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Frugii Dessert Laboratory
89/100 (1213 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Ice Cream
"Visited this place when we were on holidays in Canberra and we loved the ice cream selection. They had a good variety and there desserts were really..."
"Got their cheesecake take away and honestly one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had! Really creamy and strong cheese flavour while remaining smooth..."
The World’s My Oyster
"I've visited here a few times and each time there is an amazing new flavour to try. Even there desserts are amazing. For me it's a must visit place..."
"On a hot 38 degrees day, we really wanted ice cream to cool down, and chose Frugii based on reviews.A small selection of flavours but they..."
"Great flavours and the ice-cream and sorbets were really smooth. Good value for money, just be careful with the lemonade and limeade as those are..."
Antony Tran
"They have the most unconventional flavours that makes me want to come back frequently and try a new one every time! However, their cardamom and..."
"The lemon meringue choux is so yummy! The lemon has got the real lemony kick so refreshing. Love the Kaya Tart too, full of coconut flavour! Great..."
"WOW. I went here because I was curious because they had such high reviews. I NOW UNDERSTAND WHY. Their black truffle ice cream is amazingly good!! I..."
Joan Parami
"Frugii is the one-stop place for good quality ice creams. Never had an ice cream that is rich yet has a lingering taste in the mouth.The..."
Nalin Venkat Sameera
"For unique and special desserts and iced treat flavours, you can't go past Frugii. Despite many previous visits to Braddon, the dessert parlour only..."
"Canberra's very own innovative dessert joint with desserts handcrafted in the city itself. Pleasant, simple and innovative ambience makes it..."
"After having dinner nearby, we decided to try this place for dessert. Staff were happy to give us tasting of their gelato and I really enjoyed their..."
"Dessert lab. Very apt. The mix of desserts is awesome. Try the lychee ice cream stick. Absolutely fantastic. Experiment in the..."
Rahul Marwah
"Stopped by Frugii for dessert the other day and you have a selection of gelato, icecream, cakes and choux pastries to choose from. To help with the..."
"I'm not always one for desserts, but even I have to admit that frugii is amazing! There's plenty of variety, exciting flavours and lovely desserts..."
"John Marshall lured me to Frugii Dessert Laboratory with cheese ice cream. His store is located in the hip Ori building that is part of the changing..."
Does My Bomb Look Big In This
"I tried the Vegan Banana Cheesecake here, as well as a tester of the Apricot sorbet! The sorbet was actually probably the best I've tasted,..."
"Frugii is my single favourite ice-cream place in Australia. I cannot get enough of it and think I have visited close on ten times, and I live in..."
Spooning Australia
"Nice little hid-away desert place. The pineapple ice cream was nice while the puff was bit tough to bite... the deserts look pretty and the taste are..."
"The best thing is their everyday changing flavours. I just loved their ice cream. I had salty caramel and it was just too good. Location-4..."
Ashu Bhardwaj
"Great ice cream & dessert place, we stopped here everyday while we were here, and ended up sampling many items. The ice creams were rich & smooth (I..."
"On recent trip to Canberra, I couldn't help but notice how the active food scene is thriving in this small state. Everywhere you go there is a..."
"Frugii is my go to when I need dessert for a small party of guests or customers after a dinner meeting. The choux pastry puff with salted..."
"You guys know how much I love a good fruit sorbet – anything fruity and I am totally there. After a catch up dinner at Golden Drum, we decided to..."
Adventures In Winterland
"A great dessert spot hidden at the end of Lonsdale street in Braddon. Frugii should be commended for thinking outside the box when it comes to the..."
"Wow ! Yummy ! A very funky cafe. First thing I noticed was the floating tables. Came here looking for a sugar fix after dinner and this was the..."
"Frugii Dessert Laboratory is a very different cafe: coffee, tea, a small selection of home made sorbet, ice cream and gelato which changes daily and..."
Andrew W
"Best dessert in canberra 😝😝😝 Puffs there are so delicious especially the salted caramel favour... The staff there are so nice..."
"The best dessert I ever had in canberra! We ordered two puffs, hazelnut and salted caramel. I was worrying it might be so sweet but it is not! Love..."
"Delicious chaoux pastry desserts and extremely tasty gelato, ice cream and sorbet. A good stop on the way home after dinner, not to big and a good..."
Lauren Green
"Very interesting and complex flavours - definitely for adults though. Brought my two kids here for special treat and ended up eating the verrine..."
Adrienne Yeo
"Love, love, love their ice creams! I look forward to & enjoy trying their new flavours - have tried truffle (one of my favourite), bergamot,..."
"Get in quick before this place becomes famous. Not possible to pick a favourite from the 3 desserts we tried (lemon meringue choux, hazelnut choux,..."
"We loved it. We loved it so much we came back for seconds the next day. Favourites was definitely the lemon Meringue, followed closely by the lemon..."
"Just great. Imaginative, creative and delicious all in one. Top coffee, too. The tiny cheesecake with fruit gel topping was the stuff of dreams and..."
"Good ice cream but not outstanding and very limited menu. But it's good to have dedicated dessert places in Canberra (finally). The salted caramel..."
"The shop's situated within a building for those that aren't familiar with the vicinity. Simple and chic shop interior accompanied with friendly..."
"Wonderful and new flavours of ice cream, gelato or sorbet are always available, some including rice pudding, cherry ripe (as pictured) or christmas..."
"On a hot Braddon evening, it seemed most apt to head to Frugii for dessert. The heat of the weather and also from the mild chillies from Mandalay Bus..."
Eat Like Ushi
"The salted caramel choux pastry and salted caramel ice cream is deeeeelicioussss. I have always been a big fan of salted caramel and frugii does not..."
James Cheng
"I love Frugii and it makes me so excited that Canberra is home to this lip smackingly good dessert laboratory. Canberra was really lacking in the..."
Eat Canberra
"Excellent dessert place along Lonsdale street (right at the end inside the strange looking building). For a long time I put off going here because I..."
"Interesting and sleek looking dessert bar. Well balance and unique flavours. Nice new refurbished setting. Highly recommended for dessert after a..."
"I have heard so much of this dessert place. It's a dessert laboratory tucked away in the hip and happening Braddon. To avoid the lines I made a..."
"Frugii Dessert Laboratory is one of the best places in Canberra for ice cream and sorbet. With a range of different flavours that will fit..."
Michael Nguyen
"Hip icecream nook in an artsy, trendy building on Lonsdale Street. I had scoops of rosewater and lychee and was struck by the clarity of flavour...."
"Great icecream flavours and fantastic dessert choices. I like that the decor isn't too comfy because it means people don't sit around too much...."
Brett Scholz
"Canberra's Ice Cream man, Mr. Marshall is already well known for its ice cream and desserts creation around town. A trip to Canberra now is simply..."
Let's Nomnom
"Such a cute little shop with amazing desserts. I've only ever been once but i am dying to go back. I went when it has just opened and I was so sad..."
"Better second time, truffle ice cream was really..."
"Wow. Mr Frugii is the master of dessert. Such a great little place tucked in Braddon, if you come across Frugii, you will be taken into a whole new..."
Audrey Svoboda
"I used to buy ice cream from Frugii when they were at the Capital Region Farmers Market. When I heard that they were opening up a shop in Braddon, I..."
"This is worth it even if it's winter and freezing cold. Had salted butter caramel, limon something pattatone. (: It's worth while. Nice..."
Shimmy Bong
"John Marshall is an ice cream god, and while we miss him at the Farmers Markets, it's great to see Frugii going so well. Some of the flavours are..."
Brian Eats
"Unbelievable flavours!. Frugii is incredible. I don't know how they make these flavours but they are amazing! The liquorice ice cream blew my mind!..."
"Amazing. Mr Frugii is so delightful and has so much passion ! I love everything and have taken/will continue to go here with friends and family !..."
"I've probably mentioned this before, but I'm literally always amazed at all the cool new places that seem to constantly be popping up in Canberra. I..."
"Great ice-cream and desserts. They finally got some signage done and it looks awesome. Can't wait to try some of their other ice-cream..."
"Amazing!! Nine pm and the p.... Amazing!!Nine pm and the people are still pouring in the door - at least 25 in the last 10 minutes or..."
"Being a lover of all things salted caramel, I knew I had to try Frugii’s salted butter caramel ice-cream. I cannot believe I’m actually saying..."
"The much loved Frugii gelato and sorbet can now be found at the Frugii Dessert Laboratory on Lonsdale Street in Braddon. It opened its doors today in..."
"I absolutely love Mr Frugii’s ice cream, I remember when I use to wake up early on Saturday or Sundays just to head down to either the Bus Depot..."
Lily Ouk Eat Food
"A chocoholic Belgian, TimmyC and a foodie walked into a bar Frugii dessert laboratory.It sounds like the beginning of a joke but it was my..."
Tales Of A Confectionist
Via Dolce Pasticciera
75/100 (202 ratings)
Quick Bites
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Ice Cream
"The position of this restaurant is sooo good for selling gelato! I cannot just pass by their colorful ice cream! The cakes here are also amazing!..."
Yue Wang
"Dropped by for ice cream on a hot summer's day. Ice cream was yummy, service was great and fast. Don't have anything bad to say from my experience...."
"Perfect location for this venue on the corner, perfect for summer when the doors are open to serve Gelato. As soon as we walked in all we saw were..."
Beau Eats Moore
"Always my go to place to get my share of sweet fix. The ambience is warm and inviting and one would have a difficult decision to make while choosing..."
Edmond Rosario
"Actual rating 3.5/5We went here for dinner one night and boy was it packed, both indoors and outdoors. Luckily we got one of the last few..."
"We got two take away pizzas from here - the verde with spinach and another with salami - which were very good. The base was fresh and crunchy and the..."
"reading the reviews here make me wonder why they go so hard on the service. service was very good, even for young staff they have been trained well...."
Hung Ton
"I’m kind of obsessed with ice creams haha And by far this one has been the best I have tried here in Canberra Must try the cassata..."
Nikhita Kotru
"A great ice cream on a warm warm day! 😍😍Delicious ice cream! Would recommend the chocolate one! Go get some! :DThe ice..."
Juhi- Culture And Cuisine
"I would give a higher rating but the price for the cakes are a bit too overpriced now. The cakes however, are still great - one of best, and it's..."
"We came here specifically for the waffles and we weren't disappointed. Light fluffy batter and freshly made; all three that we ordered were uniformly..."
Evan Jones
"My go-to happy place for fantastic gelato! Consistently great. Having tried the Ferrero Rocher, and Rum and Raisin flavours, I can say that I'm..."
Whey Qi Teo
"Stopped by for some dessert. Even though they were busy they found us a table and staff were very lovely. The gelato and the chocolate pudding were..."
"Great desserts, I have had gelato from here many times and it is always great, the coffee, tea and small cakes from here are great too, will..."
Aaron Mangos
"I almost always drop in here for a dessert fix after dinner in one of the nearby restaurants. They have an amazing range of gelato (and sorbets) and..."
"Fantastic cafe In ACT!!! Great cake and coffee. Love Black Forest best and flat white. Impressed by their style and atmosphere. Though a little bit..."
"Oh, hello #icecreamthurs, aka I’m-in-denial-summer-is-over.  Canberra’s dessert scene has its own little hub in Civic – after shopping with a..."
Adventures In Winterland
"Via Dolce is on the corner of Garema Place and Bunda Street with many competing cafes nearby.  It offers breakfast, coffee, pizzas and gelato. This..."
Clean The Plate
"We have been once before and loved the pizza crust so much I knew we’d be back one day. Their menu has changed (the menu on their website is..."
"Nice wood fire pizza and ice cream, recommend the Italy dessert, worth a try. Nice place to be with friends and family to have dinner together..."
"The service here is awesome, and the dessert here are really lovely. We ordered two ice chocolate and chocolate cake. It's a really nice place for..."
Elaine Kwok
"Came here for breakfast. Good service. Coffee was alright and so was the food. Cant say its amazing but it's not bad. I would recommend this place,..."
"The best scrambled eggs I have eaten in Canberra. The basil accompanied the eggs so well.The french toast was well cooked as well though..."
Bec Harrison
"Great place. Don't know wha.... Great place.Don't know what's with the negative comments about this place.I eat at this place every tuesdsy..."
Sam Alexis
"Great shop beautiful look and lovely staff who are enthused to be working in a great location selling Canberra some of the most beautiful Italian..."
"Very nice and very trendy. Deserts taste awesome just the ice cream was a bit melted. In summary canberra needs more places like..."
The Boat House
93/100 (704 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"I booked a evening with my wife to celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary and the food was out of this world and we had a window seat looking out at..."
Craig Pope
"What an amazing place to hold any occasion. This weekend we experienced the most wonderful celebration of our beautiful friends renewing their 25th..."
Louise Baily
"Absolutely wonderful degustation menu and wine selection. Easily the best tasting dishes I’ve ever eaten is the Coffee Cured Duck from..."
Evan Colwell
"Excellent 4 course meal accompanied by great wines. Desserts were a particular standout. Service was excellent and not overdone. Went with my wife..."
David Simmons
"We recently celebrated our wedding day at The Boat House - James and the team were exceedingly accommodating. The venue itself is beautiful from all..."
Katherine Power
"We had a business workshop there recently and I can't speak highly enough of the professional, attentive event staff. Not to mention the amazing..."
Alison Kennedy
"The view is fantastic! Definitely one of Canberra's romantic places. The dining experience is great, definitely up there with the best in town. A..."
Brendon Black
"Lovely food and great service! The Wagyu beef was so tender. Some extra complimentary nibbles which was a nice touch. Nice ambience..."
Dean Salonga
"What a great restaurant!! Amazing food, second to none service and a great dining area with priceless views. Thanks for making our 13th wedding..."
Cliff Brown
"Beautiful location, super courteous staff and delicious food, esp the chia pudding that was served for morning..."
Aarti Singh
"I was just at the Boat House last night for Bastille Day. The glamorous high life dining in the Boat House, and the surrounding distant city lights..."
Chris Schlegel
"Fantastic menu - our first visit after the refurb, every course was amazing. We'll be back before the malt ice cream..."
Karen Gillingham
"Great venue. Great location. Great chef. Fabulous innovative food and..."
Beverley Scott
"Good choice for four course menu which was well done and very good service and..."
Mark Hurwitz
"Delicious food, and a very fun Wine Club..."
Philippa Ellis
"The food was exquisitely presented and mouth watering. The views spectacular and service was prompt. We were in a quiet side room off the main foyer..."
Susan Odenthal
"We celebrated our second wedding anniversary at the Boat House last night. We love this restaurant, and last night reminded us why. Sensational..."
David Leaney
Bella Vista Restaurant
85/100 (750 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"The food was excellent. The main was beautiful but huge. We celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary there 3 years ago so to come back for this..."
Maureen Dalzell
"My partner and I thoroughly enjoy our evening with great food and excellent service. We would strongly recommend anyone in the area gives this place..."
Chelsea Case
"Great restaurant, been eating here for years. Spaghetti marinara is always a top notch dish. So excited you can now order Bella vista through..."
Cherie Parker
"Been many times and always have been served great food! Never a let down. Great steak, pasta and bruschetta and good selection of wines..."
Shannan Law
"Still is the best Italian for food and service. They cook the pasta al dente- and sauces the real Italian way instead of Aussie..."
Shena Darren
"Celebrating Cherril's birthday with our friends, we were overwhelmed by the service, food and private area we were seated. The decanting of a 1975..."
Keith Cherril
"Superb meal. Beautiful location on the water. I’ll be..."
Diana Ford
"I've eaten Italian and I've Italian. But tonight I ate Italian. Simply out of this world. Up the 4.3 rating to a 5. Well worth the drive from Sydney..."
John Creed
"Another absolutely perfect meal tonight. Thank you for being consistently excellent at what you..."
Marika Moneypenny
"Excellent food! Excellent service! Very generous size..."
Marites Moore
"Today we get to visit an old food haunt, Bella Vista Italian Restaurant, which for me has a lot of memories. My first apartment was just up the..."
Karen H
"Really enjoyed our beautiful meal, steak cooked just to hubbies liking my pasta very tasty. Staff very pleasant. Meal served reasonably quickly even..."
Sherryl Storrier
"Not bad. I've been to Bella Vista 3 or 4 times now and the food always tastes really good. If you're looking for a nice place to dine on Emu..."
Saggit Eightyfour
"Even though it was a full house, the waiting staff were exceptional (except for one girl who didn't seem to want to be there). The food was..."
"Great food, generous portions, friendly service and a good price. I've always left satisfied no matter what I've ordered. I wish all restaurants in..."
Ricardo's Cafe
85/100 (1478 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Carrot Cake
Fish & Chips
Eggs Benedict
Juice & Smoothies
"Decent amount of food but milk shake was average (it tasted like chocolate meal replacement drink😐). As you can see, food looks so pretty😍 I'd..."
Hangry Jules
"Ricardo's at Jamison Plaza is a popular place for coffee and breakfast/lunch. They have a separate vegan menu, as well as a couple of vegan dessert..."
Canberra Vegan
"Absolutely buzzing here. Finally checked out this place after hearing many great reviews from friends. Enjoyed a mocha and malteser cake. Mocha was..."
"Went here earlier today after I finished my night shift at work. Efficient service, food and coffee were served immediately ( which was good, because..."
"This place has the most friendly and efficient staff that I've ever encountered.The service is prompt, our food came out in next to no time at..."
No One
"Every visit the staff are always helpful and friendly. Food is consistently quick and delicious and the coffee is great! Gets very busy especially..."
Rebecca Burns
"Came here on a Sunday morning, was super busy and deafeningly loud, but made a pretty ok big breakfast (aside from the potato rosti) and double..."
Glenn Grant
"One of my 2016 goals is to work my way through the cake menu at Ricardo’s – I feel like I started this quest with a bang! I am a huge fan of..."
Adventures In Winterland
"Forget Flute, Ricardo's has the best range of specialist desserts in Canberra.Had lunch for birthday boy yesterday. No booking necessary, menu..."
"I have been going to Ricardo's for years! It's a super busy cafe that serves amazing looking and delicious cakes, yummy food, good coffee and..."
Eat Canberra
"I haven't been to Ricardo's Cafe in awhile since they changed their menu, most foods on the menu are no longer as good as before, however, their..."
"I've visited this cafe for their lunch menu before, trying a wagyu beef burger and fish and chips, both were delicious and worth their value, however..."
"After seeing the cake display cabinet at sister venture Space Kitchen, I knew I had to stop in at Ricardo’s Cafe to try something from their..."
Adventures In Winterland
"Always delicious. The smoked salmon breakfast and pulled pork salad are fantastic. Service is great and you never have to wait long, even though..."
J'ai Faim
"The cakes look sensational, service was prompt and breakfast excellent. Highly recommend this place if you enjoy food with a variety of..."
Justin Mohamed
"Great cronuts; good breakfast/brunch options; cakes can sometimes be hit and miss but on the whole they're quite good; high tea is also good value..."
"Tiramisu French Toast. Super..."
"Seriously best cronuts I've eaten. Bravo. All food and drinks were excellent . Sweet treats were outstanding . Service was efficient and friendly...."
"Average food, just a large variety of colourful pastries...."
"Who would have thought there would be a little bit of Paris at the Jammo?. Finally an interesting, French style patisserie that isn't all the way out..."
"Always perfect. Starting going to Riccardo's about 6 months ago. It's hand down the best cafe I have ever eaten in. The food is always..."
"Great breakfast..."
Kanye Kudahetti
"Amazing 10/10. Iv heard so much about this place from the food to the cakes and coffee. But I had to see it for myself to believe it and as soon..."
"Yummo!!. One word... CRONUTS!..."
"Amazing!. We visited Ricardo's recently for morning coffee. It was so popular the queue was out the door. Wonderful selection of well presented food...."
Peter And Christine
Jie Dong
"A North Side Charmer.. Open early from 7.30am for all day breakfast, lunch and amazing sweets, this place is a north side haven. A large range of..."
"Delicious and pricey. The food here is fabulous but can be very pricey. The hot chocolates and coffees are top-notch but be warned - a regular hot..."
"First time had lunch here on recommendation from a friend. Glad we went was brilliant. Food was amazingly..."
Joh Hammock
"Awesome cakes at good prices. I am amazed at the detail that goes into some of them such as the cheesecakes. Love this place! They do a decent..."
"Really nice cakes! Couldn't believe Jamison centre is hiding such a wonderful cafe. Although these treats are slightly..."
Anita Lee
"...The Croque madame was really warm and comforting on such a rainy morning – carby with meat and cheese, what more do you want really! The bread..."
Mouthless Mutters
"Ricardo's has introduced self-injecting donuts to the menu. I pick up one of the syringes and slowly squeeze down the trigger to inject the warm jam..."
"Introducing the cronut. What is a cronut? Described as a half croissant half donut filled with cream and glazed. Invented by Chef Dominique Ansel at..."
"I really like this place - they do amazing little cakes for around $6-$9 each which isn't that pricey. They also change up the cakes each week and..."
"I have been to Ricardo's once before and I was well aware that there will be a beautiful and distracting cake and pastry cabinet that will greet me..."
Rachi Perera