. This is because pho is its speciality! The soup is so sweet and addictive. Juicy, tender, thinly..."
YK Tay
"On a cold rainy day, what better to do than to get some nice warm pho. I had heard this place is the best in Melbourne.We waited in line..."
Joshua Osborne
"too good.never disappoints, the best pho restaurant in Springvale. The long lines are proof of how good the food is at this restaurant.If..."
Gretel Jayne Alejano
"The best pho place in all of Melbourne! We came at around 2:30pm on a Wednesday and the restaurant was full! However it’s definitely worth the wait..."
"I was walking down the street of Springvale on a Wednesday mid morning assuming many people would be at work, and came across The pho shop with a..."
Sophie Mekdara
"Best pho around by far the broth is incredible, definitely a place worth going to. It’s very crowded inside and there’s usually a line to get in..."
"Locate spring vale , pho pho pho ... finally found a best pho . Vietnam cuisine, the shop Crown of people , omg need line up , after 10 minute got a..."
Pierre Pie
"The classic!! One of Melbourne’s gems - pho is amazing, beef sliced beautifully thin, chili just hits the spot! Always bustling with long..."
"Go to Pho restaurant! I usually order the beef ball and rare beef one and it’s Always so good and yummy 😋😋😋 also has three different bowl..."
"Best pho in Melbourne.Delicious broth, perfectly cooked noodles, very good portions.I only ever come here for pho - and everyone I bring..."
Esther Lee
"It’s properly the best Pho restaurant in Melbourne, but let down by the atmosphere, it’s always busy, noisy and you just don’t feel comfortable..."
"Decided to try this place after reading some great reviews. We weren’t disappointed. The beef pho here was fantastic. Will come back for beef and..."
"Restaurants have only one pho option, all the soup noodle and drink menus are on the wall, decoration is very simple, very busy, basically every time..."
"The best pho in Melbourne. The service is fast and efficient, the flavour is rich and wonderful, the meat is beautifully cut.The venue is a..."
Mr NomNom
"My favorite pho in Melbourne! Fast service, excellent flavors! They only sell pho. Watch out on lunch times bc you'll find yourself queueing for a..."
"Food is no frills, good quality pho. Service is fast and efficient albeit a little hard pressed to get attention. Always a line but usually a short..."
Phuong Tran
"This is the best pho restaurant in town. I usually go there for breakfast. My favorite pho there is beef and beef-ball with no spring onions. But I..."
"This place has really amazing Pho 🍲 the broth is delicious and not overly salted, really great flavour. I will definitely come again, just be..."
The Judgey Barista
"Always great food that is wholesome, delicious and filling. Best pho place I’ve been to, and to top it all off, super cheap too! Couldn’t..."
Jorja Henry
"One of our favourite pho place in Springvale!Nice broth ( this is a very important aspect for us to judge a bowl of pho)Good amount of meat..."
Wine & Dine
"My favorite pho in town, forever a line of people queuing up at the door, it always take me around 10-15mins wait which is fine, not too bad. Im not..."
"As Pho goes , this ranks as of the better ones among all the pho restaurants in this area. What differentiates them is that you could actually taste..."
The Merlion
"It’s a very small shop offers loads of flavour. One of the best beef soup I’ve had. If you have been to Pho An in Sydney Bankstown or..."
The Violet
"Been going here for at least fifteen years. Call me stubborn but I will not order pho anywhere else. Broth is always piping hot and tasty...."
Buy All The Fries!
"My very first time trying Vietnamese cuisine and it never disappointed me. The broth is very nice to drink. Plus the noodle portion was big enough..."
"My favourite pho place in springvale! There is almost always a wait to get in but it's worth it. The only negative I have is the atmosphere. Its..."
Harry The Foodie
"Arrived about 15 minutes before closing time and still managed to sneak in dinner, as service was fast. Pho was exceptional and great value - broth..."
Rohit Daniel Chandra
"Winner for pho in Springvale. PHV is so popular that you’d often see the queue outside the restaurant especially on weekends. The space is quite..."
"4.5 to be preciseThis is a no-frills eatery with a straight forward and concise food menu - phở and nothing but phở.Not sure..."
Jojo Armani
"For the locals, this is the go to place for pho in Springvale and as a result, is almost always packed. We find Pho Hung Vuong may sometimes be a..."
"Fondly, and accurately, referred to by locals as “the best pho restaurant in Springvale”. Highly recommend the beef pho, with tendon and sliced..."
Samir Makssi
"My husband has never eaten pho before. He’s over 30 and when he told me that this was the best pho he’s had, I was very skeptical. So I went..."
Hungry Little Dinosaur
"This place always have a queue. The broth here is amazing. Wonderful and quick service too. Best in Springvale so far. There is no need to find..."
Bak Kwa
"Definitely the best pho I have had in Melbourne! Been here several times and the pho is consistently good.The broth is packed with flavour,..."
"Everytime I drive past, walk past or decide to eat here there is always a line! The venue is very small and only serves pho so it has to be good..."
"Came here for the first with some friends for a quick cheap eats! The pho is soooooo good here! I got the small rare beef and I must say the serving..."
"Taste wise, this is the top pho restaurant on my list! Location wise.. it’s too far from home. But it’s kind of worth it!I had the..."
"This place is definitely great for a good, but very reasonably priced meal. The food comes super fast, and is definitely very good quality with good..."
"This is always my favourite pho place. Whenever I have visitors, this is the first place I take them to. Both the chicken broth and beef broth are..."
"Best Pho I’ve had in Melbourne Pho real (Sorry I had to!). While you may have to wait in a line on the street - it’s honestly worth the wait!..."
McFoodie Jones
"Dishes to try: pho bo (beef)The best pho place in town among many others. Be ready to queue during peak time. You can ask for more onion..."
"pho for dinner tonight 😋😋 my family and I have been coming to this Pho place for years! I always get the sliced beef and tendons #melbournefood..."
"Hands down the best pho place in Springvale. The pho is brought out steaming hot, the broth is so flavourful and they are generous with toppings. The..."
"My favourite place to go for a good bowl of pho in Melbourne. Get ready to queue up, there’s always a steady stream of customers coming in any time..."
"This place has the best pho in town!Such a small restaurant but we keep coming back for more!During peak hours and weekends, there is..."
"No matter what day, rain or shine it is the busiest restaurant in Springvale and worth the waiting in line PHO some good noodle soup 😝. Broth is..."
Camy Bamy
"Best pho I’ve had in Melbourne thus far. There’s a reason why there’s always a line on the weekends. It’s a no frills, good value, super..."
Jason Lay
"What else can I say about this place other than it's the BEST pho in Melbourne! It's no wonder there's a queue every time I go there. The soup is..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"My local favourite for pho! Honestly, one of my favourites of all time, and here's why!Not many places serve you a bowl of hot boiling pho..."
Brandan Chong
"My go to place for pho, soup was tasty and not oily. I usually add hoi Sin sauce but none was required in the soup. Restaurant had a traditional feel..."
Kelvin Vo
"Still the best pho I’ve had in Melbourne so far. Staff were efficient (as expected from a Asian restaurant 😅) I got the beef brisket pho and it..."
The Food Vogue By Le Seynt
"Get “The Lot” which is equivalent to “special beef and chicken” with innards at other places. Don’t get the iced coffee... as others have..."
The World’s My Oyster
"Hands down, the best Pho in Melbourne 🙌 If you happen to be in the area, make sure to not miss this place. The broth is simply out of the world...."
Sissy Lan
"Despite the queue in the early morning, service amazed me given they were quick to let my group of 10 to get a seat. I ordered the pho bo dac biet,..."
Munching With Mel
"Came here for late lunch and this place was still extremely busy. Even though the queue was long but the turnover was pretty quick. There have very..."
Foodie In Paradise
"My go-to-place for pho at all times. However, it’s pretty much a sit in and eat and out kinda place. Nice broth, chilli is good and beef is sliced..."
"“Pho Hung Vuong 2” a poemIf you’re after good broth and perfect rice noodles, pho hung vuong is the place to visit,With tender beef..."
Ailand Daly
"next level Pho/ Pha/ Pher (never sure)If you need some good for the 'soul' food, then this is the place.Classic school cafeteria..."
Damian Tolson
"Hands down the best pho place in Springvale I go here often and they never disappoint. Well delivered pho with a good broth and generious protein...."
Nay Nay
"Food: 🌟🌟🌟🌟Pho Hung Vuong 2 is definitely one of the more popular pho restaurants for the locals in Springvale and it is..."
The Hunger Trail
"Good pho, tastier than most places at reasonable price. Bit more MSG/sugary than traditional. Massive queues most of the time but they do move..."
Sam Woddson
"Newly renovated after the pandemic lockdown. After reading a few negative reviews, we ventured here to experience it ourselves. Tables were clean,..."
Simon Natal
"The chilli lemongrass chicken is so delicious. There was a queue but it progressed quickly and the food was served within 15 min from ordering. Worth..."
Rob -
"Quick service Friendly staff Lots of food choices Just had a chicken soup But next time surely would try more things Thanks guys Keep up the good..."
Ungaro Raw
"Great food at a good price. Had the bun bo hue and matcha frappe. The bun bo hue was great. The matcha frappe was bad. Priced at around..."
Keven Luan
"Came here on a Sunday for lunch. Was seated promptly. Drinks came to the table promptly, food arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Satisfies the..."
Bun Bun Bakery
89/100 (3015 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
Pork Roll
Fast food
Fast food
Cheap Eats
"Loving the banh mi here. The bread is already so crispy and fresh. I ordered the crispy pork which comes with a generous amount of pork and..."
"My all time favourite banh mi in Melbourne! Bun Bun's BBQ Roasted Pork roll is truly worth trying, and priced at such a competitive price too...."
"Best breads in Australia. Service is excellent and friendly. Come back here every..."
Jenny Nguyen
"My fav banh mi in all of Melbourne! And at $6 a roll you'd be crazy to miss out on these bad boys. Roast pork and gravy all the way..."
"Had to check out what the hype was about and boy did Bun Bun impress! Crunchy fresh rolls, delicious pate and mayo, spices trash chili and..."
Dean Giannakis
"Delicious rolls can't get a better value meal. I had the tofu version - everything in there was fresh and delicious and in the right proportions...."
"It's so good! The bread is fresh and crunchy (get the Tiger bread!), the pate flavourful and the mayo so rich and velvety delicious. The meat has got..."
"My favourite banh mi place! There seems to always be a long queue here and there's a good reason for it. I love the BBQ Pork and roast pork. The pork..."
Joyce Lin
"IMHO this is the best banh mi in..."
Greg Smith
"4.5 ExcellentMy go to spot for banh mi in Springvale, heck all of Melbourne! I’ve seen an increase in popularity judging by how long the..."
"Incredibly fresh flavours and fresh crusty white bread that is not so big you can’t fit it in your mouth. Well priced also, @ 5.50 a roll you..."
Ben Ashby
"No. 1 Banh Mi in Melbourne! The bread is consistently great, amazing crunch when you bite into it. The roast pork is my favourite filling, very..."
"Pork rolls with the lot are amazing here! can’t explain..."
Miss N
"It would be crime not to score this place a 5. Been coming here since it was ok to call them FOB rolls and they are the best rolls this side of Melb..."
"ABSOLUTE FAV BANH MI SHOP! They never disappoint!!! Order the bbq roast pork it’s soooo yum! Really cheap too and it’s also filling..."
Priscilla Yeo
"It's pretty clear why Bun Bun serves up one of the best if not THE best banh mi in Melbourne. I was pretty fortunate to arrive at the shop when there..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"The Bahn mi is so good, full of flavour and only $5 what a bargain. All the ladies that work there are lovely..."
"Bbq pork roll bloody awesome brilliance!! $5.50 can’t go wrong great as a hangover cure just go early gets very busy after 11am!!..."
"The best lunch that $7 can buy you! A colleague suggested we all get takeaway Bun Bun for lunch and all 6 of us agreed that this should become a..."
Maria Condello
"The best Banh Mi in Melbourne, the bread is crispy and crusty outside and soft inside, please do have some chilli and pate as they add another layer..."
Tianshu Sun
"The most delicious banh mis I have ever tasted. I ordered the pork roll and it came with crispy pork crackling. omg it was so good and full of..."
"Pretty much a perfect bahn mi, if only for its simplicity. The staff know how to move quickly and work through a queue of customers. The bag didn’t..."
"I havn't been to Springvale in the longest time ever. An opportunity came up last Sunday which was Father's Day and we were in the area. I remember..."
"I love Bun Bun. Can’t beilive I haven’t tried this place any sooner. Had a pork roll and the bread was super crispy and fresh. This place is..."
Savvy And Lifestyle
"Best Bahn Mi Rolls in Melbourne. Personal fav: pork meatballs with roasted pork. Highly recommend this mix with some chillies on..."
Confessions Of A Foodie
". Food (70%): 5/5Value (20%): 5/5Experience (10%): 3/5Overall: 4.8/5Good portions, solid..."
Jo Wi
"Visually this might not look like much but I can tell you hands down is the best Banh Mi in Melbourne. Bun Bun Bakery in Springvale always a queue..."
Van Nguyen
"Really good banh mi in Springvale. There’s always a queue during lunch hours so avoid if possible. Roast pork is my go to choice. Can’t go..."
"Such a great place for bread rolls ! They pack a lot of ingredients here - my favourite is the pork salad roll and also the French sticks with pate..."
"It s a cheap place to get your lunch with super fast and friendly service. The $5 chicken roll is the best of all bakery shops I have tried...."
Helen Ma
"They say money can’t buy you happiness, but here you can get happiness for just $5. Bun Bun Bakery is renowned for their $5 banh mi; packed full of..."
"I did not expect a $5 bahn mi to taste this good! I had the roast pork and thought it was amazing. I tried the chicken spring rolls which were super..."
"$4.50 for a crackly, moist, porky, crunchy, carroty, chilli, belly rubbing Vietnamese roll! So good. Made me happy. Restored my faith in human..."
Kelly Belly
"By far the best banh mi I’ve ever tasted!!! What makes it all so good is the bread - Always fresh out the oven, providing you the perfect..."
"THE BEST BAHN MI I HAVE EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE - I would say the combination of everything contained in the bread roll totally means..."
"One of my favourite Banh Mi places in Springvale. Each and every time I order from here the bread roll is hot and freshly baked and it always tastes..."
Melbourne Food Spotter
"This is my favorite banh mi place in Melbourne so far! The roasted pork was just like heaven! And the pork cracklings were the bonus. The young lady..."
"Don’t bother eating kebab bun mi Everything else is the best Bread is really crispy and fresh specially when u come in the morning..."
Pratik B. Prajapati
"These would have to be the best bbq pork rolls they give you bbq pork crackle and sauce absolutely loaded and for $5 you can’t go wrong this is my..."
"Authentic Vietnamese bread roll, a must-try if you ever drop by Springvale. Fresh baked bread with a crunch and soft insides. Very generous with the..."
Hungry Moo Turt
"Bun bun Bakery are my go to fob roll place in Melbourne. They serve up the best roast pork! It’s so flavoursome they’re very generous with their..."
Angela Eats
"Thanks for the meal!Regular customer ordering the roast pork banh mi.As usual awesome banh mi. Easily shares equal best in..."
Vicnifer's Food Reviews
"Banh mi heavenAmbience: The place doesnt have seats so it's just for takeaways. Menu is displayed clearly and ingredients can be seen..."
"Went here cos saw it online. At first I thought "wow this Vietnamese roll banh mi thing is great!" But then turns out there are tons of places like..."
Wisnu Wardana
"ordered cold banh miCrispy bun, fresh, unlike some other places that use stale breadfreshly cut shredded vegetable salad fillingsnice..."
Wine & Dine
"Quick service, almost like a production line. They make these rolls FAST. Sensational pork rolls. One of the best in Melbourne to visit. It’s hard..."
The Biker Foodie
"We recently had Bun Bun Bakery cater a company sponsored lunch for around 85+ people. Let me just say they were absolutely amazing! With 125 meat and..."
Emily Daos
"My all time favourite banh mi store in Springvale!! I always have a mix of BBQ pork and roasted chicken with extra sauce. All the ladies there are..."
Lucy Eats
"My parents own a cafe that also does fob rolls but I still prefer going to Bun Bun; albeit mostly because I've grown sick of our roast pork (yeah I..."
William Nguyen
"Bun Bun Bakery has always been my favourite place to get banh mi. I only order roast pork with bbq sauce. The baguette is crispy outside and soft..."
"Banh mi is easily my favourite kind of sandwich! Whilst I was over this side of town, I decided to seek out Bun Bun Bakery, which has a reputation..."
The Brunch Specialist
"My favourite place for Banh Mi in Springvale! I always ordered the chicken roll, it is very tasty and satisfying. The combination of flavours is just..."
"Arguably best banh mi in Melbourne. Definitely a local standout in Springvale area. My personal favourites are the Roast Pork or the Lemon Grass..."
D Train McClain
"Very possibly the best banh mi in Melbourne, but my favourite thing here is the very naughty bread stick with a massive smothering of butter and pate..."
Nini Foodie
"If you are non vego, the roast pork Banh My is the bomb. The five stars are from my carnivore five year old, says it was the best sandwich EVER. And..."
"Just can't get enough of their bun! Soooo good! I love BBQ sauce roast pork with extra chili in it and my hubby loves pork ham, their small stick is..."
Jingle Chang
"Come here if you want the best Vietnamese bánh mì; crunchy tiger roll filled with rich pâté and mayo, Vietnamese meats, pickled carrot, cucumber,..."
"This place rocks! The food taste great, and is consistent. I have tried other places in spring vale and this place is amazing. The staff  is very..."
"One of my favourite bakeries in Springvale. Value for money. Bread is always fresh and crispy. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for..."
"One of the best Vietnamese banh mi around! Always the same quality and taste every time. Never disappointed, although I have different preferences in..."
Jimmy Nguyen
"Very filling rolls value for money, I mostly eat the rolls straight away but if I don't the roll still remains crispy unlike other bakeries which..."
Nancypants Fancydance
"We came to try the pork ham and BBQ pork banh mi. Both were quite tasty, had nice filings, a crispy bread top and we would come back for them. We..."
Bun's Food Diaries
"Can't complain about my pretty good $5 banh. The roll was so perfectly crispy and generious with the fillings. It was hard to eat as per usual but..."
Nay Nay
"I've tried many bahn mis in Melbourne but I always fins myself going back to Bun Bun Bakery for this little gem. Not only are they generous with the..."
Corgi The Foodie
"Had heard and read some really good things about their Bánh mi rolls so decided to give it a go. Supposedly they serve one of the best Bánh mi..."
"Honestly such a staple family place when we are on the run... bread is fresh and it's so healthy and cheap! highly recommend BBQ pork - best bánh..."
"Each bun is $5. 30% More expensive than some of its competitors. I ordered their pork belly special. Definitely the sauce makes the bun..."
Love Food
"had the roast pork roll and the chicken kebab roll coz they had run out of pretty much everything else.... the roast pork roll was sublime... the..."
Arosha Fernando
"One of the best value meals out there - tasty, cheap and healthy!The roll was super soft and they gave you plenty of meat inside. Veggies..."
"Roll was really crispy and tasty, but I'm not sure if it is worth the premium to its competitors. I can see why people love this place but personally..."
"As a regular banh mi eater, I've tried many weird and wonderful rolls across Melbourne. Having grew up in Springvale, I was excited to read that a..."
"Absolutely love this place . Always consistent taste and freshness like no other I have tried in Melbourne. Definitely my favorite choice and when I..."
"Best vietnamese rolls in my opinion. Pork rolls are amazing. Lemongrass chicken is good too. Nothing special about the springs rolls but nice snack..."
"Odd occasion I was working in Springvale and was told about these amazing pork rolls on Springvaleroad. Decided to give it a go for lunch and I..."
"Get the roast pork! The pork is good and I usually go for the classic but the roast pork is delicious. It's not too fatty and the meat is tender,..."
Carolyn Lee
"Bun Bun Bakery are a really good little Bakery in the heart of Springvale with honestly some of the best quality Banh MI around! There is always a..."
Chris Vesty
"Bun Bun Bakery - Roast Pork Banh Mi $6 🐖🥖🥕🥬🌶 You have no idea how much I missed their Banh Mi 🤤🤤🤤 I drove straight to..."
"I took my first bite of their Roast Pork BBQ Banh Mi and thought to myself "my life has hope" It was my first Banh Mi in Melbourne and what a great..."
Wee George
"Best banh mi place in Springvale and maybe all of Melbourne. Always delivers quality banh mis. I recommend the roast pork and roast chicken. Roast..."
Keven Luan
"I understand why it’s considered the best in town! Their bread is so fresh and nice, they have plenty of variety; and the butter and pate in any..."
Pauline Heng
"Enjoyed a beautiful roast pork roll. Satisfying goodness. Prices have gone up to $7 a roll. A bit of a jump from $6. But a good filling, tasty mix...."
"It was a Saturday morning when I came and got my bbq pork roll. The line seemed to be quite long, but the line moved actually quite fast as there are..."
Fabubuz Bubuz
Noi Lucky
89/100 (523 ratings)
Wheelchair Accessible
Table Service
Cheap Eats
"I live locally and every time I've visited, I've never been disappointed! Truly underrated and should deserve more credit! Absolutely delicious!..."
Sophia Mai
Poom Kran
"Beautiful food.. Lovely staff and..."
Dette Schembri
Kesor Real
"Travelled quite a long way to visit this place upon recommendation, especially for their ox tongue. The food was delicious. However, we made a..."
Vanessa Tam
"This is authentic Thai/Lao cuisine. I grew up eating Thai food (mum is Thai). I have tried many Thai/Lao restaurants since I moved to the Melbourne..."
Cat Goode
"My family and I really like this place and when we crave Thai/ Laos food this is always our first option. We often get a lot of dishes and share. We..."
Lily Tang
"Recommended dish - Kung Sai Nam Pla! I’ve been looking for this dish everywhere in Melbourne and the suburbs ever since I came here, since my..."
Vivi Vee
"We came into Noi Lucky as it was one of the first times I have ever seen a Laos restaurant in Melbourne and seeing they had Nam Khao on the menu (..."
"Why have I never been here before? This is a Thai and Laos Restaurant and for the first time in melbourne I was able to try Lao flavours with the..."
Nay Nay
"Everytime we're in Springvale we always eat Vietnamese food but we decided to try Thai food so i searched up thai food in Springvale on zomato and..."
"Had a really lovely dinner at Noi Lucky on a cold Saturday night. Delicious and punchy Thai flavours, at a reasonable price, and satisfying portions..."
"So happy to find this great Thai/Lao gem in Springvale. So fresh, perfectly-balanced flavours and good value for money as portion sizes are much more..."
Mummy+Me Eats
"I love the Thai food. Must get the ox tongue and pad Thai. Everything else on the menu is great too. Small business that feels authentic Thai..."
Laon Lgoung-Newin
"Order: Pad Thai. My favorite pad thai so far! Love the overall balance of taste and amount in the dish. With the extra pan grilled smell makes this a..."
Jimmy Nguyen
"Ducked in for a quick bite before our market shop. The staff were very friendly and patient with our rabble rouser kids. The Som Tam Boo Pla Ra (with..."
"This is our go to spot for flavoursome and authentic Lao/thai food. This small restaurant is family run and a hidden gem in Springvale. The..."
"Not bad laos food. Papaya salad was worth getting but the chicken feet salad was a miss for me. Grilled ox tongue was abit dry. Overall good...."
Anita Nguyen
"Points for: authenticity, value, taste, BYOThis Lao/Thai restaurant doesn't change their flavour to suit an Australian palate. They cook as..."
Flying Forward
"I love om So good best of the bestIt hard to find the shop cook like this but this is so goodThai e sarn Also papaya salad is..."
Tian-Li May
"Best place to eat in Springvale hands down! We come here once a fortnight it's always great. Service is a little slow and the food does take a little..."
Peter Laskovsky
"Instead of the usual haunts in Springvale, we thought it is about time we leave our comfort zone and try some place new. Noi Lucky was the lucky..."
"Have been to this place many times with my sister. It is one of go to restaurants in the area as it always leave us satisfied. I do have to admit..."
"After living in Thailand for 3 years its hard ti find good Thai food cooked by real Thai people. As a Lao / Thai mix here I have to say it's the best..."
"I love coming here for Som Tom. They provide closest ranges of Som Tom as in Thailand.Recommend Thai/Laos dishes. Not sure about Thai dishes as..."
"A little Laos/Thai restaurant hidden in Springvale that requires booking in advance to avoid disappointment. The menu is limited as it serves only..."
Michael James Duong
"Soooo hard to find this place! Hidden little gem. Only 3.5 because food takes foreverrrrrr and menu is very limited. Pork belly was very dry...."
Jennifer Lay
"Great food....extremly slow service.What a shame!If the owner could leave the kitchen to check the front she will learn a valuable..."
"One of the better Thai places I've had in a long while. Most recent Thai outings have either been too sweet or accompanying condiments were too tough..."
"Never disappoints. This is all time favourite Laos dishes! Ox tongue, sashimi prawn and crispy rice salad are to die for! Just order plain steamed..."
"This is a small restaurant hidden in Springvale. The food here is pretty good but usually need to wait a while before the food is out. Give it a try..."
"Had wanted to investigate Noi Lucky for some time already, but was a little hesitant given the restaurant is rarely full of patrons. Decided to try..."
Nathaniel Stockley
"I've been here many times and I'll be back many times more. This Lao restaurant has the most authentic Lao food you can find in Melbourne (with the..."
"Great authentic thai / laos cuisine. My wife and I have been here four times now and bought takeaway another three times. The quality of food does..."
"Spot on. Food is better than anything I've had on the six occasions in Thailand. Totally..."
"Lunch with friends. 4 of us went for lunch great food and service.entrée and mains all tasted good no complaints plenty of authentic Thai..."
"Hennyburger. My partner and I love this little restaurant and go there frequently. We try to be daring and try new things but always get the Green..."
"Amazing om, try the om delicious food, very clean and very friendly..."
Courtney Anthonisz
"Great food and hospitality. Love the exotic flavours, especially the dill, lemongrass and galangal On stew, best if you want your head blown off by..."
Alpha Lau
"Amazing. This place is very authentic. we had the om lao stew with beef, eggplant and dill and a lao sesame and bamboo shoot salad with sticky rice...."
Paul Doughnut
"I Should Be So Lucky. Have wanted to try Noi Lucky for some time already, but was a little hesitant given the restaurant is rarely full of..."
Nathaniel Stockley
"Great Som Tam! (payaya salad) My friends and I always come to this restaurant regularly. We are Thai and we really love this cosy place with Thai and..."
"Its a hidden little corner restaurant near walrus. i wasnt expecting much from this place and I had take away, I enjoyed it. I ordered green curry..."
"Noi lucky is an amazing restraunt i have been to bearly every restraunt around springvale and for sure i would have to recommend noi..."
Kane Malone
"Lovely authentic Thai food. Got all the kick you could desire. A quaint little restaurant that is clean and takes pride in its food..."
Rainer Runge
"Aarrooyyyy Maak We have been to our regular recommended restaurant for Thai food but we always wanted to try Noi Lucky and we were over the moon..."
Sam W
"one of the best Laotian/Thai restaurants in Melbourne with a wide variety of dishes. personal favourites include the pork neck, the ox tongue and I..."
Tony T
"This has become our Friday night routine. And every time we come here they always bring us some the best Laotian and Thai food. We love the Tom Saab,..."
Va Suria
"As far as a Cheap Eats restaurants go this one is very good. If your after table cloths and silver service this is not for you. Top food ,good..."
Chris. Anderson
"Amazing Thai and Lao food. Flavour was spot on. Very reasonable prices. Will return..."
Steffany Trang
"Having gone to Laos mid year and just returning from Chiang Rai and Cambodia, I was craving a bit of Lao and Thai food. I googled Lao restaurants and..."
Kiet Kind
New Taste Tea
88/100 (173 ratings)
"Best fruit tea I have ever tasted outside China. Lots of fruit pulps, not overly..."
Mu Gao
"I ordered a grapefruit green tea with no sugar. The drink had lots of grapefruit pulp and some fruit slices. The flavour of green tea was aromatic..."
"There is a milk tea shop every 10 metres you walk in Springvale but this place is the best. The serving is big, you can share a cup with someone or..."
Gianni Versace
"Friendly service and clean shop. The watermelon cheese tea tasted so fresh and very reasonably priced..."
"It sometimes feels like every other store in Springvale is a bubble tea shop! New tea has been around for awhile but I only made it here recently...."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"This place stands out from the other tea places at Springvale. The interior is very minimalistic a lot like the tea shops in CBD. I got the crème..."
Lily Tang
"The creme brulee milk tea is the best. The milk tea tastes like tea and they actually blowtorch the sugar to get the crunchy sugar top. The pearls..."
"4.5 New Tea is definitely one of the prettiest bubble tea store making beautiful drinks. The staff was really nice and friendly. I tried a..."
"I got their creme brulee milk tea/ was super good and the pearls were nice and chewy. The cup however is quite small compared to other joints and..."
S Zinger
"This place caught our eye for its minimalist and very clean look! The menu wasnt overwhelming and there were a good variety of hot/cold,..."
"New Tea is one of my new favourite bubble tea joints! I decided to try one of there cheese foam varieties and let me tell you, I’ve been craving it..."
Angela Eats
"Best matcha cheese I have had. Matcha was thick and creamy. The only down side was the portion was very small (a lot of ice cubes).For more..."
"The inside of this place is so nice and simple. As for the tea, I got the creme brûlée brown sugar milk tea (with pearls). It was a lot..."
"Creme Brûlée milk tea is awesome. The warm black sugar pearl at the bottom is so soft and chewy. The overall balance is great! I wish there is a..."
"Love the original milk tea with amber pearls. Pearls are very chewy and you can definitely taste the tea in the milk tea but not just the milk. It..."
Melissa C
"Tried 3 drinks here - Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea, Cheese Lychee and Cheese Peach. My favourite was Cheese Lychee! I've seen it with my own eyes,..."
"New tea is a fairly new addition to Springvale bringing the finest bubble tea to the south east, such a popular and thriving place can see why. The..."
Savvy And Lifestyle
"Came here Saturday night and it was rather quiet, no queue at all. The girl who served me was smiley and service was good. I got the cheese black tea..."
Bun's Food Diaries
"I am always up for trying bubble cups. Came across this place in Springvale. Not as busy as others. Great service and Great Bubble cup. The tea was..."
Nay Nay
"4.5 Holy moly! Came here to try the new creme brûlée tea and it was amazing !!! Love the brown sugar with the milk tea and pearls , the creme..."
"Was in Springvale for dinner and decided to get some bubble tea for dessert. As we were queuing at Sharetime (hubby wanted Bubble tea from..."
"Creme Brulee milk tea is so good! Definitely something different and its not too sweet. Feels like a drink and dessert in one. Service is good,..."
"The creme brulee milk tea is so delicious! The fact that they actually brulee the sugar in top is awesome. It's creamy, the pearls are soft and chewy..."
"A milk tea shop newly opened in Springvale. Loved their decoration as I walk in. Simple yet elegant. I’ve ordered a classic Matcha pearl milk tea..."
Julie Yu
"Ordered:- Creme Brulee Brown Sugar Milk Tea with pearls (Sweetness can't be adjusted)- Grapefruit Green Tea (Less sweet)Enjoyed..."
"Gorgeous store ❤️ love the simple design, the tea is on a different level, at first glance it’s just another generic bubble cup shop. The menu..."
Albion Pucciarelli
"I thoroughly enjoyed my cup of brown sugar brulee pearl! It had the right level of sweetness, & the pearls were soft & chewy (definitely what I look..."
"Went to Springvale and found this newly opened milk tea shop. Staff very friendly and ordered onlong milk tea, nice flavour and healthy drink as..."
"On an occasion, I made my travel to Springvale, stopped by New Tea, its eye catching clean, neat sleek interior and logo design had my attention...."
Em Zho
"Newest milk tea place in Springvale bringing a simple and modern design into the area. Their tea is so rich in flavour tried the brown sugar milk tea..."
Hayden Kwok
"Sooner or later one of these bubble tea places is going to have their bubbles burst (hopefully the housing market), Springvale is just oversaturated..."
"So I thought I try out this new place. It has a lot of cheese foam style bubble tea. I was recommended the soy cream milk tea with bean curd jelly...."
Peter Nguyen
"Interesting bubble tea shop. The drinks are very good quality but they are a bit pricey $7 -$8 for a cup filled a large proportion of ice is a bit..."
Jason T
"Hands down the best bubble tea/ fruit tea place in Melbourne. Worth the drive to Springvale for..."
"absolutely vibrantly fresh fruit concoctions! i got the mango cheese with pamelo and this was bursting with real mango! and the accompaniment of the..."
Toki Nguyen
"On a 35° day a cold kiwifruit tea is perfect to cool down. Clean shop + friendly staff = will be back again. Real tea taste and not overwhelmingly ..."
"Very nice bubble tea and all other drinks, not a fan of bubble teas but they made me have it every..."
Ammy Sachdeva
"So far my fav is creme brulee and Oreo matcha. Well, its a bubble tea, but this is the only place who makes me come back for more, i dont even know..."
Tevian Deasy
"Great tea and really nice decor, recommend any of the peach teas I love how they use real fruit in there teas everything taste really fresh and..."
Trevor Lay
My Cambodia
88/100 (674 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Fried rice
Sit down
Table Service
Cheap Eats
"The meat is always tender and serving generous. Great for kids my 8 year old says she can eat all day every day...."
Doug Ans Stella Mcphee
"MY CAMBODIAN is a 4 1/2 star shop front casual restaurant which serves up a mixture of food from Cambodia, Thai and Vietnam.The service is..."
Donna Braden
"loved the Phnom Penh noodles. Will be back to try other dishes. Service was acceptable during off peak hours.Should not be mopping the floor..."
"Amazing food and service! We had the Cambodian noodle and Vietnamese pancake, portions were very fulfilling and tastes authentic too. Can’t wait to..."
"Points For: authenticity, valueThe Phnom Penh Noodle soup is pork and shrimp based, and you can have it with soup or dry. I haven't..."
Flying Forward
"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and pricing of the food here. It was a busy Sunday morning when I visited My Cambodia. Service was warm and..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"We came here to eat as we have always walked past but never gone insideThe place was packed and I was excited ! I was really sad that I was..."
"My Cambodia’s menu has a little bit of Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai influence. This ticks all the boxes of “let’s have something..."
"It was risky choosing to go here as a vegetarian. But I haven't eaten much Cambodian food and felt I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try some in..."
Quince And Cheese
"My Cambodia looked busy from the outside so we thought why not check it out. Heaps of options of food! A really good menu. The food delivered was..."
Nay Nay
"Excellent restaurant with a great variety of foods.Very busy compared to those around it so it would be hard to miss.Found the dice beef on..."
"My Cambodia is definitely my favourite place to eat. The Tom yum seafood noodles is my comfort food at all time. Love the taste and everything..."
Yinhan Lin
"You can get a mixture of Cambodian, Vietnamese and Thai dishes here but is the only real Cambodian presence in Springvale. We visited here when the..."
"Authentic food, service is average but who seriously cares when food is cheap, fresh and amazing. Best Asian restaurant in springvale. I would highly..."
"5 stars. Say no more. Drove from the western suburbs to go get some authentic Cambo fix!! Huge servings, great price. Even took away 4 meals...."
"Had the broken rice dish here and was very pleasantly surprised! Flavours were very nice and at $10, could not complain one bit! Will definately come..."
Marcus Cheung
"Super cheap average ($10) each plate. Full sized, hearty meals, four types of cuisines (Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian) but I only tried the..."
"Entered this quaint little joint for lunch. We ordered broken rice, special fried rice and a coconut shake. The pork in the broken rice was crispy..."
Mad Dawg
"AMAZING FOOD!! Excellent service, was so accommodating !! Reminds me of my mums cooking which is EXTREMELY hard to beat!! I will definitely come..."
Hawi Legamo
"This place is awesome! The serving sizes are huge and delicious. Following the waiters recommendation I Ordered number 1 with dry noodles rather than..."
"LIT!: the customer service was prompt! I had the tender beef on rice and the phen noodles dry. Both dishes had big portion sizes and were very tasty...."
"Not the best Phnom Penh Noodle Soup we tried but probably the best in Melbourne.We were recommended to try this popular Cambodian dish here..."
Luke And Hannah
"Craving for Khmer Authentic food ? This place will be the best choice for u. I come here at least twice a month. The meat portion of every dishes is..."
Zeline Sou
"Great service, fast + delicious food!! Have gone here multiple times and loved it every time. Portion sizes were good and flavours on point. Would..."
"This place offer cambodia, thai, and viet dishes. Interesting. Tried the dry noodle. It was good however the noodle is abit soft for me. I prefer a..."
"Only come everyweek for the same thing. The dry noodle (no. 1 in the menu). Its the best noodle in Melbourne. Bought the noodle few time"
Susanna Tjoa
"Returned here after a long absence. The cuisine served up here has similarities to both Thai and Vietnamese food, but still seems to have it's own..."
Jimmy Chew Food
"Really like the chicken spare ribs, beef cubes (very tender) and papaya salad. I like that cut oranges are sometimes provided to you at the end of..."
"Sooo many different flavours!! Menu is huge. There is Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian food. We had pippies with tamarind sauce - was nice but..."
Jennifer Lay
"I have always loved this place for their cambodian beef noodle soup, it's definitely my go to dish whenever Im here. A tasty alternative to normal..."
Anh Nguyen
"Food great, fresh and portion good size. Staff friendly when asked for multiple things... Very authentic flavours... Keep me coming back......"
"Tried this chinese cambodian food, it's basically like chinese food. The spicy chicken ribs, beef and tofu are my faves. Better to book first before..."
"Best place in Springy! Multiple visits down and the food is still consistently great, standard order of fish noodle soup never disappoints and the..."
"I've been to My Cambodia several times and it is consistent every time. They serve one of the best fish noodles around. My go-to place whenever I'm..."
Thaddeus Ong
"You would usually come to Springvale for Vietnamese food.... But i now just go to Springvale for this dish- TOM YUM NOODLE SOUP WITH BEEF A 5 STAR!..."
Suburb Review
"I was surprised that the restaurant takes booking, and thoroughly recommend making a reservation. We arrived a little early and it was already packed..."
Tay Tee
"My first try at Cambodian food and we weren't disappointed. Tender beefs were tasty and cooked perfectly. Staff is also lovely. Price reasonable...."
Jen Cross
"Tried the banh xeo and brokenrice. The ban xeo is delicious and the has just the right amount crispiness and filling. Brokenrice was lacking the..."
"The World Loves Melbourne was honoured to be invited on a media tour of Springvale with celebrity chef and media identity Elizabeth Chong. It was if..."
The World Loves Melbourne
"I like going to My Cambodia. When me and one of my friends go to eat in Spingvale we always talk about going somewhere else but we end up at My..."
Sarah Loves Food
"Food was good but not special, look like home cooked meal which was good.I cant really tell the difference between cambodian and vietnamese food..."
"I know it's a little thing but the complimentary tea is a really nice effort. It's not so much the cost but the extra care. Food is also good and the..."
"Had Red rice with fried pork . & soup was very nice Yellow pork pancake very crispy n yummyRed rice is always freshly made !..."
Meng Ngo
"I really can't rate this place high enough. I've been coming here with my wife for a few years now and I usually have the Tom Yum Noodle soup and..."
"My friend and I decided to dine locally as neither of us were really in the mood to travel far. Compared to its surrounding competitors, My Cambodia..."
Minh Thuy Le
"I felt like during my last visit to My Cambodia in Springvale we didn’t have much of an opportunity to try out many of their dishes so we went back..."
Typical Food Blog
"Great food great prices. I love this restraunt such great customer service and they are quick and is best to dine in as you get a..."
Yasmin-garcelle Nikoro
"Great food and fast service, had 6 of us there for lunch with 6 dishes to share and drinks - the bill came to $80 totalWe'll be back! No eftpos-..."
Deakins Mama
"Wong tong soup was yummy.. Service good, and good..."
"Great food great prices. Authentic food great service and friendly staff, with prices that don't break the bank.The tom yum soup is a must..."
"My favourite restaurant of all time.. I cannot describe how happy and grateful I am that this restaurant exists. Now that I no longer live with my..."
"I can't speak for what good Cambodian food should be, but the five spice soup sure is..."
"Good food however the customer service is below average, but for a great meal with a low price this place is great. Been here many times and food is..."
"Penh Friend. In spite of the name, My Cambodia features a menu encompassing not only Khmer but also Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. I’m often..."
Nathaniel Stockley
"Small little eatery..... but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in flavours. Baramundi in ginger was divine. .... papaya salad was..."
"Amazing food, frequent almost on a weekly basis... Even went 5 times one in the one weekend. So much variety and they are all good! Highlights..."
Allan Lim
"What can I say. Delicious food. Great service. Reasonable prices. The fried chicken is to die for. Don't even start me on the calamari. A must...."
"Amazing restaurant, large variety, always fresh and delicious, here at least once a..."
"Awesome, just very good food for reasonable price. Also people working there very nice and..."
"I take my friends here every chance I get. Highly recommend the beef salad, the paw paw salad, lemon grass & pork soup & barramundi with green mango...."
"My Asian. Having just spent time in Phnom Penh, I wanted to try the Amok Fish Curry which is probably Cambodia's best known national dish. However,..."
"Great lunch. Generous serves and very reasonable prices. My Cambodia has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and tasty food. We had three dishes BBQ Pork;..."
"Great Authentic Asian Food. The restaurant is clean, staff are very friendly, and the food is authentic and excellent. Owner Karl is a great guy who..."
Gwen Finnigan
"Nothing but the hits.. We've sampled a lot of My Cambodia's menu since it's been our weekly local since the old days trading down the road. Every..."
"Top quality food. We had relished the food we ate when we visited Cambodia earlier this year. This was a great opportunity to remind us of some of..."
David Schulberg
"My favourite place in Springvale/Melbourne. Great food, friendly service and very affordable. What more can you ask for?Have been there 3 times..."
Jay Kay
"Nice food, friendly..."
"Service can be abit slow and food can take abit long to come out but the food are worth it. Fresh, delicious and generous. I absolutely love the beef..."
"Amazing food, outstanding decor and facilities, great customer service, rapid delivery or food... Authentic taste of..."
"The rice noodles soup here is so authentic and beautiful. Not a fancy restaurant but food is amazing with cheap price too. Highly..."
Min Min
"Not a fancy restaurant Ordered #1 and #4, amazing! Also tried the bitter salad, it turned out to be quite refreshing, but really..."
K Jo
"Phnom Penh noodles are good and authentic as expected, and at just $12 per bowl - it represents great value compared to Pho which is slowly..."
Malcolm Peou
"Great food, never been to Cambodian but you can feel it..."
DI LUO (我在土澳做面包)
"My friend Intro me to this place. his Cambodian Chinese and told me this place makes one of the best Broken rice dish in springvale. I also love to..."
Ev MotorSports
"The Cambodian noodle really tastes like Penang koay teow teng. Price is very..."
Jantzen Chee
"This is a gem. The food variety and taste is really authentic and of good quality. And at very reasonable prices too. We are regular here thus the..."
Dan S
"I went there with my family, trying out different Asian foods and found this little hidden gem. The people are great and food are authentic and..."
Aston Song
Golden Chopstix
88/100 (805 ratings)
"Very friendly staff, excellent host and even better food. Host was particularly helpful when it came to accomodating my gluten-free, dairy-free diet...."
Taylor Fong
"Uplifts the exceptionally high standards of the area with the intriguing coalescence of cuisines on the menu. Definitely got my monies worth. Great..."
Wan Ji Loo
"Food was delicious and very reasonable pricing. Loved it and definitely going there again to try other dishes on the menu. Duck was succulent and..."
Joshia Steg
"Ate here and it turned my world upside down. What I previously knew to be delicious I now consider bland and boring. All because of the new explosive..."
Everett Tran
"Tasty food, fast service, friendly staff and very affordable food highly recommended..."
John 'Jaydee' Do
"I have been there twice in the last week, it’s just that good, their duck and bbq pork..."
James Fulton
"Nice clean and great service. Delicious food. I ordered the lemongrass chicken. Nice flavours. We will be regulars here from now..."
Jacqueline Nguyen
"Ordered the 2 pork (char siu & crispy pork) with rice and my partner got the spare ribs and rice. The pork was flavourful and had a nice crunch. The..."
S Zinger
"One of my friends and I's favourite places to go for delicious tasting home-cooked meals.Honestly, so far every item we've ordered has been..."
"Definitely the best roast duck and roast pork in springvale. The staff there were really nice. My partner had the charsiu as well apparently its out..."
Dr Lin
"Delicious food and amazing service! My partner and I have been coming here since they opened and will always return. The team here are all customer..."
Sara Mao Chhooy
"One of the best restaurants in all of Springvale. Amazing fresh food. Roast pork and duck and also the chicken is all so delicious and is full of..."
Melbourne Food Spotter
"Love this family operated business. Customer service was amazing and so was the food. We came in last minute, 30 minutes before closing time and they..."
Tee Dinh
"We entered the restaurant in late Sunday lunch and it wasn't that busy, and was offered seat with a warm smile and menu was offeedo straight up..."
"Golden chopstix is a Chinese restaurant initially established in springvale and it has got really good reputation around that area and the prawn..."
Foodiee 27
"What a great place offering some well cooked meat including pork and duck 👌 Tastes fresh and delicious. Well priced this dish was great value for..."
Nay Nay
"I have always come here for takeaway meats since its opening, however decided to dine in for lunch. The crispy pork is always a winner when you have..."
Mad Dawg
"Ordered two roast with rice which was roasted duck and BBQ pork and also ordered the pipis in XO sauce. The roast duck was delicious, would have..."
"Friendly staff great food. Salt and pepper chicken ribs were the bomb, roast pork was salty , moist with a crunchy crackle to die for. We will be..."
Craig Barden
"Was looking for golden chopsticks but they were no where in sight. Rather we were presented with red... But that's okay, food here tasted like gold..."
Michelle Tran
"This place does not disappoint. I have eaten here a couple of times whilst in Springvale and everything on the menu is just as perfect as you can..."
Hung Pham
"Thanks for the meal!Ordered honey chicken and 3 x roast with dry noodles.I felt that the honey chicken could have a been more..."
Vicnifer's Food Reviews
"Needed to get a whole roast duck for dinner tonight. We decided to try Golden Chopstix (part 6 of 7 of our Springvale blitz). The roast duck was very..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"Newly setup restaurant nearSpringvale SC, We usually stick to the same one in town. Decided to check out this New one Just for a change. Ordered 3..."
"This is my new go to place in springvale, service is great! Staff are polite and friendly, food is good quality and great value. I would recommend..."
"4.5A clean, vietnamese/chinese restaurant with spacious tables and woodern tables.Ordered the grilled pork and springroll with..."
"This recently opened little restaurant serves top quality beautiful food. Friendly and caring front of house staff make the experience even more..."
James Taylor
"Out of the abundance of roast pork that my boyfriend has eaten all over Melbourne, Golden Chopstix roast pork is “definitely up there” he even..."
Custard Queen
"Was wondering around Springvale and randomly chose to dine here as the place looked new and very inviting. It certainly didn’t disappoint!! Had the..."
Steph Phung
"My family had a terrific lunch at Golden Chopstix (Springvale) with good food and wonderful service. Personnel were very well trained, accommodating..."
"Been here twice now, both times having their noodle soups. Bun Mam was a little sweet for me but the BBH was so flavoursome! Might not be spicy..."
Ying Lim
"Definitely check it out! The service was speedy and within a couple minutes all our food arrived! Reasonably priced and portions are big. To top it..."
"Very friendly staff, excellent host and even better food. Host was particularly helpful when it came to accomodating my gluten-free, dairy-free diet...."
Taylor Fong
"Came here last night after reading the positive reviews on Zomato. We got roast duck and pork with dry noodles and the seafood crispy noodles. Both..."
"I've been a couple of times to get take away roast meats good portions & price, the staff are very friendly and for once in Springvale you get..."
Nancypants Fancydance
"New Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale seems to be an instant hit with the locals. Believe me, it's hard to get a full house for a new..."
"My partner’s family have been coming here since the grand opening so i had been anticipating to try this place out. Not your average Chinese dine..."
Camy Bamy
"** follow up**Wow! What an improvement. Menus are simplified and are much easier to follow. Overall, We had group of 4 and were very well fed..."
Jason Lay
"Great addition to Springvale for lunch or dinner.A place where service actually matters to staff (as simple as a smile and plates placed..."
"Great service,easy to read menu that has plenty of choice without overwhelming your experience ,great food well sized portions, will be back for sure..."
Trevor Gundy
"Went there last night for dinner. The food was better than fantastic, the service was excellent and the prices are very reasonable. I can't recommend..."
Christopher Hall
"Food was awesome, we had the BBQ pork, Duck and Pho. One of the best Pho if not THE BEST Pho in Melbourne great taste, large quantity,..."
James Fulton
87/100 (555 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
"Mình mới ghé qua shop này ở Springvale và order nước xong. Các bạn ở đây cực kỳ friendly và nhiệt tình với khách. Mình..."
Vu Tuan
"Great service and drinks every time! Definitely recommend Sharetea Springvale to all lovers of Milk Tea..."
Lucas Law
"Excellent customer service, friendly staff and delicious ice..."
Sida Ny
"The most bublicious tea in town! ��� Loving..."
Vathana Poev
"The merry mojitos selection was perfect for summer! Light and fresh!We loved the flavours!It is a little too sweet for my taste though so..."
"I got the 3 bros tea which was milk tea with pudding, herbal jelly (for health of course) and pearls. I got less sugar and it still tastes really..."
Alicia Antony
"Had mango milk tea, the tea was good, unlike some places where they use powder that taste artificial. If you use liven you get a little of the cost..."
"I love grapefruit green tea with pearls very nice .staff very nice high recommend for the fruits tea that so nice and delicious I love so much..."
"This Sharetea consistently delivers; it is generous with toppings and the service is efficient and friendly. I prefer this one over the ones in the..."
Buy All The Fries!
"Bubble tea cravings met after driving here. Quick service balance of the drinks perfect. Place always has a line so needed to be checked out. Nice..."
Nay Nay
"Thanks for the tea!Go to place for me for bubble tea as I find it the most natural tasting with unsweetened pearls. Will continue to update..."
Vicnifer's Food Reviews
"Whilst a lot of people still prefer Gong Cha, for some reason, I have never really been a fan. And here we have Sharetea and I think it's a great..."
Stephanie Yeoh
"Sharetea has a fantastic loyalty card which allows you to either upsize your drink or to have any free topping of your choice. The cost of the card..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"Ordered a large taro milk tea with pearls, less ice and less sugar for the first time since Sharetea opened in Springvale. The pearls were perfectly..."
Big Belly Full
"Good teas, fast service and open late. I like their assam milk tea with mini pearls and Okinawa milk tea. They are the only bubbletea place in..."
"With 4 other places nearby that sells bubble tea, there was strangely a never-ending queue at Sharetea. Curious to find out why, we joined the queue..."
Hello. Imnikki
"I love Sharetea Springvale. All their drinks are so delicious, I love their Taro Milk tea and Okinawa Milk Tea and for the fruit tea I love Kiwi..."
Louise Chan
"My new favorite pearl milk tea outlet. Not only is the milk tea cheaper than its competitors, it is just delicious, nice and subtle. Service is more..."
"Newly opened milk tea franchise in Springvale besides happy cup. Lively music and colourful interior. Milk teas are wellmade and the sweetness is..."
"Another popular export from Taiwan it has their own little following, well known for their fruity flavours. I went to their opening where they had a..."
"I give a four stars. Wish they had sockets (power point) so that I can order and drink here while working with my laptop 💻 Because they Sharetea..."
Alex King
"Really nice, very Asian style drinks but LOVED the Thai Tea, great on a cold night. Staff were very friendly and services was fast. Would have given..."
Steve King
"I order through ubereats and it looks exactly like the picture! It taste great and the pearls were cooked to perfection. Definitely what I needed..."
Heather Smith
"Love their mini pearl topping! Sharetea is the only bubble tea shop selling mini pearl in..."
apple jiang
Haysung Korean Bbq
87/100 (730 ratings)
Wheelchair Accessible
Table Service
"Great food, Hayden is a great host. Never had a bad meal here. Couldn’t recommend it..."
Petra Barker
"Really good place to eat. The food is awesome, the staff very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to go back there! In my opinion, the best Korean..."
Gabriela Omura
"I've been going here for weeks and let me say, I have not been disappointed once. One of the best places to eat in Springvale. I only gave 5 stars..."
Christopher Heidenreich
"My first time having Korean BBQ and I loved it. The ladies were so friendly, helpful & easy-going, and were amazing with my toddler, which ultimately..."
Tash Marsden
"Perfect as always, this place never disappoints, great service, tasty food and friendly..."
Troy Hill
"Had a wonderful evening at Haysung Korean BBQ. Quality food and quality service. I have a feeling you (A&S) might eventually need to expand your..."
Mark M Wong
"Great food great experience our new fav Korean bbq..."
Marty Mallett
"Everytime we stop at springvale we always fill our bellies up with their best spicy korean pork!! Have never been..."
Kongki Tchia
"Came for lunch with my family, super attentive and friendly service. Constant refills of sides and we were never left hungry! Food was amazing, we'll..."
Brianna McDermott
"Food was very tasty and fresh, can't wait to go back again 😜😜the staff were also very friendly.......loved the whole experience..."
Sophie Boucher-Buchanan
"Food was nice & tasty, service was excellent with affordable price. I will definitely come back. Love Korean..."
Wina Sumantra
"Very good food and quick service! Very happy, I'll come back when I'm in Springvale..."
Dan Missen
"Definitely going back, super service, super food and the kids had a blast cooking their own..."
Brad Allatt
"Great food, attentive staff. Prompt service and nice..."
Andrew Hall
"loved the fresh healthy food great service nice cosy..."
Anna Alessi
"Food was good and service was excellent fast. Thumbs..."
E Vie Tend
"Very friendly service, good selection of food, very clean, nice atmosphere, it's BYO as well..."
Joe Frenkel
"Great pricing and service. Very comfortable and great..."
Phuong VU Nguyen
"Good value takeaway. My beef bento box was filling and delicious. Good variety of foods included and they gave extra free kimchi!..."
"We ordered takeaway via uber eats . Very impressive the food was so crispy and tasty.Beef bulgogi bimbibap - the bulgogi is sweet and well..."
"The family BBQ combo meal is to die for. Service and staff are really nice, well-mannered. The kimchi soup and seafood pancake was very yummy too!..."
Ashley Benson
"Friendly staff, quite accommodating. I would recommend their beef and mushroom hot pot...."
"Good service, kimchi soup had a bit too much kimchi, but nonetheless would love to come back soon! The only downside is that you have to pay 1.5%..."
"I usually get their Pork Kimchi Stew here and while not the best, it only costs $12 if you get rice to go with it. They also provide extra kimchi and..."
Conan Phung
"Great little new kbbq place in Springvale, decent prices, good service, nice ambience and great food - it's always hard to go wrong with kbbq. We got..."
"I have had many Korean bbq restaurant outings and this place is my fav. Great food and the meat platters are a good size for the price you pay. It..."
Tanya Roberts
"Love the BBQ combo. It came with soup, dumplings and bowls of rice. The vibe also very warm and welcoming. Staff are willing to explain and help us..."
Chalitsuda Ng
"Lovely place for family gathering. Food & service is decent. Prices is very cheap comparing to other korean bbq restaurants that we have been. Will..."
Kong Phaithunsawat
"This is a kbbq place close to home and easy to get. The prices for kbbq is realllyyy good for what you get and the kimchi is reallyyyy nice. The..."
Lily Tang
"A nice experience. My family came here for Mothers Day and we had the Family Combo.The restaurant was extremely busy, and the staff served us..."
Street Cred
"It is a very good opportunity to visit Springvale Area knowing that there are more than just noodles and what not.Thank you for being here..."
"Had some bbq here in Springvale and it tasted really nice. Thought the soondubu jigae a tiny bit bland but it solved everything with a tiny bit of..."
"Very good quality and good serive. Very friendly served. I will must visit again.I ordered some soup and BBQ set. Good tastes and quality beef..."
Tony K
"Meat is well marinated and produce is fresh - you’d hope so as the market is literally outside the door! Japchae was a good add-on to the family..."
Milla Vanilla
"Service was great!! Meat was so fresh and delicious. Hidden gem in Springvale! Food was great!! Portion sizes huge. Got the bbq set and was more than..."
Dolly The Explorer
"About as good as KBBQ gets - outside of Korea and for this kind of price.Sure, the meat is incomparable to A5 Wagyu but if that's what you're..."
William Nguyen
"I love kimchi fired rice here, it comes with actual pork meat, not spams like other restaurants and side dishes too. Tteokbokki also good with full..."
Lucy Eats
"Food: 🌟🌟🌟🌟We ordered the soondubu jjigae and octopus bimbimbap for lunch and what a pleasant surprise this was. The stew was..."
The Hunger Trail
"A few things have changed since I've last been here. They now have card facilities, alcohol and extended the menu.Service is always..."
"We had a fantastic double birthday celebration at Haysung.We booked through the Zomato app and got fast confirmation. When our Uber..."
"Got the Marinated combo. Plenty of food for two. Delicious and so many ways to enjoy the meat. The Marinated Spare Ribs was marbled to perfection...."
Sedated Saint
"Had been here once before for brunch and really enjoyed it.  Decided to celebrate hubby's bday with dinner here this time.  1.5+ hour wait but..."
Nathan Davis
"Come here often with friends. Never actually go for the KBBQ which is way overpriced for the portions. So we usually just opt for the lunch..."
"Good Korean barbecue for a reasonable price. Staff are Korean and cook the meat for you. Free refills of kimchi, lettuce and other side..."
"Love this place. Service was great, it is well priced, local and the food was very nice. We had the Spicy BBQ set for 3 and a special drinks set of 2..."
Steven Solly
"Nice Korean meals. Great services and food. The food I had was the baby octopus. The sides dish also nice. I will return again next time to try..."
"Food was fantastic. Meat was served fresh with sides of Kimchi & vegetables. Bibimbap bowls were superb despite not being served in traditional..."
"Finally a decent Korean BBQ place has opened up in Springvale. I like getting the Kim Chi soup here which is $10 and the Kim Chi pancake is pretty..."
World Eats Food
"A breath of fresh air for Springvale now offering Korean aswell. Really great looking place! Good service! Super fast service. Well presented and..."
Nay Nay
"Pleased by the atmosphere, service and food. Had the summer special - Mul neangmyun. It was lovely. Will definitely come back to give this place a..."
Ritu Makhija
"As I am vegetarian, I ordered a tofu bibimbab (come with miso soup) for Sunday lunch. It's very tasty, very Korean, very authentic, waitress are..."
FS Master
"Really enjoyed the tofu bibimbap 😍 never tasted tofu that was so amazing before and the tteokbokki was spicy but gooood !! Close to home and not..."
Tiffany Nguyen
"Nice atmosphere and nice deco, we got attracted by their 10 dollar lunch special and ended up ordering a bbq banquet for 2 . Price is fair compared..."
"[Menu available in blog post] As some local foodies may already be aware, I am pleased to announce that Springvale has welcomed into the community,..."
Minh Thuy Le
"First up - simply awesome to see someone opening up something other than (YET ANOTHER) Pho or Noodle restaurant (there's just far too many in..."
"Never miss this when we drive to Melbourne from Adelaide. Use to go here when Back since 2011 still very good quality and amazing staff. Don’t..."
Lanith Pieris
"As far as DIY bbq buffets go, Korean BBQ is up there with plentiful. Gourmet BBQ has a huge selection of meats and even octopus that you can cook to..."
Neil Graham
"A friend and I visited early last week and ordered the buffet. It is really good value for money with high quality ingredients served. Our server,..."
Aleks Djukic
"The staff are so enthusiastic and kind! They were so patient with me despite the confusion I gave them with reservations. And the meat is all so..."
Minh Ky 1 Restaurant
87/100 (1234 ratings)
Wheelchair Accessible
Table Service
"It's a great place with big servings. Very tasty items. Ordered 20 pieces Peking Duck, Roast pork and soy chicken with tomato rice and Beef noodles...."
Maria Regina Angeles Santos-Ocampo
"Food proportions are very generous here, and I find their food quality as also rather good. Their roast pork and duck are my favourite dishes at..."
"It was late and I stumbled upon this place. Service was lacking and non-attentive and ambiance is very casual; there was only one waiter managing the..."
"Lemongrass and chili beef  vermicelli noodle salad was sensational. Large portion, fresh veggies/mint and the beef was very tender. The home made..."
Christine Campbell
"Been eating here for a year now and definately best chinese food in the area. The roasts are top notch as well as the crispy noodles all very..."
Nick Feed
"Came  with a group for dinner. Food came out at different times but service was really friendly, and cheerful. Meals are quite big and very cheap...."
Stephanie Papazois
"One of the best places to have Vietnamese food. Family friendly and easy going. Good selection of dishes available here. Order from rice meat dishes..."
Robin Tay
"This is your typical Asian restaurant where the service and decor are less than average, but the great food keeps you coming back!  I love this..."
Miss Vanilla
"Consistently reliable good food, especially the fresh seafood where you actually see the workers fish it out of the tank for you. The roast duck and..."
Mich Elle
"I was a fan of  Rock Kung in Glen Waverly until now, Minh Ky is your typical Asian type of restaurant. It has all the pics of the food printed on..."
Dale Stewart (Noliwarts)
"Bowl of goodness. They do a special dish that I can only find here. A bowl of thick warm noodles with meatloaf, spring rolls, cucumber, fried..."
"Excellent. Hidden away from main roads, Minh Ky is a standout Asian restruant from a town full of them. Well, thats what happens if you are in a town..."
"Delicious food - yummy Peking duck! Great takeaway service too for all your duck and pork! We love this place. Child friendly and great..."
"Best BBQ Restaurant ever I had. Roast duck I had is best ever I had so far. The duck is very crispy and roast pork with crunchy skin is so yummy. I..."
"Good joint for duck and roast pork. However we always get some of the seafood particularly the snapper which some fresh vegetables...."
"Fabulous and interesting flavors and textures. Amazing duck. My only criticism is that the Vietnamese coleslaw was spiced for Western palates. I wish..."
Raisin Le Chat
"Like. Friendly service, good food, good prices, and just down the road! win win..."
"Great recommendation. Tried this place for the first time this week (it was a recommendation from a friend). I wanted somewhere in this area with..."
"Sensational roasting dishes with good service. I particularly like their chili oil, it's flavorsome. Try this place, you would not be..."
"Generous Servings For Reasonable Price. Mum and I went to check the place out after reading the positive reviews on Urbanspoon, and now I'd like to..."
Irene Hillier
"Nice relaxed atmosphere with friendly and attentive staff. We had the duck and pork belly...."
Cathy Lee
"The duck is to die for along with most of their dishes. Always pleasant & the beer is cold!! What more can you ask..."
Darren Lewis
"Went here tonite with parents who adore Asian style cooking. A fantastic nite had the spring rolls & prawn dumplings for entree Peking duck, garlic..."
Belinda Lewis
"I frequently come here for family gatherings and events such as mother's day and it never disappoints. I order their grilled pork with broken rice..."
"Had the BBQ pork on rice for lunch. Pork was not bad (i still prefer oriental roast round the corner) but I'll be returning here for the generous..."
Rebecca Lim
"Must try roast duck and roast pork!!. We lived just next door to this location and loved it. It is our lazy Friday night dining restaurant whenever..."
"Let me just say its extremely had to find good crispy noodels these day's, and since the best best crisp noodle joint 'Hop Ky' in Springvale closed..."
"Always fast friendly service. Everything we have eaten there has been fantastic. Our family..."
Danielle Rose
"Have been a regular of this place for years that the staff know our order and I havent left a review yet. The food and value for money is just..."
"Love the food and the service. I always take out of town guests here to see the staff chop the pork and duck. Very authentic Vietnamese food in well..."
Peter McQuinney
"Excellent food and service. Their QR code for the menu has a bit of a..."
Rey Lim
"The most delicious food and amazing service at this place! A hidden little gem in Springvale. Can’t wait to go again for another yummy..."
Olivia Mavros
Desserts By Night
87/100 (685 ratings)
"Finally a good desert place in Springvale. Very..."
Sochet Loeung
"I loved the Pina Colada dessert. It’s definitely my thing. Will continue to order this dessert for at least my next 19 visits...."
Mark Fleming
"amazing staff, and amazing desserts..."
Shannen Nishadi De Silva
"Great dessert with great service!! Will definitely be..."
Sreysithy Ros
"As we were craving something sweet post dinner, we decided to try this place and it certainly did live up to the hype. We ordered red velvet waffles..."
Aesha Kotadia
"We are locals and both my son and I are wondering why didn't we visit sooner! We were lucky to find seats because it filled up pretty quickly. Tried..."
The Merlion
"Not traditionally an area famous for desserts this place fills a real niche. Perfect to visit after some dinner and a good last stop for the..."
Noel Millen
"Not many places are dedicated to just serving desserts except for Desserts by Night. All menu items look delicious and it’s hard to narrow down..."
"This place is absolutely delightful!!! I’ve been here three times and I LOVE the fact that they sell such high quality desserts until midnight! I..."
"Perfection on a plate! 😍Their desserts are yum, their service is great. And the staff is very nice - cheerful and always smiling. I think..."
Ashley Benson
"The deserts are amazing, good portion sizes. The wait can be a bit annoying. Fast and friendly staff. Would have been better if they included a..."
Susan De Silva
"Fantastic local desserts place with a very modern and innovative take on desserts. I went with a simple but also quite decadent red velvet waffles..."
"After wanting to come to this place for months, we finally made it down to desserts by night and were so glad we did!We were just beyond..."
Tara & Christian
"A nice place to enjoy your dessert that is in the local vicinity. Opens pretty late, allowing the perfect place for a late night catch..."
Richard Tom
"the waffles here are sooo good, first time coming here was such a good decision. Loved the food and customer..."
Minh Phan
"We came to desserts by night the other day and was in love with all the innovative masterchef like desserts they offered. My favourite was the..."
"Yummy instagramable desserts, slow service and difficult to get a table.Recommend the red velvet waffle. The Vietnamese iced coffee is..."
"Desserts by night provides an extensive selection of sweet treats from decadent indulgent ones to light & fruity options! Every dish is presented..."
Maki Eats
"Good variety of desserts. love that these guys open till 12 midnight. lovely staff. clean nice place..."
Parul Aggarwal
"Saw this dessert place on Instagram and thought I must come visit! I mean it is very hard to find a decent dessert place in the suburb at such an..."
"Finally some fancy dessert place in Springy! I’m just really happy that I now have somewhere to go pho a dessert after pho 😝 I’m going to..."
Hangry Jules
"I have only been here once and had the pina colada but given how tasty it was I will definitely be back. The desserts are massive too (I shared with..."
"As someone who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth this place was great as the desserts weren’t too sweet. In addition, after eating the desserts..."
"What a SPOT! 😍 @dessertsbynightspringvale has to be by far one of my favourite dessert spots out at the moment! 👌🏽 classy quality desserts..."
Melbourne Food Wanderer
"Desserts by Night is located on Springvale Road in Springvale right near the station. Open from 12pm to 12am, it offered a range of gorgeous desserts..."
Chronicles Of Nardia
"Desserts By Night have brought the dessert scene to Springvale, and it’s definitely been an impressive new addition. They are quite well known for..."
"Desserts By Night - good enough to become the logo for all of Springvale! What an incredibly inventive dessert store, where everything is served with..."
Sana @ MissBurberryXO
"⭐️4.5 stars ⭐️ On a bustling Friday night we were lucky to get a table at Desserts by Night! The ambiance was pretty high with a..."
"Desserts by night, in the afternoon. Located in Springvale, an area with a strong Vietnamese and Chinese community - Desserts by..."
Tinmans Treats
"Desserts by Night is such a high quality dessert bar that it’s almost strange that it lives in Springvale, but I suppose the suburbs deserve good..."
Nini Foodie
"One of the best dessert spots in Melbourne! While Desserts by Night is not the cheapest, it is still great value when you take into consideration its..."
Honest Food Reviews
"Went yesterday night to try out desserts here. Loved it. Pricey but tasty. Tried the chef special and the mango pud. Yummm. The chef’s special came..."
"Desserts by Night is such a hidden gem for Springvale! The dessert bar lives up to its name, is open late and serves sweet treats worthy of..."
"Both desserts we had were wonderful. Creamy Crème Brûlée was just the right texture. The Coconut dessert was not overly sweet and a real delight..."
Nina Lichtenstein
"Amazing desserts, and affordable price. The staff are always friendly and waiting time is pretty decent. Most desserts, are amazing! Mango one was..."
"Really cute place and a nice change especially amongst the heap of asian restaurants in springvale. I like the variety and personally my favourite is..."
Lily Tang
"We were craving for desserts and decided to try Desserts by Night in Springdale - below was our experience!Strawberry Parfait Sphere -..."
Win - FSC
"This dessert cafe in Springvale is such a hidden gem! Been here a couple of times and honestly love every dish we had. They also make one of the best..."
"Staff member very quietly spoken but polite and helpful. Almost apologetic that dishes were not available however we did arrive not long after..."
Kelly Whitaker
"It was an empty arvo on that public holiday when I’ve tried this decent dessert place. The Piñata was cool and instagrammable but not only that-..."
"A spacious desserts den in the midst of all the Asian restaurants in Springvale, easy to miss if you've never been but will forever stay in your..."
Rifan Thamrin
"I cant believe this place isn't as popular as it should be!!!! A wide array of artistically presented desserts at a reasonable price. They were such..."
Thanu Ganesh Ramanan
"Dessert by night is one of those places you gotta try if you happen to be in Springvale. We went through the menu and we couldn't choose because most..."
"#DESSERTSDesserts by night in Springvale is truly a great experience for all of you with a sweet tooth out there. The desserts are..."
Melbourne Food Spotter
"If you’re a dessert fan and ever in Springvale one day then it’s worth checking out Desserts by Night to satisfy your sweet tooths! Davin and I..."
One Piece Left
"What comes after dinner? Desserts of course! After doing a quick search for dessert joints in Springvale, I discovered Desserts By Night. It was only..."
Hello. Imnikki
"So good that this place is open till late! Customer service was really good, and desserts came out quickly. Was a bit too sweet for my taste, but..."
"These desserts make money moves. I wish you could see how my creme caramel was twerking it with the fresh orange slices 😂. My fav dish from..."
"Went here for the first time after knowing about it for a while..we ordered the mango crepes and red velvet waffles (thankfully we did)The food..."
"Desserts by Night opens till quite late. They served various eye pleasing Instaworthy desserts and tastes great too. Spacious food and plenty of..."
"I really liked this place. The food came out quick, and it all tasted great. There’s such a good range of things to choose from too. A nice..."
"After a big dinner, we stumbled across this hidden gem of a dessert place and we had to come in and try their desserts before we end the night. We..."
"A hidden gem on Springvale road, only a short walk from the train station, Desserts by Night is serving up French and Asian inspired desserts from..."
Eat Play Live Melbourne
"Thanks for the desserts!Ordered peach panacotta and chocolate brownie.I feel that this dessert place brings a positive step for..."
Vicnifer's Food Reviews
"Whether you’re a chocoholic or a fruity sort of person, there is a wide selection of desserts that you can order here. From mango pudding and panna..."
Big Belly Full
"Wow this dessert place is quite extraordinary! Its open to late and it was a hard to choose from dessert menu! All the desserts are well combined..."
Nay Nay
"Finally made it to this place after work, I love that there is finally a late night dessert place that opens till late night in the south eastern..."
Little Picky Very Hungry
"I actually worked here one time, so perhaps my opinion is biased, but I could care less. The atmosphere is great, the people I worked with are super..."
Wisnu Wardana
"We came to this late night hang out to satisfy our cravings. We ordered the lemon meringue and tart which was such a good combination, with the base..."
Munching With Mel
"4.5 stars is my preferred rating. Really the kind of place that you'd expect to find in the CBD and definitely not a suburb like Springvale...."
William Nguyen
" 🌸🍃 SWEET PEOPLE AND SWEET DESSERTS 🍃🌸 ..🆁🅴🆅🅸🅴🆆: what can I say? This place blew me away.. well not..."
Miss Florrie
"| Springvale | Desserts By Night | Now this post is a treat! There is two stores, one located and springvale and another in Edgewater. Located just 5..."
Jason Ng
"Great place to eat dessert. Good quality. Friendly staff. Could upgrade ambience and Eftpos would be a cherry on the cake. Will definitely go back..."
"Came here after dessert in Springvale because we were craving something sweet.Cute cosy ambience with booths for groups of 4-6. You head..."
Molly Sivongthong
"Cute little asian-style dessert place that have some fabulous looking sweets! I came here for the creme brûlée because creme brûlée is my..."
"Sweet dreams are made of these... as Dessert by Night opens in Springvale, I was eager to visit them as I've been to the original restaurant in..."
"This place is too lit guys, its definitely up there in the price range but t would be for the quality and quantity of the dish you guys are getting..."
Gretel Jayne Alejano
"Nom nom nom. Springvale is really starting to expand on its repertoire of cuisines and Desserts by night is a great place to end a cold chilly night..."
"Good ambiance, good service and waffle was also good however fruits weren’t very fresh tho, I saw some part of strawberry got bruised and blueberry..."
"Will never tire of this place! The desserts aren't overly sweet, which is good if you're bringing friends who aren't typically dessert lovers. I love..."
Abigail Pinto
"Fell inlove with this place the first time I visited it 2 nights ago. Ordered crepes and matcha latte and I thought it was heaven in my mouth!..."
"Delicious desserts & drinks. Immaculate presentation, fast service and friendly staff Clean store with modern decorThis is the real deal..."
Southside Foodie
"Awesome place for good quality, well presented dessert! We had the sticky date and the creme brûlée which were both sooo good! Lovely staff as..."
"Well presented desserts. The creme caramel is very nice. Staff is very friendly. Nice and clean place. Conveniently opens late for late night..."
"Desserts by Night (DBN) Springvale is a must visit! Continue reading to find out why!Desserts🔹️ Caramel and Chocolate Dome- YUM!..."
Juhi- Culture And Cuisine
"Such delicious desserts here! Popped into dessert by night after dinner in Springvale and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was a bit awkward to..."
"Nice place! I love the looking of all the desserts here, cute and nice looking! Service is good and better if comparing to other stores at..."
Justin Lim
"Staff are lovely & the service is fast. Food is presented with care & looks exactly as it is pictured in the menu. Definitely one of the better..."
"This is the place to go when you are just craving something sweet. The quick service and large number of seats means that you'll have a fix for your..."
Eliza Nguyen
"Great choice of desserts. The red velvet waffles were the best 👌. The portions of everything else is very small for the price you pay around $20..."
"One of my favourite dessert places in the area. I have never been disappointed. Pick a dessert and be ready to be surprised. The quality, the..."
Aditi Sharma
"A great addition to Springvale. I feel that business of this kind will contribute to shape a brand new identity to this suburb & help to transform..."
Andrea P
"Went here a couple of nights ago with my mates. We ordered the crème caramel milkshake which was perfectly creamy and not overly sweet either. I..."
Saadiah Saif
"Nice place, desserts are highly decorated, but slightly industrial, and the place has a dining room vibe. Service also gave a feeling that you need..."
Assaf Stiven M
"I’m a extreme picky foodie but this place won my taste with this simple Crème Brûlée bowl. Super satisfied and really enjoyed every single..."
Kent Newen
Sushi Shark
86/100 (905 ratings)
"Ordered crispy chicken bento, prawn tempura and prawn tempura handroll through UberEatsBeautifully presented and delicious food! Can’t..."
"I have ordered them a few times on Uber Eats and they haven't disappointed at all! They really don't lie when they say it's fresh salmon, it's a lot..."
"A nice Japanese option in Springvale with friendly staff and anime on TV. The sushi rolls are standard but tasty none the less. My favourite..."
Gary Hayes
"It takes quite a bit of courage to plop a Japanese restaurant right in the middle of Springvale, although it doesn't necessarily cater for the..."
"Now for the first thing I should declare when going to this restaurant, get rid of of your first look of judgment because don’t judge the book by..."
Facebook User
"The front sign was enough to draw me into the the store, the anime on the tv readied my tastebuds for a temporary journey to japan. The staff (or..."
Kelvin Vo
"Best sushi in Springvale❤️ a good range of sushi and the best bento boxes and the uttermost customer service. Love you Sushi Shark❤️ see me..."
"This is a delicious shrimp avocado sushi and curry chicken , Meal is very fast👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼than the restaurant is very clean ,I will..."
Li Sinrong
"Another new eatery up in the Eastern side, owned by a lovely husband and wife duo is a smallish Japanese cafe/restaurant good enough for a quick eat..."
Camy Bamy
"Food is super fantastic ! I almost have sushi shark twice a week. My favorite dish is Crispy Chicken Curry. It makes me remind those days in Japan..."
"Food was so delicious and fresh! I would love to visit again..."
"Food was great. Service was good too. Curry was great as was the ramen. The only criticism that I have is that the meals should be a bit bigger as we..."
Dan Larson
"Sushi and Curry is fresh and yummy The store is clean and tidy, the staff is also friendly. Strongly recommend to dine in Sure will be..."
Daniel's Donuts
86/100 (1233 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Fast Food
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Fast food
Outdoor Seating
Wheelchair Accessible
Cheap Eats
"Donut selection is super good with lots to choose from and the softness of each donut is to die for. The donuts are somewhat pricey but worth the..."
"They seriously have the best fresh cream and jam donuts. I also love their durian donuts. Best place in town. Must try!! ..."
"My favourite spot for fresh and fluffy donuts. With an abundance of choice, it’s almost too hard to choose! The little store does get busy but..."
Nicole Kellam
"Very soft and fluffy buns which none of the big chains usually have. Few varieties are just amazing! A must try if you are in Melbourne!..."
Nischita Nataraj
"It’s a long trek from our place, but we regularly make the trip for our special occasions Daniels Donuts fix!The varieties of Cheesecake,..."
"Who can say no to a 24 hours donut place? There is always a line no matter what time it is. Their donuts are fluffy and fresh. Each of it cost $3 and..."
Fat Sushi
"I think Daniel’s Donuts’ officially my favourite donut place in town!!They offer EXTREMELY SOFT donuts with A LOT OF DIFFERENT..."
"Lemon Meringue donuts are the bombbbbbb!!!! Ok, all the donuts are great but they are my fave. Highly recommend - the store in Carnegie is also..."
"The vegan donuts are amazing especially the cream and jam. Friendly staff. A must when visiting Portarlington..."
"*4.5/5 stars. Daniels Donuts are taking over melbourne (in a good way). Every time I go the donuts are fluffy and fresh. I’m not vegan but..."
"some of the best donuts in melbourne hands down - skip the doughnut time hype and come try their fresh jam and cream donuts!! nothing can beat it..."
"Best jam donut ever!! Really recommend to try. Good thing is they open for 24 hours which means you can satisfy your craving anytime...."
"Love getting my donuts from Daniel’s! Definitely have to get the New Zealand Fresh Cream and Jam Donut! It’s my fav. Sometimes you see people..."
Alvin Lee
"Melbournians take their donuts seriously and we now have a 24-hour donut joint. This place is always busy and they serve up the most amazing donuts..."
"Simply the best place for the freshest donutsyou can get. Service is really quick so you can get in and out. Worth the drive for these..."
"The atmosphere of this place was amazing. 1-2AM last night (Thursday) before a Public Holiday was busy as. First time I'm going here with a friend..."
"Daniels Donuts has really good service and was really nice to myself and my..."
Charlie Wood
"My Rating: 4.5Wow! Finally got chance to try Daniel's Donuts on the Sunday (Father's Day) whilst in the area that day. It was on our way..."
"The best donuts. Sooooo yummmyyy. Always my go to. I hope they have more branches around the melbourne. But always worthy the 45mins drive...."
Hesh Auradhi
"Red Velvet Donut!! Absolutely amazing and delicious and will be definitely coming back for more in the future. Price wise it is worth a..."
Melvin Lay
"I don’t know why but their doughnuts just makes me crave for it so much. My absolute favourite is their most popular. Other than that I also love..."
JiaLing Cheah
"Great for late night sugar cravings. lots of donut variety. Decent..."
Parul Aggarwal
"Usually you feel a bit rubbish after having doughnuts and can only have it once in a while (I am fairly healthy I guess!) but this place..oh the best..."
"This place is definitely worth the hype. The New Zealand style cream and jam is easily the best flavour they have. The vibes are always good...."
"Refrigerated donuts are the best by far. I wasn’t a fan of the Nutella donuts or the other plain room temp ones. The choc milkshake was great. The..."
Sandali Wijekoon
". Food (70%): 4/5Value (20%): 4/5Experience (10%): 4/5Overall: 4/5A long queue as always,..."
Jo Wi
"Love that this place is 24 hours, there’s people queueing for donuts even at midnight! Donuts come in so many different flavours and it’s too..."
"A 24 hour donut place.... which is the heart and soul of what Melbourne is about - travelling to get food at whatever time, whatever place...."
Tinmans Treats
"This doughnut shop is insane! I have ever seen anything like it in my life. People cue outside to get served, and there is a cue outside its front..."
John Candido
"🍩 LET'S GET THIS 'DOUGH' ON THE ROAD! 🚗.Why did the Donut go to the dentist? 👨‍⚕️Answer Below ⤵️.Tag a..."
Melbourne Food Wanderer
"There is always a long line at Daniel’s Donuts. My go-to flavours are the Jam and Cream donut, Coffee Cream Crunch and the Lemon..."
"Oh my! When you step into the shop, you end up dizzy with the huge tantalising selections of divine donuts! You’ll have to decide as quick as you..."
"Cream and jam is a must have here. So light and creamy with the perfect sweetness from the jam. Other flavours are not bad but I would only go for..."
"Live around the corner and come here regularly, and have never had a bad experience. The donuts are incredible, super fresh and come in a really wide..."
"I couldn't stay away from Daniel's Donuts for very long. It's a fair trek from where I am but the journey is always worth the effort especially after..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"We have been to Daniel's Donuts a few times now and have to say every visit was worth 30 minutes of driving from our place. Their donuts..."
Two Hungry Diners
"Best Donuts Ever! I’m so glad that they’ve opened up @ Highpoint Shopping Centre, which is much closer to me. Very quick service. My favourite..."
Gina Tran
"These guys have a good collection of doughnut flavours so everybody will be pleased. I cannot get over their flavour selection - they have a bit of..."
"Best donuts in town hands down! I was never one to line up for food anywhere, but for Daniel's, I make an exception. Seriously addictive stuff. The..."
Carlos Danger
"Best donuts ever! The price is affordable (6 for 15) and theres always a long line of people waiting to grab their donut fix. Staff are patient and..."
Lisa Nguyen
"Run don’t walk to Daniels Donuts NOW . Without a doubt THE BEST Donut place in Victoria , not only are they cheaper than ANYONE else $15 for 6 but..."
"This place is right on princess highway so it can get quite busy and by that I mean reallyyy busy but the line does go by quite fast. There’s a lot..."
Lily Tang
"If you really want no desert left behind then these doughnuts are the best treats. I ordered 100 doughnuts for my 21st birthday and they were a hit...."
"The best vegan donuts! 🙌Love that they have 10 different kinds of vegan donuts (as well as loads more non-vegan ones too!) love that..."
Annelise Van Rooye
"delicious!!! simply delicious. the donuts are very very yum would defs go back for more! i prefer the cream filled ones compared to the noncream..."
"Bought 6 donut from here and taste awesome. I really like the oreo and cookies and cream donut. I tried their Kitkat and nutella as well but its too..."
Steven Yuniansyah Suyanto
"Delicious fluffy donuts with a twist. Particularly enjoyed the lemon meringue. It's a bonus that it's open 24/7. Be wary of the line at peak..."
Mad Dawg
"Last week's donut run turned out to be quite a success. The sister and I were rather efficient with our choices and were lucky enough to have only..."
Michelle Leong
"Expensive doughnuts turned out quite tasty to be honest. Tried out the cookies and cream and it was really good. If the prices could be dropped a bit..."
Sompa Goswami
"Travelled forty minutes to see what daniels donuts is all about and boy of boy it didnt dissapoint. Best donuts! Especially the jam and..."
"After trying a variety of their flavours, I’ve come to the conclusion that the fresh jam and cream donuts are my favourite! Definitely prefer the..."
"*24 HR DONUT STORE*Daniel's donuts was amazing, 24 hrs which means at anytime your craving donuts you can head on down for some! Wide variety of..."
Melbourne Food Spotter
"After hearing the buzz of Daniel's Donuts for so many months, I decided to bite the bullet last night and make the journey out to Springvale to try..."
"Highly reccomend the Tiramisu doughnuts. This place definitely matches up to the hype. Will be back again to try the other doughnuts on..."
"Happiness is at the end of your favourite Daniels doughnut!! For me their standard Jam and cream is a winner. There only one thing better than a..."
"I believe everyone can find the favourite flavour donut in Daniel's Donuts. I personally don't like super sweet dessert, so I really enjoy custard..."
"One of mankind’s greatest creation right here 🍩! When a food hype happens, my expectations of it becomes extremely high🤩. With the never..."
"Pretty good donuts around the area! You can’t say no to nicely made donuts ;)FYI...They have plenty of options for your taste, but..."
"*Almost* as good as Krispy Kreme donuts, Daniel’s Donuts were fluffy, sweet, and came in many different sinful flavours. Jam-and-cream was their..."
Angel Khong
"One of the best doughnut joints in Melbourne the PB&j donut will always be a go too for me, the fan fave the cream and jam doughnut is always a too..."
James Heffernan
"Amazing! Best donuts I’ve tried. The price was great. 12 for $30. We got a great selection however my favourite ones would have to be the Nutella ..."
"While I reviewed Daniels donuts some 18 months ago it was a recent and rewarding visit by a friend who works in the area that really helped me settle..."
Espy Eats
"Do yourself a favour and try Daniel’s Donuts!! Not only are they instagram worthy but they are also super fluffy and delicious. My..."
"Iv tried donuts from all over Melbourne and these are definitely the best. The airy soft dough with the perfect filling🤤 Our favourites are the..."
"Amazing donuts!! $15 for pack of 6.. The ingredients are plentiful and great! Hence, they smell good, taste good and feel good..It's open..."
"Nice GF doughnuts. Pity there wasn’t more range. There was many different types for vegans, but not GF. The cinnamon that I had was..."
Alan Lee
"In the midnight still open (24/7), get out of the car to buy a few donuts, a lot of varieties for choices, the staff is very patient waiting..."
"Went at about 7pm and there was a line which moved quickly. Love the array of vegan options. Got 6 of them for my bro for his bday. DEEELLITCHOUS!!..."
Lilly Hooper
"All of the donuts I had were so fluffy, soft and delicious. I especially loved the cream filled ones - the mango cheesecake flavour was seriously..."
"The doughnuts here are not overly complicated or sweet, they are all made in a similar method. All of which are made to be simple, soft, fluffy and..."
Mr NomNom
"Thanks for the desserts!Ordered many flavours of donuts.Don't have to read my review to know you are getting delicious donuts...."
Vicnifer's Food Reviews
"The best donuts ever! Long queue but moves too fast. Good and fast service. Staff are so patient waiting whilst deciding which donut/s you want to..."
Miss Daisy
"I normally don’t like donuts 🍩 but daniel’s donuts change me…One of the best donuts. Variety of flavours and well..."
"Delicious! Decided to try a box of Cheesecake filled Donuts. They are simply better than any donut I have had. Better than a cheesecake. The family..."
T Lovasz
Double D Burgers
86/100 (1082 ratings)
Fast food
"I love how after a long period of time that the standard of this place are still consistent. We ordered the honey butter chips which were crispy and..."
"Love the chicken baos, very..."
Peter Nham
"Ordered the double d, crispy chicken burger, 3 salt & pepper fried chicken and honey butter fries. The double d burger was definitely my favourite! I..."
S Zinger
"the burgers here are of high quality and would definitely come back here any day of the week with them delicious..."
Minh Phan
"Best burgers that we have had in Springvale. The beef is cooked to perfection, the chicken is beautiful and tender. The fillings are always fresh,..."
Kylie Mc
"This is a cute place amongst the very culture based restaurants in Springvale. I tried the classic and the Mighty Mouse burgers and they’re not..."
Lily Tang
"Came here for dinner with my boyfriend and we were not disappointed! The chippys just melt in your mouth and the service was superb! We ordered the..."
"Great burgers, have tried the cheese burger and the chicken burger. Will be coming back to try the prawn burger. This place is most definitely better..."
Tony Tran
"#BURGERSOne of the best burgers in Melbourne. An absolute hidden gem. Being in Springvale and having direct competition with one of the..."
Melbourne Food Spotter
"Our go to place for burgers in Springvale. The honey butter chips and honey soy chicken are so bomb! The burgers are also full of juiciness and..."
"Nice, cozy yellow burger joint in springvale. We had the fried chicken which was absolutely juice and the saewoo and softshell crab burgers. They..."
"Love their fried chicken! Never fails to satisfy that fried chicken craving. The burger was also very soft and just melted in my mouth with every..."
"Tried the soft shell crab burger with honey soy garlic chicken wings and a berry cheesecake milkshake. The food was amazing, loved how juicy that..."
"Nice friendly staff, and the burgers are amazing. Also, their lunch time deal is a steal: an extra $2 with any burger for a drink and chips......"
"❤️: The menu is full of options. I super enjoyed soft shell crabs burger and honey butter chips, yall must try that, it really good, I was about..."
Lucy Eats
"I would have given them a 5 but they're clearly hiding the recipe for those honey butter chips from the world and that's simply..."
Rohan 🍕
"The 'Hidden Gem of Burger Joints'!!! My local favourite for a quick, cheap and delicious feast!The burgers they do here at Double D are..."
Brandan Chong
"It was originally a toss up between Double D and Cultural Commons for dinner tonight. But Cultural Commons was closed so we went to Double D and no..."
Fat Girl At Heart
"I dropped by here for lunch with my friends on the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by food! The space has been renovated simply and is very..."
"Came here a few days ago with some friends and i really enjoyed it. I tried the might mouse and the fried chicken burger. Mighty mouse was pretty..."
Cheeseburger Anyone? "Where's The Sauce"?
"Awesome little while in the wall joint right opposite Springvale train station, went with a mate and I it did not look to popular but the burgers and..."
Dblack Balmes
"Double D Burgers is a small boutique burger joint near Springvale station. Boasting a range of burgers, bao, fries, wings and shakes this place has..."
Burgers Of Melbourne
"So far i have tried the chilli beef fries and the mighty mouse burger.Been here twice. Chilli beef fries are nice. Impressed with what i..."
James Chiu
"Decent burgers with an asain influence. The bao was abit of a let down, i would not recommend. The burgers however i found were quite different..."
"In one of Melbourne's 'burbs where you expect find really good pho, who'd know you could say the same about burgers?  The little,old,  bright..."
"By far the best Korean chicken wings I have ever had! Hot and spicey really had a nice sweet kick to it, great for those sweet tooths. As for the..."
Timea Scully
"A quiet little hidden gem in Springvale!Beautiful food, quick service, generous serves and brilliant prices. Definitely my new favourite burger..."
"Easy to find location with heaps of parking across the road. I only like ordering the honey butter chips here, they're amazing! Everything else is..."
World Eats Food
"Hailing from the West, I have very few reasons to be in Springvale. It’s a solid hour of driving and time has a funny relationship with how food..."
The Hungry Moustache
"If you're after a great burger, this is the place to go to! The location may be inconvenient to park around, but it doesn't change the fact the..."
Raymond "Gary" Nguyen
"Great burger restaurant in the Springvale area. Have been here a few times after seeing posts about this place on instagram and decided to visit.The..."
The Dan
"Burger - I had the classic cheese as a test trial - solid burger. Not dripping in oil, easy to eat and doesn't fall apart after the first bite. Great..."
"Tried Double D, as it was recommended by my sister. We had the Classic Cheese burger, Mighty mouse and the Chippys.All were tasty and..."
Kath T
"Went to this little bright yellow beauty for lunch today and was greeted by friendly staff was only 12:15pm so no one there ordered the Mighty Mouse..."
"A small burger place where the food is freshly prepared and tastes amazing. Burgers were delicious and the fried chicken was very crunchy. Everything..."
Jenny Phan
"have been here twice, so will rate both burgers i gotdouble d burger = good, nothing to rave about but satisfying, fairly large size..."
"Cute and cozy little place, good burgers. We ordered soft shell crab and Double D burgers, they were both very yummy. Menu is streamlined so you wont..."
Mai T Tran
"Really great chicken and burger with great value! They've got new bun as well. I really enjoy the tofu bun.I've been there almost every..."
Miao Cao
"Great burger place for springvale! Good value for money and they use thigh which is great for fried chicken burgers. Wouldn't put it top 5 but it is..."
"Cassidy – we ordered a Mighty Mouse burger, a Krispy Chicken burger, some honey soy garlic wings, some hot & spicy wings and a berry cheesecake..."
Cassidy & Sneakers
"Went for a little dinner date last night with my boyfriend and we decided to check it out, it was freezing and as soon as we stepped in the only..."
"If you want a minimal and simple burger this is the place (I'm not a big fan of sloppy burgers). Patties cooked to a medium (FKYES). Honey butter..."
"One of the best burger I've ever tasted in Melbourne so far. The bun was great not too soft not too hard, the meat was perfectly grilled very..."
Verrell Kanadi
"Yesterday I had the Double D signature burger at….. Double D in Springvale. The burger was really tasty and presentation quite good. I was thinking..."
"Good burger place in an area crowded with Asian food. Decor is alright; not many seats inside (about seating for 15 people inside at best) but..."
Kevin Teong
"The best wagyu burgers and fried chickens in the town!! My fav is the Double D burger. The chefs and staffs are really friendly and catering!..."
"Been here twice, and both times were awesome! If it's your first time, I recommend going for the Double D burger. The beef patties are cooked to..."
Nhan Diep
"Burger bars are becoming increasingly popular in Springvale amidst all the asian cuisines. Double D is a newish kid on the block, only having opened..."
"After eating at Fat Bob's and being somewhat disappointed, I decided to give this place a shot as I often drive past it every day. Overall I'm very..."
"Really creative concepts. Fried mac n cheese was delicious. Soft shell crab burger was very generous with crab despite the $14 price. Would happily..."
Dee Tran
"Wow... this place is right up there with fat bobs and royal brothers for quality burgers. It's a little tucked away near springvale station next to..."
Andrew Medcraft
"Lucky for me I work around the corner from these guys. The honey butter chips are the best chips I've ever eaten, so unique and delicious...and the..."
Lily Isabella Parker
"Literally craving the butter honey fries. So unique. The honey soy chicken! Awesome. The burgers are awesome for the price also. Highly recommended..."
Amila Debahapuwe
"One word: Amazing burger and shakes. I had the Double D burger which has double meat,and they are really juicy. Besides,we also have the honey butter..."
Ceryle Kanadi
"🍔 Double D: 3/5; Wasn't the best. Wasn't the worst. The buns were ok. Patty was average 🍟 Chippy Fries: 4/5; Was crisp and well seasoned 🍗..."
Tahmid Abdullah
"We enjoyed our burgers today. It was one if those days to try a new place. The burgers had a really nice flavour with the sauce. The chips and aoli..."
Nick Zandes
"Great customer service and food by Paul, Fun and Dylan. I've had the Lord Of The Onions, 3 x Korean Chicken Wings - Honey Soy Garlic for 2.00, Mighty..."
Linda Hong
"Wow, standards are high. Burger here was phenomenal. I got the spicy chicken burger, could have been a bit more spicy but very tasty nevertheless...."
marco van der Zee
"freshly made burgers as you order! one of my local favourite spots - absolutely love their onion jam that is featured in their Double D burger! they..."
Toki Nguyen
"I got the Double D burger and it was delicious. Good sauce, nice patties and buns were nice and soft. My wife got the Krispy chicken burger and..."
Michael Liu
"I definitely always enjoy the burgers here but only come with I'm feeling very hungry as it is quite heavy. The Tim Tam milkshake is next level too..."
Kim Tran
"Delicious burgers cooked on the spot with lightly toasted brioche bun and juicy patties. The honey butter chips are my favourite - sweet, crispy and..."
Vanessa Wong-Lee
Phu Linh
86/100 (88 ratings)
"Phu Linh was a very warm and inviting restaurant. We had a trio of noodle soups. The sliced beef pho and beef pho special were pho-licious! Serving..."
Sunny Days Melbourne
"The staffs and owner are nice and helpful. I have been coming here since forever. Food always taste good. The free sweet desert is delicious. Highly..."
Jenny Nguyen
"The dish to order here is bun rieu, a tomato and crab based noodle soup with a distinctly sour broth due to the addition of tamarind. It's not as..."
"Opposite Gold Leaf is Phu Linh which specialises in noodles of the Chinese and Vietnamese variety. Got their bun bo hue which was had a nice kick to..."
"Our favorite place for broken rice, we are family of 4 so big place is a plus for us. Lovely service, free sweet soup after meal. Also, wonton is..."
Diep Dan
"Very cheap and affordable. The food here is cooked well and does not have heaps of msg and salt unlike many others. The seafood fried rice noodles..."
"The service is good very friendly smile and the welcome dessert is free . omg is nice the red bean soup and the noodle is good feel so nice not much..."
Pierre Pie
"Not going to pretend this is haute cuisine, but this unpretentious establishment upstairs in a Springvale shopping centre has friendly staff, super..."
"It was a cold day and we walked in after noticing the noodle soups on the menu. The place didnt disappoint at all....service is average but the food..."
The Spice Adventuress
"(^_*) ¥. I ordered the sliced beef noodle. Very fragrant aromatic and amazing. My friend ordered brokenrice it was very brokenly nice ^_^ . My..."
"Great pho, service and food. We go here all the time and the staff are very friendly and remember our orders each time! They make a great veggie pho...."
"We have been going to this place for a number of years now. The food is always fresh and top quality and the service is fast - you would expect..."
One Piece Left
"Been going to PL for many many years.Food always amazing. the Old man (Phu) is retired now, but his brother in law runs the place.I..."
"This is a real hidden gem at Springvale Shopping Centre, locating on the 1st floor near the rear entrance. I'm really impressed with my overall..."
"Offered some Home cooking dishes that are not commonly found in other Vietnamese restaurant. Number 13 mi kho ca tom chien is the most popular dish..."
Hanny Santoso
"The friendliest service and a great range of dishes to offer here. This place has been here for a long time since I was a kid. We tried their special..."
Vanessa Wong-Lee
"This places feels some what under rated. It’s “hidden” away in the back corner of the shopping centre on the 1st floor. The pho beef special..."
Tommi H
"Very friendly staff and amazing food!!! Me and my friend Emily came and we got a bowl of beef pho. The noodles were the perfect texture, the meat was..."
Nam Le
"I had a quick lunch as per a mate’s recommendation. The popular dish is a prawn noodles. Oh boy! No wonder it’s a popular. It’s very good. The..."
Wilfred Edmund Lee
"The food are great, they are tasty and delicious. They give nice dessert as a..."
Andy Setyawan
"One of the best noodle places in Springvale, if you feel like noodles this is the restaurant to go to, the noodle menu is very diverse. The curry..."
Mr T
"Very nice and tasty food. Highly..."
Hud Obaichi
"Phu Linh has been one of the best lunch spots in Springvale for over a decade. Although they are slightly price than your average place, the food is..."
Harry Li
Flamed & Grilled
86/100 (440 ratings)
Middle Eastern
Middle Eastern
"Recommend a tasty skewer pack and upgrade/ swap the chips for a Greek salad...."
Dylan Mould
"Amazing chicken and wraps. We buy chicken here daily and its always fresh,staff are always friendly and helpful. One of the best chicken places in..."
James Davidson
"This place offers some exceptional chicken. Well cooked chicken, well priced and good flavour. The peri peri flavours with the addition of chilli..."
Nay Nay
"These guys are great! We have had them cater two events now for work and it has been amazing both times! The meat and salads are all delicious! And..."
Facebook User
"First time at Flamed & Grilled and I was pleasantly surprised. The beef burger was delicious; the perfect size and the perfect price. Would come back..."
Dennis Mitnovetski
"Quite frankly one of the best Chicken shops in ozWe eat there at least twice a weekHave sampled nearly everything..."
"great quality food, owners are extremely nice and also makes sure that everyone leaves with a smile and a full stomach. great food great..."
Anwar Ibrahim
"It was a long wait but it was worth it.Wonderful variety.Cheap. Friendly staff. Best chicken shop in the area. Gets -0.5 for..."
The Taco Cat
"The habeeb special is a popular dish (a HSP) and is usually generous in sizing and a good amount of sauce. The meant is beautifully cooked with loads..."
"Chicken is good, chips are good. Generous amount of food given so quite good value for money.Sometimes the wait can be a bit too long..."
"Love this place, I always get fantastic food and the service is always the best, there beautiful and kind people. Always look forward to a great..."
Stephanie May
"One of my favourite takeaway shops in the area. So many good selections, good range of salads. The parma is my favourite. Only criticism is I think..."
Fadya Nugraha
"LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Have been going there since it opened not too long ago and the owner of the store is beyond lovely ! The..."
Mikael Admes
"Beautiful tasting food, very reasonable price (value for money) and staff are great. Always consistent with their food quality, definitely recommend..."
"Flame & Grilled is an ideal place for a quick, clean, tasty meal that wont leave a hole in your pocket. I have tried almost all the items on the menu..."
"Best/cleanest Grilled Chicken shop in the southeast easily by far and possibly the best in Melbourne.If you havent tried it you probably..."
Hani Nahas
"Love their Portuguese chicken and beef burger. i can never get enough of it. I am their regulars since they opened... they have a clean kitchen with..."
John Mach
"Amazing food at amazing prices. Steak with mushroom sauce must have!Kitchen is clean and the food is always fresh.Staff very..."
Mohamed Derie
"Not your ordinary charcoal chicken shop, honestly the mushroom sauce he used on my steak was absolutely amazing & it was only $13.50 😱😱 What..."
"Located directly opposite Wellington Secondary College on the Police Road strip of shops, Flamed & Grilled is quite popular with the..."
"Superb food! Love the chicken and also the beef burger! It's all fresh so it's very tasty! The peri peri sauce is really nice. The shop gets busy in..."
"Best chicken shop I know around, this place is always packed and we got to get in quick before it runs out , generous portions and great tasting..."
Mystery Shopper
"Great yummy food at a very reasonable price..Love this place!!!!. staff are great and very welcoming.We go there every week and not once we were..."
Belle Rose Wood Fired Pizza