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Silo Bakery Cafe
77/100 (1008 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Juice & Smoothies
Lemon tart
"Visit Silo Bakery and Cafe for some of the best breads and pastries around. Located about ten mins drive from Canberra CBD in the trendy little area..."
"This bakery is located on Giles Street and a short walk away from our accommodation in Kingston. There was quite a queue to buy the baked goods but..."
"Even the cold pain au chocolat had impressively flaky pastry, while the sourdough baguette seemed heavy enough to fell a horse but was quite fluffy..."
Dominic Svensson
"Very popular cafe in CanberraWent there on Saturday morning with friends The food was great. They have special items on the menu which you..."
"The best bakery in ACT. Lovely bread and cakes/ tarts! Lovely service and superb black coffee!For more foodie goodness follow my ig:..."
"Love everything about this place - good coffee, healthy food, and wicked pastries lined up in the showcase. Silo Bakery stands out in an ever..."
Arijit Das
"Absolutely had to check it out as have heard great things. Lovely display of treats and baked goods. Sit down cooked meal of piperade omelette with..."
Red Bean
"Arguably the best bakery in Canberra. Amazing sourdough, baguettes and tarts - definitely need to try them. Bread will never be the same after...."
Matthew Hawker
"Great atmosphere at Silo, a busy hive of activity in warm surroundings, lovely for a winters afternoon. Really interesting menu, well presented and..."
"Best coffee in Canberra. We had some very nice pastries and sat outside watching people walk by. Service a little on the slow side but very..."
Susan J
"My hubby had a work barbecue recently and I wanted to bring something tried and tested but super delicious (now is not the time for risky behaviour)...."
Karen H
"One of my favourite places for breakfast/brunch. Silo is famous for their bread, tart and other pastries so do check them out. And their..."
Absolute Vy
"Didn't think much about this place at first glance from outside but once I got inside, it was quite hustle bustle! It was a full house in the morning..."
"I would have given this place a 5. if it had more comfortable seats. Nevertheless, I am perhaps getting unnecessarily fussy in not rating..."
"Silo is great for tarts and breads, but they also do a pretty good breakfast. We stopped in one morning and enjoyed the eggs Florentine, and the..."
EdibleCities CBR
"Fantastic bakery! I bought a fantastic bread based fruit loaf - sultanas within and grapes and fennel baked on top. Not overly sweet and a fantastic..."
"Popped in for a coffee and a ham and cheese sandwich. Oddly for silo I had to push the waitress to get me the sandwich, very odd. Ether way, coffee..."
Brenton Higgins
"Came here around 1 in the afternoon and they were already running out of the delicious and tempting looking tarts so I would recommend going a bit..."
"Good coffee and croissant. However coffee took a while to make and $17.5 felt steep for me. That could be because I'm used to Sydney..."
Faye Chen
"This is probably one of the best bakeries in Canberra. Even if you don't know what to order, just ask the people behind the counter and trust their..."
"I was exploring the Kingston shops at lunchtime and notice a lot of people walking in and out of Silo Bakery. I felt somewhat drawn in and I was glad..."
"Known as Canberra's best bakery with its artisan pastries and breads, I joined the queue in Silo Bakery while staring at their display cabinet and..."
Let's Nomnom
"Really delicious bread. Got the strirato, it was still warm from the oven, and so crunchy! Some of the better coffee I've had in ACT, smooth but..."
The Beard Eats
"Grain salad with haloumi is to die for. Just a perfect..."
Andrew Bell
"Great food, nice staff and great atmosphere. I really loved this place. Would like to eat there..."
"Excellent bakery. Love their baked goods (pastries, bread, pre-made rolls), really really excellent tarts. The staff seem more geared towards being..."
"Lives up to expectation. Finally got to eat here after many failed attempts and it didn't disappoint. We were lucky enough to score a table outside..."
"Lovely pastries. The pastries are great, so I'd definitely come back to get some but I don't think I'll dine in again. The lunch menu was very..."
"Vegan breakfast. I ordered a vegan breakfast that was also gluten free here a few months back and it was great. Will take my husband one weekend so..."
"Yes they are busy, but the food was excellent. Highly..."
Amy Mathew
"Best Lunch in Canberra. Consistently the best lunch in Canberra.Discreet and prompt service.The large tart on Friday/ Saturday afternoon that..."
Tamara Korsten
"My favourite place in Canberra. The highlight of my week is my early Saturday breakfast at Silo. I have been going so many times I have almost learnt..."
Ainsley J
"Food is amazing, dining in or takeaway. The staff are not rude just busy which is a shock to some Canberrans but go to Melbourne and this is how it..."
"The food says it all amd the food is great. Yes, it can be busy and noisy & the staff can sometimes get distracted, but I've eaten there 20 times at..."
Carol Denehy
"This is a great spot, just like a cafe you'd find in Melbourne. They are always busy and don't take bookings, which is annoying. Their lunches are..."
Annie Belle
"Silo wouldn't be out if place in a modern European city. It was hard to decide which pastry to have as everything looked so good, and delivered on..."
Epicurious Peg
"Busy Floor, but quick service!. The Silo Bakery has always been a mystery to me as I've never successfully managed to get a table there. It's always..."
Nancy Nobody
"Friendly.. We are visitors to Canberra. Went there for second day in a row. Greeted by staff. They even remembered our order from yesterday. Best..."
"Tarts. Best tarts in canberra especially lemon meringue and orange brulee. The crossiants and sour dough bread is a must try..."
"Beautiful People?. All the beautiful folk can be found there winding their way through the cheese room. Probably one of the best cheese shops in..."
Kevin McDonald
"The best French bread and pastries in the ACT. The coffee can take forever to come out and tables can be very hard to come by. Spanish eggs are..."
"As part of Good Food Month, Silo Bakery in Kingston is holding a 3-course set lunch menu for $38. This offer is available Tuesday to Saturday lunch..."
"I had the Basque omelette with piperade, chorizo, tomato, chilli and pimento which was absolutely..."
Rachi Perera
"The quiche had a nice balance of flavours and the egg was light and fluffy! I would have preferred if it was slightly bigger..."
SMB - Canberra Food Blog
"Silo Bakery is known for its artisan breads, pastries, cheese room and breakfasts. The flow of customers here is non-stop, and the dining area -..."
Helen | Grab Your Fork
Italian Continental Bakery
70/100 (264 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Took a remarkably long time to place an order during a fairly quiet period but coffee came quickly thereafter. Decent strong cappuccino. Delicious..."
"Italian Continental Bakery is the best! Highly recommend the cannoli and the jam donuts. They sell out quickly, especially on the weekend, so it's..."
EdibleCities CBR
"The cannolis are fantastic. The breakfasts are simple but delicious, great value for money. Unfortunately, the cronuts don't have the texture of..."
"Brunetti's? Nope, this is better. On any night in Carlton, you can go to Brunetti's where the queues are out the door for the pastries. That's..."
"Omg Too Yummy My Husband Tries the Cannoli and I Had a Creamy Doughnut Was Sooo Yummy Can't Wait to Go Back...."
"Reminds me of being in Italy!. Love this place, it's all authentic Italian pastries and coffee, a rarity in Canberra. Love the custard filled..."
"We love supporting local buisness, and we deffenatly love our Saturday morning breakfast from here. New fit out is amazing and was much needed. We..."
Olive At Mawson
"They have been renovated!!. I have been coming here for years, and the shop looks AMAZING!!They finally have a proper line forming too and..."
"Great cakes, snacks and meals.. Very popular, and the service is fast. Order at the counter, and remember who is next in 'line', because the staff..."
"Good Value. Coffee is great and the breakfast is great value. The staff were fine as far as I'm concerned. Gee, what do people expect these days? To..."
"Popular spot for great Italian home cooking, great cakes and coffee, and friendly..."
Anne Willsford
"Get ready for some major sweet dessert porn. The Italian Continental Bakery & Cafe in Mawson has been on my list of eateries to visit for years. I..."